Chapter 212 - Blade of the Void Dragon's Cry

MGA: Chapter 212 - Blade of the Void Dragon's Cry

After laying the Spirit Formation Array, Chu Feng wanted to leave the Void School, but he could not as the head of the school had to invite Chu Feng to a departing meal.

As it was hard to refuse great hospitality, Chu Feng could only stay there for another day. On the night of that day, the head of the school set up a feast for Chu Feng in the most sacred place in the Void School. On the top of the Void Tower.

“School head, the shape of this Void Tower is quite strange. I wonder who created this?”

As Chu Feng drank wine and ate food, he looked around. He discovered that the location of the Void Tower was quite nice. As they sat on the top, they could see the entire Void School. It was especially beautiful when it was night.

Also, the construction style of the Void Tower was quite special. The main body looked like sword hilt, but the important part was that it was golden-coloured. Under the illumination of the moonlight, it flashed with light, yet the golden colour was not a single whole. There were pieces, like the scales of a dragon. Golden-coloured dragon scales. It was quite beautiful.

Looking from afar, it seemed like a golden-coloured blade that stabbed into the mountain and became one with the Void School. It joined together with the mountain and it joined extremely naturally. It could even be said to be flawless. It did not even look like a construction but something created from nature.

With the World Spiritist’s special gaze, Chu Feng could see that the Void Tower was not simple. Especially as he was on the top of the Void Tower and looking around, he felt that it was even more likely that the Void Tower had some secrets hidden within it. So, he wanted to investigate a bit.

“Oh..This Void Tower was personally built by my Void School’s founder, Void Zhenren. Actually, the entire Void School was his old man’s work.” The head of the Void School said.

“Ahh...On the topic of my school’s founder, he was quite the character of his generation, but… ahh...” As the founder was mentioned, a manager elder couldn’t help but sigh.

“Yeah, a thousand years ago, my school’s founder was a character who went freely around the continent. The trivial Azure Province could not contain him, and at that time, my Void School was also quite famous in the Nine Provinces. It was abnormally prosperous, and the Lingyun School today cannot even be compared to it.”

“But sadly, he was quite unlucky. My founder met the founder of the Azure Dragon School. and because enmity was formed between the two of them, they fought at the summit of the Imperial Court. At the end, he was defeated by the Azure Dragon Founder’s hands.”

“From then on, my founder could not rise again from that fall. At the end, he passed away with grudges in the Void Mountain Range. Up until now, people only remember the founder of the Azure Dragon School a thousand years ago, the peerless Azure Dragon Founder who went where he wished in the continent.”

“In that era, he was also a character whose name spread across the continent. However, no one today remembers my Void School’s founder or else my Void School would not be in such a desolate area.” Another manager elder kept on sighing.

“It is useless to harbor grudges. In every time period, people only remember the strongest person. It could only be said that our founder was born in the wrong time and met a monster-like opponent like the Azure Dragon Founder.”

“Besides, the desolation of my Void School cannot be blamed on the founder. He once said that the unique martial skill he created remained in the Void Tower and it awaited for a fated disciple to take it.”

“It’s only due to the fact that we’re useless and unable to comprehend the unique skill that the founder left behind. Otherwise, how could the Void School be so lonely?”

“What schools stressed weren’t how powerful their founders were. It stressed whether the following generations could surpass their seniors or not, and whether or not they could cause the school to flourish.”

“If that wasn’t the case, the Azure Dragon School wouldn’t have declined to this stage, and the Lingyun School wouldn’t have became the number one school in the Azure Province.” The head of the Void School helplessly shook his head.

“Unique martial skill?” After hearing those three words, Chu Feng’s eyes lit up and he quickly after, he asked, “I wonder what unique martial skill was left behind by the founder?”

“This...” In response, the two manager elders were first taken slightly aback, then they seemed to be in a difficult situation.

On the other hand, the head of the Void School indifferently smiled and said, “My school’s founder was an expert of the Heaven realm back then. Although his fame was not as big as the Azure Dragon Founder’s fame, he was still a character who ranked in the top 10 in the entire continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“When he was quite aged, he had a moment of enlightenment in the truths of martial cultivation. He created a unique martial skill, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry.”

“The Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry was a rank 7 martial skill, but it was said that if it was mastered, it could be comparable to rank 8 martial skills. Its might would be enough to frighten the skies and shake the ground. Even in the current continent of the Nine Province, it is still a transcendent skill.”

As he mentioned the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry, the head of the Void School was quite proud. His spit flew everywhere, light and colours overflowed from his face, and if you were a person, you could tell that he was extremely excited and happy. However, his high spirits were suddenly all gone when he spoke the last sentence.

“But sadly, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry has only been used by my founder’s hands. Although there were records about the power of it, no one actually saw what it looked like.” Helplessness was all over the face of the Void School’s head.

“Ahh, perhaps it is only a legend. After all, who can record the things that happened a thousand years ago so clearly?” One of the manager elders bitterly laughed.

“Impossible. The Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry certainly exists. The past events by the founder are real as well!” Another elder suddenly stood up and he was a bit emotional.

“Insolence! In front of the mister, what propriety is this?!” The head of the Void School was angered as he felt that the atmosphere was a bit off.

“Ah, let us not mention the past. Today, if we’re not drunk, we do not leave!” Seeing that, Chu Feng raised his wine cup and he wanted to smooth out the mood. As for the three others, naturally, they didn’t dare to not give face and with a single gulp, they finished off a big bowl of wine.

In that night, the four people who were there drank quite a bit. Especially the head of the Void School and also the two manager elders. They were truly drunk. However, Chu Feng was not.

When it was deep into the night and when people were silent, Chu Feng secretly returned to the Void Tower. To the Void School, the Void Tower was a sacred land so normally, not only did no one live there, elders and disciples were not permitted to enter.

Therefore, no one would know that Chu Feng came to that place. At that instant, the doors of the Void Tower were locked tight and there were even mechanisms and formations. But to Chu Feng who was a Grey-cloak World Spiritist, it was extremely simple. With a small and clever Spirit Formation, it easily opened the locks without damaging them in any way.

After successfully entering the Void Tower, Chu Feng took the World Spirit Compass out and imbued his Spirit power into it. He started to search diligently. As for what he was searching? Naturally, it was the unique martial skill that Void Zhenren left behind, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry!

[TN: Forgot to mention this before, but the name should technically be “Azure Dragon Daoren” or “Azure Dragon Taoist”, but since “Daoren/Taoist” doesn’t really fit that well, I changed it to “Founder” instead since everyone knows who that is.]