Chapter 208 - Who Are You?

MGA: Chapter 208 - Who Are You?

“Su Hen, what the hell are you looking at? Why aren’t you helping me to take care of this guy?” He looked at his own family being killed one by one, and fall one by one, yet he could not do anything about it.

Shangguan Yue was going a bit mad, and since he was helpless against it, he could only cast his pleading gaze towards Su Hen and the others from the city lord’s residence.

Why would Su Hen help? Not to mention that he really wanted the Shangguan family to be exterminated, even if he and the Shangguan family were allies, he would still not help out in that situation because he did not want to offend a Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

“Su Hen, I’m begging you. Help my Shangguan family and don’t let my Shangguan family be cut off here.” Seeing that Su Hen was not moved, Shangguan Yue could only lower his attitude and speak with a pleading tone. However, it was in vain as Su Hen was still not moved.

“Su Hen, I will make you regret this for your entire life.” Finally, Shangguan Yue gave up on begging. After an explosive yell, he used an extremely strong attack towards Chu Feng.

Strong Profound power formed into a huge wave that reached the skies and the surging splashes were dozens of feet tall. They layered onto each other and pressed down. The power that it contained was enough to flatten a forest and it could be seen that Shangguan Yue attacked for real.

“Old thing, you’ve finally gotten serious huh.” As he saw that, Chu Feng did not dare to underestimate it. He quickly spun his Spirit power around and he kept on laying grey-coloured Spirit Formations in front of him to block Shangguan Yue’s attack that contained his full power.

*whoosh* However, when the huge wave collided with the Spirit formation, Shangguan Yue flashed, arrived next to Shangguan Tian and Shangguan Ya, waved his big sleeve, and two layers of Profound power surged out.

The powerful Profound power split into two. The first rolled Shangguan Tian and Shangguan Ya up, but the other rolled Su Rou and Su Mei up. Like a firm cage, it locked them within it.

“Crap. He wants to escape!” Chu Feng suddenly understood what he had planned. It turned out that Shangguan Yue did not want to throw everything he had on Chu Feng, but he wanted to escape.


As predicted, with special methods, after binding Shangguan Tian and Shangguan Ya and also Su Rou and Su Mei, the tip of Shangguan Yue’s foot suddenly tapped and a gust of gale started to spread.

After the gale disappeared, Shangguan Yue also disappeared. At the same time, Shangguan Ya, Shangguan Tian, and also Su Rou and Su Mei disappeared.


As he saw that, Su Hen’s face changed greatly because Shangguan Yue did not escape by himself. Not only did he take away his two grandsons, he even captured Su Hen’s two daughters.

Thinking back that he only stood on the side as he watched and ignored the life and death of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Yue must have hated him down to the bones. At that moment, both of his daughters landed into his hands, so how they would end was unimaginable.

As he thought to that point, Su Hen completely panicked. He spread his aura of the 5th level of the Profound realm out and wanted to chase after Shangguan Yue. However, before he even got the chance to move, a powerful palm landed on his shoulder and suppressed his aura.

“You...” Turning his head to look Su Hen instantly took in a breath of cool air because the person who stopped him was none other than the mysterious Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

“Stay right here. I will settle the debts with you later.” After speaking those words, Chu Feng leaped forward and disappeared.

After Chu Feng left, Su Hen’s face was pale-white from fear because he could hear, from Chu Feng’s words, that the huge character seemed to be displeased with him. However, he could not understand when he offended such a huge character like him. But no matter what, he knew that most likely, he had attracted some troubles.

Especially after he swept his gaze behind him and saw the corpses of the Shangguan family’s elites who laid within pools blood, the fear in his heart rose to the extreme. He truly experienced what cruel and merciless was called. That person was too scary.

At the same time, within the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range, Shangguan Yue was currently running in the forest. His speed was strangely quick, and even though he was using his Profound power to bind four people over his head, it did not affect his speed at all.

“Shangguan Yue, put us down. My sister can’t take this anymore.”

Within the Profound power cage, Su Rou was currently tightly hugging Su Mei. Perhaps it was because the road was too jolty, or maybe because Shangguan Yue’s pressure before was too fierce, Su Mei’s current complexion was ghastly-white and her lips were dry. She had already lost consciousness.

“Shut up! If you speak anymore rubbish, I’ll kill both of you right now!”

Shangguan Yue was burning up in the flames of fury. He did not even have enough time to escape for his life, so how could he care about Su Rou and Su Mei’s life? The reason why he grabbed the two of them as well was because he wanted to have a bargaining chip that could possibly protect his life.

*hmm* But suddenly, a strong Spirit Formation was laid in front of them, and at the same time, several Spirit Formations also appeared everywhere and they were currently surrounding Shangguan Yue.

“How is this possible? He caught up so quickly?”

Seeing that, Shangguan Yue was aware that the situation was not good and he quickly extended his hands towards Su Rou and Su Mei who were bound by him and he wanted to use the two girls for coercion.

*whoosh* However, when a ray of light flashed past, the Profound power that restricted the two was broken. Not only did Su Rou and Su Mei disappear, even his two grandsons, Shangguan Tian and Shangguan Ya escaped from his controlling range.

“Grandfather, save me!”

Suddenly, a miserable voice rang out. After looking over, Shangguan Yue couldn’t help but be greatly shocked. Both of his grandsons laid nearby, and behind them stood a single person. It was the Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

“No need to beg for help. In this place, no one can save you. All of you will die.” Chu Feng calmly smiled, then suddenly raised his foot. With a bang, Shangguan Ya’s head became watery blood under his foot. Like a watermelon, his head was stepped and shattered in pieces by Chu Feng.

“You bastard! I will kill you!” Seeing that his own grandson die just like that, Shangguan Yue instantly grasped onto insanity. As he madly howled, he started attacking fiercely at Chu Feng.


However, Chu Feng only coldly snorted while facing Shangguan Yue’s attacks. He pointed at him, and flicked his finger. A faint white-coloured gas streaked through the air. Not only did it pierce through Shangguan Yue’s martial skill, it also pierced through Shangguan Yue’s body. With a single strike, it made the powerful person who was at the 6th level of the profound realm throw up blood and forced him to powerlessly lay on the ground.

“How is this is this possible...”

Shangguan Yue’s face was like ash. Originally, he felt that he might have had a few chances for victory if he used everything he had, but when the white-coloured gas went through his body, only then did he realise how great the difference between him and his opponent was. From the start, he was fated to lose.

“You’re next.” After defeating Shangguan Yue with the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, Chu Feng did not directly attack Shangguan Yue anymore. He cast his gaze towards Shangguan Tian.

He cast his gaze towards the male who once forced him to a point where there were no roads up to the sky nor any doors down to the earth. However, there was quite a dramatic change when the situation today was compared to the situation which happened that day.

“Who are you? My Shangguan family has no grievances nor hatred towards you. Why do you need to completely wipe out my Shangguan family?!” Shangguan Tian loudly howled. He was bitter. Bitter that he would die just like that. So, he really wanted to know who exterminated his entire Shangguan family.

In reality, not only Shangguan Tian, even Su Rou who was nearby tightly stared at Chu Feng because she was also curious what kind of person the Grey-cloak World Spiritist who exterminated the Shangguan family was.

“Heh…” After hearing those words, a mocking laugh came from the grey-cloak. However, when the laughter rang out, no matter if it was Shangguan Tian or Su Rou, both of their expressions changed greatly.

Because that laughter was no longer the voice of an aged, old man. Rather, it was the voice of a young man. The most important thing was that the voice was quite familiar.