Chapter 203 - Arriving at the Void School

MGA: Chapter 203 - Arriving at the Void School

Within the clear and bright skies, above the endless white clouds, a huge White-headed Eagle streaked past the air.

That White-headed Eagle was extremely beautiful and its speed was strangely quick. It was a White-headed Eagle of the highest quality and it was one of the presents that the World Spirit Guild gave Chu Feng.

Chu Feng sat cross-legged on the White-headed Eagle as he closed his eyes to rest. He did not steer the eagle because it understood human nature and it understood the paths in the Spirit Province and the Azure Province. There was no need to steer it. With a few words, it would automatically arrive to the destination.

“Gone?” After flying out of the Spirit Province and into the Azure Province, Chu Feng slowly opened his eyes and swept his gaze behind.

“Gone. The Jie Clan aren’t idiots and they know that the World Spirit Guild would hiddenly see you off. Naturally, they would not dare to attack.” Eggy’s pleasant voice rang out and it was extremely moving. But sadly, that sweet voice could only be heard by Chu Feng himself.

“I would really have to thank the World Spirit Guild.” A grateful smile appeared on the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth.

After he left the World Spirit Guild, the Jie Clan had people hiddenly following Chu Feng. However, the World Spirit Guild also sent out experts to hiddenly protect him. Both of them were in the darkness, but they detected one another.

So, after leaving the Spirit Province, the Jie Clan and the World Spirit Guild did not follow him anymore. As for how Chu Feng detected it, they were from the huge benefits that Chu Feng gained after the White-cloak Exam.

In order to rope Chu Feng closer to them, not only did the World Spirit Guild gift quite a costly White-headed Eagle to Chu Feng, they even gave him some Origin beads and some things that were beneficial for Spirit power.

Chu Feng relied on those Origin beads to successfully enter the 2nd level of the Origin realm. However, that was not the most important thing. The most important thing was from the power of the Spirit Fruit and in addition to the gifts from the World Spirit Guild, he raised his Spirit power to an extremely powerful level and he stepped onto an entirely new stage.

The current Chu Feng could already use the power of the Grey-cloak Spirit Formation. His Spirit power was extremely strong and the Spirit Formations he laid were incomparably strong. To be more strict, Chu Feng was already a Grey-cloak World Spiritist. However, because he had some things he needed to do, Chu Feng did not go for the Grey-cloak Exam.

But in reality, Chu Feng didn’t really even need to enter the exam because he already had a World Spirit Grey-cloak on him.

Due to the quick speed of the White-headed Eagle, it greatly reduced the traveling time. So, after returning to the Azure Province, Chu Feng did not directly go towards the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range but to the Void Mountain Range outside of the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range.

“Little White, wait for me here.” On a cliff in the mountain range, Chu Feng stroked the huge White-headed Eagle a few times before heading towards the middle of the mountain range. As for “Little White”, it was the name that he gave the White-headed Eagle.

Chu Feng’s target was a second-rate school in the Void Mountain Range. That school was called the Void School. Although its strength wasn’t as strong as the Azure Dragon School and it was only mediocre within second-rate schools, after all, it was still a second-rate school.

As for why Chu Feng went to that place, he just wanted to use some people. So, not only did he borrow Eggy’s power, he also put the grey-coloured cloak on to increase his negotiation power.

Within the main hall of the Void School, the head of the Void School was currently chatting with two manager elders. The leader was a middle-aged big man. Although he was not even fifty years old, his head was already filled with white hair and he had the cultivation of the 3rd level of the Profound realm.

Although the two manager elders weren’t as strong as the head of the Void School in terms of cultivation, they were still experts of the Profound realm. However, suddenly, the tightly closed big door was abruptly opened as an elder rushed in.

“Lord head, there’s, there’s an esteemed guest here!” That elder was full of sweat. His face was pale-white and he said with a quivering voice.

“Esteemed guest? Who?” Seeing that, the head of the Void School and the two elders knew that something was wrong as they quickly stood up and questioned while their heads were full of fog.

“It’s me!” An aged voice rang out and Chu Feng already entered the main hall without even making any noise. After that, he waved his big sleeve and the door was blown by a gust of wind and it was closed.

At the same time, a layer of grey-coloured Spirit Formation surrounded the main hall and condensed. It locked everyone who was there within it.

“Grey-cloak World Spiritist!!” After looking at the grey-cloak on Chu Feng’s body and the methods that he displayed, the Void School head and the two manager elders yelled out in surprise at the same time.

It was because the status of Grey-cloak World Spiritists were too noble. After all, within the entire Azure Province, there were only two Grey-cloak World Spiritists. One was in the number one school, the Lingyun School, and the other one was in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. The statuses of both of them were extremely high and they were extremely well-known, huge characters.

In front of them, since a Grey-cloak World Spiritist like that appeared, immediately, it made people think of the two characters. So naturally, everyone who was there would be incomparably shocked and their nervous hearts were banging and jumping all over the place.

“Senior, I wonder what your esteemed name is, and what matters do you have to honor your presence in my Void School?” The head of the Void School respectfully asked after organizing his emotions.

“I have no name nor surname, but you can call me as Mr. Grey-cloak. I do have a request by coming here today.” Chu Feng walked over to the throne of the Void School’s head and sat there, as if he was the master of that area.

“Mr. Grey-cloak?” The head of the Void School was shocked once again because he never heard of that name before. It could be seen that the person in front of him was neither the person in the Lingyun School nor the one from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

However, he could not be sure that the person in front of his eyes was not one of the two huge characters. But no matter what, a Grey-cloak World Spiritist was not someone who his Void School could offend.

So, the head of the Void School lightly smiled and said, “I wonder what request Mr. Grey-cloak has? As long as my Void School can do it, I will not shrink away from it.”

“Three days later, I want you to lead the elites of the Void School and go towards the Vermilion Bird City to help me marry a lady.”

“Lady? Who?”

“The little daughter of the Vermilion Bird City’s lord, Su Mei!”

“Su Mei? Isn’t...isn’t that the person who the son of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Ya, will marry in three days?” After hearing those words, the few people who were there were incomparably astonished and difficult expressions appeared on their faces.

The Shangguan family was not to be underestimated. In terms of strength, they were even stronger than his Void School. Telling them to help him marry the future wife of Shangguan Ya of the Shangguan family was undoubtedly telling them to become the enemy of the Shangguan family and it would cause a calamity for the Void School.

However, their Void School could also not offend a Grey-cloak World Spiritist. After all, even a first-rate school had to respectfully treat a huge character like that, not to mention a mere second-rate school.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you go ahead with your real identities since that is equal to making a huge enemy. You can disguise yourselves as not the Void School, but as the subordinates of me, Mr. Grey-cloak.”

“Also, I won’t make you do all this for nothing. As long as you are willing to go ahead and propose this marriage, no matter if it succeeds or doesn’t, I will lay a huge Spirit Formation Array in the core zone of your Void School as compensation.” Chu Feng indifferently said.

After speaking those words, the head of the Void School and the two manager elders all lit up their eyes and insane happiness appeared on their faces. A Spirit Formation personally laid by a Grey-cloak World Spiritist. That degree of attraction was too great because after all, that was something that many first-rate schools did not even have.