Chapter 210 - Advice

MGA: Chapter 210 - Advice

On that day, within a certain forest in the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range, a strange scene happened.

Two voices of a male and a female rose up and down and they endlessly rang out. Occasionally sharp, occasionally deep. Sometimes like the simultaneous cry of a hundred birds, sometimes like the roar of a fierce tiger towards the skies.

That lasted for a good half day. Luckily, no one passed that place or else their souls would be scattered away from fear and they would no longer be able to take care of themselves, and from then on become a disabled person who had hemiplegia.

Within the forest, Shangguan Yue’s, Shangguan Tian’s, and Shangguan Ya’s corpses were no longer there. As for where they went, naturally, they were dealt with by Chu Feng. Of course, their Source energy was absorbed by Eggy.

Chu Feng’s upper body was naked and he laid on the grass. Within his embrace was Su Rou, a charming big beauty. At that instant, on Su Rou’s white, soft, and smooth body, there was even a red-coloured bride’s clothes.

When the light wind brushed past, the red dress would occasionally get lifted up and barely, one could see her straight and long, snow-white beautiful legs and her round, smooth, yet firm twin peaks were extremely attracting.

However, the most attracting thing was still Su Rou’s lovable appearance. Perhaps only within the embrace of those who she loved could such a strong lady be so sweet.

As for to what degree? She was simply like a small child as she obediently leaned into Chu Feng’s embrace. She even used her fine and long fingers to draw circles on Chu Feng’s chest.

“Okay, it’s time to get up. Or else, when little Mei wakes up and see us like this, I would really not know how to explain it.” After a good while, Su Rou gently pushed Chu Feng away. However, a single word was written on her charming face. Unwillingness.

“Then let’s do it together!” Chu Feng showed all his teeth as he smiled and said.

“No. Little Mei is still young and you cannot touch her!” Seeing that, Su Rou fiercely pinched Chu Feng arm.

“Haha, just joking.” Chu Feng chuckled then got up to wear his clothes. As he wore them, he said, “For now, don’t tell anyone about me being a Grey-cloak World Spiritist. Not even to little Mei.”

“Mm.” Su Rou helped Chu Feng tie up his clothes and sweetly nodded her head.

“Also, I will marry you two sister, but it will not be too soon. From how I, Chu Feng, do things, it is fated that I will make a lot of enemies. So, while I still feel that I’m not strong enough...”

“I understand.” Su Rou first lightly covered Chu Feng’s mouth, then like a little bird relying on a person, she went into Chu Feng’s embrace and took her charming face and tightly stuck it to Chu Feng chest and said, “No matter how long you will take, I will wait for you. I will wait for you to marry us sisters.”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng also smiled in happiness. He opened his arms and tightly hugged the beauty and enjoyed the short period of hidden love.

When Chu Feng and Su Rou, the two lovers, were inseparable in the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range, everyone in the Vermilion Bird City were anxious.

The Shangguan family’s corpses were everywhere outside of the city lord’s residence. Blood dyed the land red, and especially when the sun was setting in the west, as the blood was shone by the sunlight, they seemed even more red and it was truly frightening after one saw it. With a single glance, they would be scared out of their minds. A cowardly nobleman passed that place and he even directly lost consciousness from that.

However, that was not even anything when it was compared to the Shangguan family’s residence. At that place, blood truly formed rivers. On that day, 13 241 Shangguan family members were all killed and not a single lifeform remained.

No one knew who the person who did that was, but they knew that he was a Grey-cloak World Spiritist. He even had a well-known name, Mr. Grey-cloak.

Within the main hall of the city lord’s residence, Su Hen was sitting on the seat for the leader. Su Long and the other elders from the city lord’s residence all gathered at that place.

Uneasiness filled their faces, but they did not know what to do. Not only were they worried for Su Rou and Su Mei, they were even more worried about Mr. Grey-cloak.

After all, Mr. Grey-cloak told Su Hen in front of the crowd that he had debts to settle with him. So, Su Hen was very worried. Especially after the Shangguan family was washed by blood, he was truly worried what Mr. Grey-cloak would do to the Su family.

“Milord, milord!” Suddenly, in complete fear and panic, a guard walked in.

“What happened?” When they saw that, everyone in the hall stood up solemnly as though they were meeting a huge enemy. Droplets of sweat that were as big as beans couldn’t help but slide down their foreheads.

“’re back!” After speaking those words, the guard pointed outside the main hall.

After looking over to that direction, everyone couldn’t help but rejoice. they saw Su Rou who was wearing the bride’s clothes slowly walking towards the main hall while she was carrying Su Mei who lost consciousness.

“Sister, you two are fine? This is great!” Seeing that, Su Long was greatly happy and he quickly went over and took Su Mei from Su Rou’s hands. Then, he lovingly examined her as he was afraid that she was injured.

“Rou'er, then..then what about Mr. Grey-cloak? How about Shangguan Yue? What happened to him?” Su Hen also walked over, but he was not truly worried about his own daughters. He only cautiously swept his gaze outside.

“This is for you from Mr. Grey-cloak” Su Rou did not respond. She only gave a folded paper slip to her father.

“I’m tired, so I’m going to rest.” After giving the paper slip over to Su Hen, Su Rou first shot a glance of resentment at Su Hen before walking towards her own room.

Su Hen did not say much when he faced that scene. After all, today, he was in the wrong. In order to protect the Su family’s foundation, he almost cut off his two daughters’ happiness.

Although tainting the Vermilion Bird City with blood by Mr. Grey-cloak coming over and exterminating the Shangguan family was very bad luck, in reality, he did not feel that it was a bad thing. At least Mr. Grey-cloak helped him finish off a huge enemy.

After knowing that Su Rou and Su Mei were safe and well, everyone in the city lord’s residence boiled with discussion. Although, on the surface, the Vermilion Bird City faced a bloody disaster, his city lord’s residence was completely unharmed. So to them, it was really something worthy of celebration.

Even if the Qilin Prince’s Mansion investigated because the Shangguan family had connections with the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, it would not involve the Su family. Besides, an insignificant Shangguan family was not worth it for the Qilin Prince’s Mansion to cause enmity with a Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

When Su Hen returned to his own palace when it was deep into the night and when everyone was silent, he stood near the window and looked at the bright moon outside. His heart was extremely uneasy. Up until now, he did not have the courage to open up the paper slip within his hand. He did not dare to look what was written on it.

However, escaping was never a way and Su Hen deeply understood that reasoning. So, he gradually closed his eyes. First, he breathed deeply for a while, then he opened his eyes and also opened the paper slip.

When he saw the content in the paper slip, his face changed multiple times. Occasionally green, occasionally purple, occasionally happy, occasionally anxious. After a long while, he inhaled a breath of cool air and happiness and sorrow emerged onto his face.

Although there were only a few simple words on the paper slip, it revealed many meanings.

“If you dare to marry Su Rou or Su Mei off to anyone else, your Su family will be the next to be exterminated!!”