Chapter 202 - Returning to the Azure Province

MGA: Chapter 202 - Returning to the Azure Province

“Azure Province? Although I don’t know where that Chu Feng came from, such a powerful genius shouldn’t have come from the Azure Province right?”

“Yeah, how can a genius like Chu Feng appear from a place like the Azure Province?” They first looked at Zhuge Liuyun, then all of them shook their heads.

“Then… That Chu Feng has a blue-coloured long robe, white face, thick eyebrows, big eyes, tall and straight nose, and also a young and tender appearance.”

“He is also skilled in a strange martial skill. He is able to control his Origin power to condense various types of gold-coloured weapons out as he wishes, and he uses them quite impressively.”

“Especially after condensing a golden-coloured longbow, the arrows that are shot do not miss and even those at the 5th level of the Origin realm can’t resist against it?” Zhuge Liuyun continued asking.

“This..I’m not too clear about what he wore and his appearance, but he did seem to grasp a rank 5 martial skill that can condense various weapons out. That’s right, I heard that he is good with an outstanding bodily martial skill. Lightning rises from under his feet and he becomes strangely quick.” One of them answered.

After hearing those words, Zhuge Liuyun rejoiced and after hitting his fist to his palm, he said, “It is certainly him!”

“Mm? Old brother, from your tone, you seem to know that Chu Feng?” Seeing that, several of them suspiciously asked.

As he looked at the several expressions, Zhuge Liuyun raised his head high, stuck his chest out, then said while patting his chest, “To be completely honest, that Chu Feng is my disciple.”

“Hahahaha...” What Zhuge Liuyun’s words were exchanged for were the laughter of the others, as if they heard the most funniest joke in the world.

Seeing that, Zhuge Liuyun’s face was a bit ugly, however, he did not know how to explain it. Although he was a fearful character in the Azure Dragon School, at this place, he really wasn’t much.

Not to mention the others, but even the people who he chatted with at that instant were all experts of the Profound realm. He could not find any feelings of superiority because very few people who were roughly in the same generation as him were weaker than him.

“Look, it’s the people from the World Spirit Guild!” But just at that time, suddenly, someone pointed nearby and yelled in surprise.

After looking over, indeed, there was a group formed by a hundred people from the World Spirit Guild and they were currently walking over. At that instant, even Zhuge Liuyun revealed an expression of reverence.

As World Spiritists, which one did not want to join the World Spirit Guild and become a member of that huge group? However, the requirements for the World Spirit Guild were extremely strict and one could not join with only a certain level of cultivation. They required the World Spiritist’s talent and they needed to sign a special contract.

That contract was equivalent to a contract that sold themself. Not only that, it also sold their offsprings, and every single generation were required to serve the World Spirit Guild. It was a huge restriction.

So, that contract gave many a chance to become a member of the World Spirit Guild, but it also made those who enjoyed freedom to stop and only look.

What Zhuge Liuyun did not expect was that the group of people from the World Spirit Guild stopped in front of him. The middle-aged man who led looked at the portrait in his hands, then politely said to Zhuge Liuyun, “If I may ask, are you Mr. Zhuge Liuyun?”

“That’s me!” Zhuge Liuyun cautiously replied. This tone was very kind as well because he did not dare to have a single trace of disrespect towards the World Spirit Guild. Even if their cultivation was inferior to him, he still did not dare.

“Congratulations Mr. Zhuge. Your disciple, Chu Feng, got first place in the White-cloak Exam. On the orders of the elders, I invite you to be a guest at the World Spirit Guild.” After confirming Zhuge Liuyun’s identity, his attitude became even more respectful.

“Youyouyou...You really are…!!” After hearing those words, before even letting Zhuge Liuyun respond, the several people next to him were like exploding pots. Their faces were stunned because they knew that this time, they really “had eyes but did not recognize Mount Tai”.

As for Zhuge Liuyun, his heart was filled with joy and he was so excited that he didn’t know what to do. He never would have thought that the World Spirit Guild would invite him in such a grand way. It was quite an honorable thing.

Of course, the thing that he was even more happy about was that the World Spirit Guild gave him an answer. It was that his disciple, Chu Feng, was truly first in the White-cloak Exam. To him, that was an extremely glorious thing.

After that, Zhuge Liuyun went into the World Spirit Guild and Elder Li even personally welcomed Chu Feng and Zhuge Liuyun. He even invited Chu Feng and Zhuge Liuyun to be a member of the World Spirit Guild.

The most important thing was that they got a status badge. It was a very special kind as it was similar to the status of being a guest elder. Their freedoms were not restricted yet they could enjoy all the benefits of being from the World Spirit Guild, possibly even getting better treatment.

That made Chu Feng and Zhuge Liuyun extremely glad. Especially Zhuge Liuyun because that was equal to completing an uncompletable wish as he was able to become a member of the World Spirit Guild.

After being a member of the World Spirit Guild, Zhuge Liuyun received an invitation and he decided to stay in the World Spirit Guild for a few more days. As for Chu Feng, since he had matters to attend to, he needed to quickly return to the Azure Province.

Before leaving, Chu Feng gave the ripe Spirit Fruit that he nourished in the Asura Ghost Tower to Zhuge Liuyun. That attracted the admiration of Elder Li because a ripe Spirit Fruit was extremely precious and it helped one’s Spirit power greatly.

As for Zhuge Liuyun, he was even more touched. He knew that he took in the right disciple and the many years of waiting were not wasted because he accepted an impressive disciple.

So, on that day, Chu Feng left the World Spirit Guild and headed towards the Azure Province because after some calculations of the date, the time to Su Mei’s marriage already neared.