Chapter 204 - Day of Great Joy

MGA: Chapter 204 - Day of Great Joy

Three days later, within the Vermilion Bird City. Everyone was extremely happy and all the noble clans, high ranking officials, and famous people outside returned to the Vermilion Bird City.

Today was a day of great joy as the future master of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Ya, was going to marry Su Mei, who was the young daughter of the lord of the Vermilion Bird City, Su Hen.

However, as firecrackers boomed outside and gongs and drums rang to the heavens, within a room in the city lord’s residence, the atmosphere was clearly abnormally gloomy.

Today, Su Mei wore a red-coloured long dress. That dress was extremely beautiful, and Su Mei’s sweet and beautiful face was emphasized to the extreme. Her beauty could truly devastate counties and cities.

However, even though the female servant who was next to her put makeup on, dressed, and combed her, even though laughter reached the skies outside, there was not a single trace of happiness on Su Mei’s face. In contrary, two streams of tears were flowing down her sweet face.

That made the servant panic as she kept on wiping away the tears for Su Mei. She wanted to fix the makeup, but it was useless as the tears surged more and more, until the makeup on her face was thoroughly ruined.



Suddenly, a boom came from the entrance and the sturdy big door was shattered into pieces. Two of the guards for the city lord’s residence fell into the room and lost consciousness.

“Ahh~~~” That change caused the female servants to screech. However, when two figures walked in, the servants were dumbfounded where they stood.

A male and a female walked in. The female wore a white dress and she was extremely pretty. She had a bewitching figure, charming face and she could simply hook onto one’s soul. It would cause other females to be lost within the beauty, and she was Su Mei’s elder sister, Su Rou.

A tall, big, and a well-built male stood next to Su Rou. The male had thick eyebrows, big eyes, and dark skin. He was none other than the elder brother of Su Rou and Su Mei, Su Hen’s oldest son, Su Long.

Su Long was 25 years old this year and he already established himself quite well. He had the cultivation of the 2nd level of the Profound realm and as the eldest son of the Su family, he was usually outside, helping the Su family set up relationships so he rarely returned to the Vermilion Bird City.

However, when Su Long got news that his own little sister was going to be married to Shangguan Ya, and it was even a forced marriage, he hurried back.

“Brother, sister, why are you two here?” When she saw the two people, Su Mei panicked a bit as she quickly wiped the tears on her face away.

“Little sister, follow me. Let’s go.” Su Long looked at Su Mei who had tears all over her face, and without saying anymore, he grabbed onto Su Mei’s little hand and walked out. Su Rou followed him without saying anything.

“Brother, sister, what are you doing? Let me go.” Su Mei’s tried her best to struggle but she could not do anything. In front of her elder brother, her cultivation of the Spirit realm was absolutely nothing.

“Idiot sister. You don’t even like that Shangguan Ya, so how can you marry him? As your elder brother, I will not just stare as you jump towards living hell!” As Su Long spoke, he already dragged Su Mei out of the palace. However, when he arrived at the entrance, he couldn’t help but be taken aback and he stopped his steps forward.

Dozens of people showed in front of him. All of them were the peak experts of the Vermilion Bird City, and the one who led was the city lord of the Vermilion Bird City, the father of the three siblings, Su Hen.

“What are you doing?” Su Hen’s sword-like brows slanted inwards as he coldly interrogated.

“Father, I will bring little Mei away. I will not let her marry that Shangguan Ya bastard!” Su Long loudly said.


Immediately after he finished speaking, a clear and loud slap landed on Su Long’s face. The strong power forcibly slapped the well-built male who was at the 2nd level of the Profound realm down to the ground. A blood-red palm mark appeared on his face. The person who did that was his father, Su Hen.

“Get out of here.” Su Hen pointed at Su Long and loudly reprimanded.

“Father. Are you truly only going to watch as little Mei marries a person she doesn’t like?” Just at that time, Su Rou came out. She walked next to Su Mei, and said while pointing at her face,

“Look! Look well. Look at the tears on your daughter’s face. Can you not see her unwillingness? Can you not see her bitterness?”

“You, as a father, truly want to personally cut off your daughter’s happiness, and let her wash her face with tears in the future?”

Su Rou’s tone was extremely sharp and everyone who was there felt the sorrow. Even Su Hen’s eyes glittered and he could not say anything at that moment. After a good while, he waved his hand towards the crowd behind him.

Those people were Su Hen’s trusted aides and all of them instantly understood Su Hen’s meaning. They tactfully left, and after they left, only four people remained there, Su Hen, Su Long, Su Rou, and Su Mei.

“Ah...” Su Hen first sighed, then completely changed his furious attitude from before and gently said, “Long'er, little Rou, little Mei. I truly have no say on this matter.”

“The Shangguan family gained high approval from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and they have the qualifications to fight over the ruling right of the Vermilion Bird City. Shangguan Yue also had a breakthrough and he entered the 6th level of the Profound realm recently. His cultivation already surpassed me and he is now the strongest person in the Vermilion Bird City.”

“If he wants to fight over the ruling right of the Vermilion Bird City, the position of the city lord can only belong to him and no one else. Even the city lord’s mansion will need to be given to him. The results of so many hard years would be for naught.”

“However, Shangguan Yue said to me that he has become aged and he doesn’t care about the Vermilion Bird City’s ruling right. Currently, he only wants his two grandsons to get settled.”

“So, as long as little Mei marries Shangguan Ya and they quickly finish the marriage, his Shangguan family will never fight over the ruling right of the Vermilion Bird City.”

“Father, how can you be so foolish? Shangguan Yue is an old cunning fox. How can you believe his words?” Su Rou refuted.

“Yeah, father. He is clearly threatening you to give little Mei over to Shangguan Ya. However, when little Mei marries over, perhaps he will instantly regret it and fight over the Vermilion Bird City’s ruling right.” Su Long also went up and said.

“What do any of you understand? Even if Shangguan Yue regrets it, as long as little Mei is married over, the Shangguan family will not make things too difficult for my Su family. As long as my Su family has a certain foundation, there will be a date of revolution. Sooner or later, I will enter the 6th level of the Profound realm. At that time, I can retake everything.” Su Hen’s face became serious.

“Father, are you saying that the so-called foundation of the Su family is even more important than little Mei’s happiness? In order to protect the family’s foundation, you are willing to give little Mei up as a bargaining chip? You are personally digging a grave for your own daughter’s happiness!” Even Su Rou’s eyes became moist.

“That’s right. To me, the Su family’s foundation is more important.” Su Hen replied.

“Since it has come to this, there is no need to speak anymore. Today, I will bring little Mei away.” Su Rou grabbed onto Su Mei, leaped, displayed a profound bodily technique, and escaped afar.

“Father, for little Mei’s joy, I must offend!”

At the same time, Su Long also displayed a strong martial skill and attacked his own father. He wanted to stall some time for Su Rou and Su Mei to cover their escape.