Chapter 209 - Beast

MGA: Chapter 209 - Beast

“This voice, can it be...”

Su Rou instantly reacted to that because she could not get any more familiar with that voice. However, after thinking for a bit more, she felt that it wasn’t possible. Even if that person had more talent, it would not be possible for him to have so much growth in such a short period of time.

As for Shangguan Yue and Shangguan Tian, they were stupefied as well. Although they could not confirm who the person in the grey-cloak was, from his laughter just now, they could tell that it was a voice of a young man. Yet, how could such a powerful person be only a young man?

“Today, I will let you understand your deaths.”

Under their gazes of intertwined shock and curiosity, Chu Feng extended both his hands and gradually took the hood off his head. His handsome countenance appeared in front of the three people.

“Chu Feng, it really is you!” At that instant, Su Rou couldn’t help but yell out in surprise and her pair of beautiful eyes kept on glittering.

She never would have thought that the person who defeated Shangguan Yue and could use Grey-cloak Spirit Formations was truly Chu Feng. The truth came too abruptly and she felt that it was a bit difficult to believe.

“How is this possible? You...Didn’t you already...”

However, compared to Su Rou’s difficulty in believing, Shangguan Tian’s face was already filled with fear because he clearly remembered that Chu Feng was forced into the Dragon River by him so he should have already been dead. How was it possible that he appeared here? He even became so strong in such a short amount of time.

As he looked at Shangguan Tian’s and Shangguan Yue’s shocked expressions, Chu Feng only indifferently smiled, and said to Shangguan Tian, “Do you remember the words that I told you that day on the Suicide Cliff?”

“I told you that you should pray that I would die just like that.”

“Or else, I would undoubtedly come back to find you. On that day, it wouldn’t be the end of you, Shangguan Tian. It would be the end of your Shangguan family.”

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Shangguan Tian’s face was already like ash. He finally knew why he had a bad premonition in the instant that Chu Feng jumped from the cliff.

“Friend, do we have any misunderstandings between us?” Shangguan Yue feebly said when he saw that Chu Feng was going to attack Shangguan Tian.

“Misunderstandings? Originally, I had no grievances nor hatred towards your Shangguan family. However, you had to kill me no matter what. Everything today were debts that your Shangguan family owed me. However, I, Chu Feng, just collected them with higher interest.”

After speaking, Chu Feng raised his hand and palmed. Shangguan Tian became a pool of blood, and quickly after, Chu Feng flicked towards Shangguan Yue. The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique which had peerless attacking power tore through the air and howled before taking away Shangguan Yue’s life.

After killing the people from the Shangguan family, Chu Feng quickly went over to Su Rou. When he looked at Su Mei who had a ghastly-white face and weak aura, a hint of worry emerged onto his calm face.

However, after using his Spirit power to examine her, Chu Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Although Su Mei was injured, it was not serious. She would quickly heal after ten days of rest.

But even so, Chu Feng still carried Su Mei away from Su Rou’s embrace. He took out some healing medicine and caringly fed them to Su Mei by helping her refine them.

“Shouldn't you give me an explanation?” Finally, Su Rou who remained silent for a long while spoke.

Chu Feng raised his head, and he discovered that the grand beauty who had a fox-like face was tightly staring at himself with her pair of enchanting eyes. There even seemed to be a bit of grievance on her face.

“I have a World Spirit in my body and I established a contract with her already. She can lend her power to me, and my real cultivation right now is the 2nd level of the Origin realm. As for the cultivation that I displayed earlier which was at the 1st level of the Profound realm, it was the power that the World Spirit lent to me.” Chu Feng did not hide anything. After all, Su Rou was his first woman and he trusted her quite a bit.

“The explanation that I wanted wasn’t that.” Su Rou’s beautiful eyes glittered but no one knew what she was thinking.

“Not that? Oh, I know.” Chu Feng was first taken slightly aback, but then after some thinking, he smiled and said, “They were from the Void School. I promised them that I would lay a Spirit Formation for them so they were willing to risk their lives for me.”

“Also not that!” Su Rou’s face seemed to be more and more wronged, and one could even see flickering tears within her beautiful eyes. Her clean-white teeth kept on lightly biting her alluring lips.

“Then, what is it?” Chu Feng was completely puzzled.

“Chu Feng, you bastard!” Suddenly, Su Rou’s jade-like hands waved and a clear slap ferociously landed on Chu Feng’s face.

“I...” After being slapped, Chu Feng was still bewildered.

“I knew that you were this kind of person. The words you said were all lies. On that day, you clearly said that you would marry both me and little Mei, but now why did you only propose a marriage to little Mei and leave me on the side?” Su Rou stood up, and as she pointed at Chu Feng, she complained about her grievances. Her charming face was already full of tears.

At that instantly, only then did Chu Feng suddenly understand. After half a day, the attracting beauty was jealous. Jealous of her own sister, Su Mei.

“Eggy, lend your power to me again.” Chu Feng yelled in his heart.

“What for?” Eggy was currently looking at the liveliness and she was confused about Chu Feng’s plans.

“Quickly!” Chu Feng was quite anxious.

In response, Eggy could only lend her power to Chu Feng. After all, Chu Feng was her master and besides, she also wanted to know what Chu Feng wanted the borrowed power for. However, when Chu Feng did the following actions, Eggy was completely speechless.

“Mm..” Suddenly, Chu Feng stood up and put his arms around Su Rou’s waist and embraced the grand beauty. Without saying anything else, he kissed Su Rou’s alluring lips. At the same time, another hand was restlessly touching Su Rou’s attractive body.

“Mm. Bastard, let go of me!” At first, Su Rou even tried her best to struggle, but how would she even be able to do anything against Chu Feng? Gradually, she thoroughly surrendered from Chu Feng’s gentle attacks.

Right beside Su Mei, Chu Feng pushed Su Rou to the ground. The two of them took off their clothes and two naked bodies interweaved with one another. Although at the first time, it was forced; this time, in reality, Su Rou was willing.

From Su Rou’s completely red face, one could see the light of her happiness. This time, she was willing in her heart, and she gave her own body to Chu Feng.

But even so, Eggy still gave Chu Feng an evaluation, “Beast!”