Chapter 201 - Protected

MGA: Chapter 201 - Protected

“He’s that Chu Feng?”

“How is he so young? He really went onto the sixth floor?”

Endless cries of surprise rang out from the crowd because Chu Feng broke a legend and became the first person to step onto the peak of the Asura Ghost Tower in a hundred years. He became the idol of many people.

Although the current Chu Feng was still very weak, with his talent, he was fated to become an extremely significant character. At that moment, everyone who were there witnessed the birth of a huge character. Because of that, they felt honored and proud.

Especially Chu Feng’s young and tender appearance let people know that he was very young. So, they felt even more shocked because that proved his impressiveness even more. From the bottom of their hearts, they felt that Chu Feng’s future achievements were unlimited.


Suddenly, within the vast ocean of humans, a road appeared. Powerful people from the Jie Clan, being led by three elders, aggressively walked towards Chu Feng.

Behind the three elders were Jie Heng, Jie Gang and the others. They were the people that were madly beaten up by Chu Feng. Although their auras recovered quite a bit, the wounds that Chu Feng left could still be seen on their bodies.

“Jie Heng, Jie Gang, was it him that attacked you in the Asura Ghost Tower?” An elder from the Jie Clan pointed and Chu Feng and asked.

“Elder, he is Chu Feng who spoke nonsense and didn’t put the Jie Clan within his eyes!” Jie Heng replied and his fierce gaze swept over Chu Feng’s body.

“Apprehend him!”

The elder from the Jie Clan coldly yelled. In the instant after he spoke, several powerful people behind him rushed towards Chu Feng. They were all experts of the Profound realm. When the pressure gathered in a single area and pressed forward, it was like an invisible huge mountain and even Chu Feng tightly frowned.

“Chu Feng, I’ll lend you my power!” Seeing that the situation was not great, Eggy wanted to lend her power to Chu Feng and let Chu Feng break through the surrounding attack.

“No need!” However, Chu Feng chose to decline. Not only did he not avoid or dodge it, he even stood where he was while waiting for the attacks of the Jie Clan to arrive.

At first, Eggy felt surprised about Chu Feng’s actions, but she, who shared everything with Chu Feng quickly understood his intentions.

“Ahh!” Suddenly, a golden-coloured gale came sweeping by and the several Profound realm Jie Clan members flipped over as they were blown, like scarecrows, and they were thrown away by the wind.

At the same time, three aged figures appeared in front of Chu Feng without any noise. The one who led was Elder Li of the World Spirit Guild.

“The one called Li, move. This is a private grudge between my Jie Clan and this child. Do not interfere!” Seeing that, the expressions of the elders from the Jie Clan changed greatly as they pointed at Elder Li and yelled extremely displeasedly.

“Nonsense! This place is my World Spirit Guild’s, and it isn’t your Jie Clan turn to act so atrociously!” Elder Li’s face also turned cold as he waved his big sleeve. Coming from outside of the plaza, several thousand people rushed in and completely surrounded the Jie Clan.

“The one called Li. You have quite the nerves! For an outsider, you arm yourself against my Jie Clan. This violates the treaty of the alliance and it destroys the peaceful relationship between my Jie Clan and your World Spirit Guild. Are you able to carry this responsibility?” The Jie Clan elder interrogated.

“Hmph. Don’t think I don’t know about your Jie Clan’s fine deeds in the Asura Ghost Tower. Even if does violate the treaty, your Jie Clan erred first.”

“Today, I will place my words right here. Chu Feng is protected by my World Spirit Guild. If anyone of you dares to attack Chu Feng, do not blame me for not restraining myself!” Elder Li’s gaze were like flames and his tone was extremely forceful.

“Fine, the one called Li. Let’s see if you can carry this responsibility.”

In response, even though the Jie Clan were extremely angered, they did not say anything and they only led their army, turned around, and left. After all, that was the territory of the World Spirit Guild and they were indeed in the wrong for that exam.

“Don’t worry. Even if your Jie Clan doesn’t look for me, my World Spirit Guild will look for you for fairness.“ Elder Li also didn’t let him go so easily.

After the Jie Clan left, the curtains of the White-cloak Exam also fell. However, Chu Feng who was the focus of this exam did not leave as he was invited by the World Spirit Guild into a very luxurious palace. A grand feast was already prepared for treating Chu Feng, and the person who received Chu Feng was his peer, Gu Bo.

“Brother Gu Bo, this...” Chu Feng felt a bit overwhelmed as he looked at the sumptuous feast. Not only did the World Spirit Guild help him hold back the troubles from the Jie Clan, currently, they were even treating him like that, so he was quite overwhelmed.

“Brother Chu Feng, no need restrain yourself. You are worthy enough to be treated like this by my World Spirit Guild!” Gu Bo smiled at Chu Feng.

After hearing that, Chu Feng understood the intentions of the World Spirit Guild. Obviously, they saw his own potential and they wanted to pull Chu Feng into the World Spirit Guild. To Chu Feng, that was a good thing so he did not push it away.

However, at that moment, the exam already finished and everyone who participated in the exam already left the World Spirit Guild. Zhuge Liuyun was still waiting outside, and since Chu Feng was afraid that his master would be worried, he said, “Brother Gu Bo, my master is still outside of the World Spirit Guild, I want...”

“Chu Feng bro, don’t worry. People have already been sent to invite your master and the both of you will reunite soon.” Gu Bo smiled then pulled Chu Feng to take a seat.

At the same time, outside of the World Spirit Guild, within a city that was specially made for providing rest for outsiders, Zhuge Liuyun was standing at the city gate while anxiously waiting.

“Have you heard of a young man called Chu Feng in this exam? He stepped onto the sixth floor of the Asura Ghost Tower and got a ripe Spirit Fruit.”

“I’ve heard of it. I even know that Chu Feng is only fifteen years old this year but already has the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm. His battle prowess is even more frightening. According to rumours, even those at the 5th level of the Origin realm cannot defeat him.”

“That’s right. The young generation of the Jie Clan were all swept away, and even that Jie Bufan was defeated by Chu Feng’s hands.”

“Several of them? He even defeated the Jie Clan members? He’s a bit too bold right? With how the Jie Clan think, they would certainly not forgive him.”

“You don’t understand. Talent like Chu Feng’s hasn’t appeared for a hundred years and he is already destined in becoming a genius. The World Spirit Guild has already let out word that they would protect Chu Feng. Right now, he is invited to the World Spirit Guild as a guest and the Jie Clan would not dare to touch him.”

As Zhuge Liuyun was waiting for the arrival of Chu Feng, several White-cloak World Spiritists next to him were chatting to one another. One mouth after the other were talking about Chu Feng and the heart of Zhuge Liuyun who listened jumped. So, he went up and politely asked, “Old brothers, did the Chu Feng that you were talking about come from the Azure Province?”