Chapter 200 - Gazes of Adoration

MGA: Chapter 200 - Gazes of Adoration

“Haha, boy, what’s your name?” Just at that time, the mysterious person had joy all over while pointing at Chu Feng and questioning.

“Chu Feng, this is a Monstrous Beast with unmeasurably deep cultivation and it also grasps extremely strong Spirit Formation techniques. It is very possible that it is a Purple-cloak World Spiritist so do not be careless.” But before even letting Chu Feng reply, Eggy’s voice rang out in his brain and she gravely reminded.

“Is it really a Monstrous Beast? Can they even become World Spiritists?” Chu Feng was quite shocked.

“Monstrous Beasts and humans are the same. True, normal Monstrous Beasts are not equipped with Spirit power, however, some Monstrous Beasts have special blood or perhaps they ate special food, causing the creation of Spirit power. So, they can become World Spiritists as well.”

“Right now, the one who is locked in the Spirit Formation is certainly a Monstrous Beast, one with special blood. It is an extremely intelligent one or else it would not be able to cultivate its Spirit Formation technique to this stage.”

“Look. Within the Spirit Formation, there are many deciphering symbols. Those are very profound symbols and they can only be condensed out by Purple-cloak World Spiritists. Very likely, it was here to take the precious treasure and because of that, it was locked here. He used quite powerful methods and wanted to leave this place, but it was unsuccessful.”

“So, you must be careful. The precious treasures here are not taken so easily. If you can’t do it, then just leave this place for now.” Eggy continued to remind.

“Oi! Boy, why aren’t you speaking? You wouldn’t have been scared witless by me right? Hehe...” The sharp-teethed Monstrous Beast chuckled at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng ignored it. He only carefully looked around in a circle, then turned around and left.

Although there was a huge, powerful character in front of him, although he knew that there were precious treasures there, Chu Feng was clear that most of that was unrelated to him.

Since such a powerful character was locked there, Chu Feng knew that he was not qualified to come and take the things there.

“Oi! Boy, don’t go! Don’t go! Say and chat with me!”

As it saw that Chu Feng wanted to leave, the Monstrous Beast clearly panicked. However, Chu Feng still ignored it and continue walking away because Eggy kept on reminding Chu Feng to not pay attention to it. It would certainly think of a way to get Chu Feng to help it escape that place. However, if it came out, no one knew whether it would harm Chu Feng or not.

“Boy, do you want to become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist within two years? I can help you!” Suddenly, those words came from behind.

*ta* After hearing those words, Chu Feng stopped his steps because being a Blue-cloak World Spiritist was too attracting to Chu Feng. So, he asked, “Make me a Blue-cloak World Spiritist within two years? Are you sure you can do that?”

“Boy, you must not know who I am. Whatever, it would be useless to say too much to you. All in all, I know a method that can make a person’s Spirit power rapidly strengthen to link to the blue-coloured Spirit Formation power in a short amount of time to become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist. Also, you are very lucky because right now, I am prepared to pass this method down to you.” The Monstrous Beast solemnly vowed.

“You are not a relative nor a friend to me, so why are you going to pass this method down to me? Also, on what basis should I trust you on?” Chu Feng was extremely careful because he knew that an extremely exceptional existence was locked within the Spirit Formation.

“I do not lie to people. Don’t worry, I won’t harm you. I just don’t want my method to be lost and not passed down in the world.”

“Of course, if you can become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, I hope that you can help me from the outside and open up this Spirit Formation that locked me in and help me regain my freedom.” Seeing such a cautious Chu Feng, the Monstrous Beast did not turn any corners and it bluntly stated its situation and goal.

“Fine. Tell me your method!” After some thinking, Chu Feng spoke and asked.

“Boy, you wouldn’t abandon and not care about me after I tell you the method right?” The Monstrous Beast narrowed its eyes and revealed a hint of astuteness.

“Do you have any other choice?” Chu Feng faintly smiled. Although he knew that the person in front of him was the super huge character that defeated the two pinnacle geniuses a hundred years ago, at that instant, he was not afraid.

Chu Feng did not display any sort of respect because he had the absolute power to do so. He had to control that power well to pressure his opponent in terms of the general mood in order to gain benefits from his opponent.

“Haha, good boy. Quite the nerves you have there since you dare to speak to me like that. However, I like that about you.”

“With this method, you use a special tool to refine your Spirit power. As for the position of the tool, I can tell you, but I hope that after you succeed, you come back to help me. After I get out, I will give you even greater benefits.”

After speaking, the Monstrous Beast waved its big arm and purple-coloured Spirit Formation power surged out. A Spirit Formation map condensed by symbols appeared in front of it. Chu Feng did not delay and he quickly remembered the map in his brain.

“Senior, if what you said was true, I will certainly come back to help you. At that time, you don’t need to give me any benefits. Just take it as my gratitude towards you!” After clearly remembering the map in his brain, Chu Feng put down the arrogant attitude, bent his body towards the Monstrous Beast and paid his respects.

“Since you are able to enter this place, it means that you have some ability. I will wait here for you.” The Monstrous Beast seemed to believe Chu Feng.

“Senior, actually, I’m quite curious. What kind of treasure is hidden here?” After thinking for a while, Chu Feng spoke and asked.

“Ho...The treasure is certainly a good treasure, but I haven’t seen it yet. So boy, it’s best if you don’t keep thinking about it. Look at me. You know that the treasure isn’t easy to get.”

“If I wasn’t a smart person and if I didn’t prepare food enough for two hundred years, I’m afraid that I would have already starved to death here.” The Monstrous Beast smiled and said.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng felt quite shocked. He was shocked at the impressiveness of the Asura Ghost Tower, and he also admired the Monstrous Beast’s abilities. It prepared food that was enough for two hundred years. It could be seen that it predicted that today would happen and prepared for it.

After that, Chu Feng did not ask too much more as he turned around and walked down the Asura Ghost Tower. However, when he walked out of the Asura Ghost Tower, he was stupefied by the scene in front of him.

Chu Feng had imagined a lot of different scenes that would happen after he walked out of the Asura Ghost Tower. He imagined that people would look at him but ignore him; he also imagined that the Jie Clan members would pulled their swords and draw their bows at him; and he also imagined that the World Spirit Guild would extend an olive branch at him as well.

However, he did not expect that after he walked out of the Asura Ghost Tower, there would be an entire plaza full of people standing there. No matter if it was the people from the World Spirit Guild, or the Jie Clan members, all of them cast a single type of gaze towards him. The gazes of adoration!