Chapter 205 - Escorting the Bride

MGA: Chapter 205 - Escorting the Bride

“I know that you siblings have deep affection for one another, but the final situation must be always emphasized. Sooner or later, you will understand my painstaking efforts!”

To Su Hen, the methods of the two of them were insect-like insignificant skills. Without even moving, he released the pressure of the 5th level of the Profound realm and completely dissolved Su Long’s attack.

After that, the strong pressure instantly engulfed everyone in that area. The strong pressure bound Su Rou down, and not to mention continuing to escape, it was even hard for her to walk a single step as she powerlessly fell to the ground.

“Father, let my brother and sister go! I promise you, I’ll marry Shangguan Ya! I’ll marry him!” Su Mei begged as she looked at Su Long and Su Rou who had painful faces.

“Sigh… Little Mei, I am sorry.” Su Hen also had a painful expression, and it could be seen that his heart was not well either.

However, he did not immediately let Su Long and Su Rou go. He used special methods to temporarily seal Su Long’s and Su Rou’s strength. They couldn’t even speak.

Quickly after that matter, the Shangguan family’s bride escort arrived in front of the city lord’s residence. Shangguan Ya rode a tall and big horse while wearing bridegroom clothes. His smile could not be hidden because he could finally marry the person who he yearned for even within his dreams.

[TN: The bride escort is something similar to this (but in a much, much larger scale), and a “sedan chair” is the box-like thing that they are carrying.]

Within the escorting group, Shangguan Ya’s elder brother, the person who forced Chu Feng to jump into the Dragon River after he chased Chu Feng to an impasse, Shangguan Tian, was also there.

The most important thing was that the current Shangguan Tian was also wearing a set of bridegroom clothes. He had a prideful look all over his face and his pleased smile was not a single bit inferior to Shangguan Ya’s.

“What is happening? Why are there two bridegrooms? Are the brothers both going to marry Su Mei?” While facing that strange scene, everyone started their discussions and all of them felt puzzled.

“Shangguan Tian. Shangguan Ya. What is the meaning of this?” Su Hen led the experts from the city lord’s residence out. He was also quite displeased while facing the Shangguan family’s actions.

“Milord, what other reason can us two brothers come here for? Naturally, it is to marry your daughters.” Shangguan Ya chuckled, but as he spoke, he did not even come down the horse. He said those words to Su Hen with an attitude of looking down at him.

[TN: People who are in a higher position (such as a general) stay on the horses while the lower position people (such as a soldier) stay on the ground.]

“Milord, without concealing any truths, I, Shangguan Tian, have already fallen for your daughter, Su Rou.”

“Coincidentally, today is a date of great happiness as my younger brother, Shangguan Ya, is going to marry your youngest daughter, Su Mei. So, why not have a double marriage by also marrying Su Rou off to my Shangguan family as well? I, Shangguan Tian, will certainly treat her well.” Shangguan Tian also spoke, but he also did not go down the horse to speak.

“Rubbish! Shangguan Ya is marrying my family’s lady because it was pre-arranged. How about you? You did not even come up to propose yet you directly come here to marry? You are simply marrying by force!” One of the old man from the city lord’s residence pointed at Shangguan Tian and angrily rebuked.

“Insolent! I’m talking to the city lord and you have no part in this.” Shangguan Tian was furious while facing the rebuke of the old man. He raised the whip in his hand and thrashed over.

“Hmph. Someone merely at the 1st level of the Profound realm should not even dare to act so wildly in front of me!” The old man was not afraid in the slightest when facing the whip that had Profound power and was like a dragon. He raised his hand and grabbed, then the whip was tightly grasped within his hand. It turned out that the old man was a person at the 2nd level of the Profound realm.

“You disrespectful little brat, get down here!” The old man was enraged and he wanted to pull Shangguan Tian down from the horse.

*bam* But before he even got to attack, a powerful big hand grabbed his wrist. Strong power instantly restricted the old man’s aura and sealed his actions that he was going to do.

“Milord!” The old man looked to the side and he couldn’t help but stare blankly because the person who stopped him was his own master, Su Hen.

Su Hen first shook his head towards the old man, indicating that he should not act rashly, then he took a deep breath and spoke to his subordinates behind him,

“Go. Bring the second lady and the third lady out. Today, my Su family will have a double marriage with the Shangguan family!”

[TN: Second lady is Su Rou as she was born second (eldest brother is Su Long), and third is Su Mei as she was born third.]

“Huu!” When Su Hen said those words, instantly, the crowd went into an uproar and everyone was endlessly shocked.

If the marriage between Shangguan Ya and Su Mei was completely expected and was normal, then the marriage between Shangguan Tian and Su Rou was reasonless trouble. It was something that even normal families would not allow, let alone the city lord’s family, the ruler of the Vermilion Bird City!

However, at that moment, not only did Su Hen not act wildly, he even agreed. That made people quite speechless. The formerly tyrannical and mighty city lord chose to lower his head to the two young men. That made people feel that it was inconceivable and not understandable even after thinking about it a hundred times.

“What is happening? The city lord accepted such impolite demands from the Shangguan family?” Some people who did not know the entire truth questioned.

“You probably don’t know. I heard that the master of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Yue, is at the 6th level of the Profound realm, but the city lord is only at the 5th level of the Profound realm. Although the Su family is still the ruler of the Vermilion Bird City, in reality, their strength is inferior to the Shangguan family.”

“I also believe that the marriage advancement for Shangguan Ya and Su Mei is because of Shangguan Yue.” Someone secretly leaked the information out.

“Is that true?” After hearing that, everyone’s expressions changed greatly and they were unceasingly stunned. It meant that the true ruler of the Vermilion Bird City was not the Su family, but the Shangguan family. That was huge news to the people in the Vermilion Bird City.

Although people still felt that the matter was unimaginable, when Su Rou and Su Mei, the daughters of the city lord, wore gorgeous bride gowns and walked out of the residence, everyone knew that the current situation in the Vermilion Bird City truly did change.

“This is bad! City lord, this is bad!”

But just at that time, a panicked cry came from nearby. That panicked cry instantly shattered the happy atmosphere and everyone cast their gazes over.

They saw a guard from the city lord’s residence madly running over to the residence. However, there were wounds everywhere on his body and blood was all over the place.

“What’s going on? What happened?” In response, Su Hen and the others quickly went over.

“City lord, there’s..there’s..there’ enemy invading!” After that person spoke, he lost consciousness.

“What? Enemy invading?” After hearing those words, Su Hen was thoroughly confused and he couldn’t help but cast his gaze over to Shangguan Ya and Shangguan Tian. However, he discovered that they did not know what was happening as well.

That confused Su Hen. In reality, to his Su family, the biggest enemy was the Shangguan family. But currently, if the Shangguan family was not attacking, which person dared to invade his Vermilion Bird City?

*thud thud thud*

*clang clang clang*

*thud clang, thud clang, thud clang thud...*

Just at that time, from the direction that the guard escaped from, the noise of gongs and drums rang out. Everyone couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cool air and at the same time that they were completely baffled, ineffable fear filled their hearts because the beats of the gongs and drums were clearly from a bride’s escort.