Chapter 199 - Mysterious Person

MGA: Chapter 199 - Mysterious Person

“Precious treasure. What kind of precious treasure is it? Can there be Elite Armaments?”

Chu Feng endlessly rejoiced. That Asura Ghost Tower was very unordinary and the precious treasures that was sealed within it would certainly not be simple. So, Chu Feng greatly looked forward to the seventh floor.

“Elite Armaments? You also know things like those? It seems that you have had quite a few harvests within the days that I wasn’t here.” Eggy smiled, then said,

“I have no way of being sure what is sealed in it, but treasure is certain sealed in this Asura Ghost Tower. Elite Armaments aren’t impossible either.”

“But no matter what, we’ll know after we go in. Listen to my orders, lay the opening formation, and enter the seventh floor to take a look!”

“On it!”

Under Eggy’s instructions, Chu Feng started to lay the opening formation. The opening formation, like its name, was used to open all sorts of sealing or hidden formations.

“This Spirit Formation is quite impressive. Luckily it’s you, or else even Blue-cloak World Spiritists have no way of opening this Spirit Formation. I’m afraid that they would not even be able to detect it.” Eggy proudly said as she instructed Chu Feng.

“Eggy, can we successfully open it then?” After hearing that even Blue-cloak World Spiritists could not even open it, instantly, Chu Feng lost all confidence.

“Of course you can. Don't forget that this is the Asura Ghost Tower. All the power here comes from the Asura Spirit World.”

“You made a contract with me, so you count as half an Asura Spirit World person. Whether it be the Spirit Pressure or the formations here, they will not pressure you.” Eggy explained.

“Asura Spirit World?” Other than being shocked, Chu Feng was also confused.

“You idiot. Do you really think that there is only one world for us spirits? In actuality, there are seven spiritual worlds, called the Seven Spiritual Worlds.”

“Within the Seven Spiritual Worlds, many different types of World Spirits that grasp different abilities live there. Bluntly speaking, my Asura Spirit World is the strongest within the Seven Spiritual Worlds.”

“Because the Asura World Spirits are naturally prideful and would not create contracts with humans and work for them because of disdain, the number of World Spiritists that are able to create a contract with the Asura World Spirits can be said to be few within few, and rare within rare.”

“However, the World Spiritists that can establish a contract with the Asura World Spirits will certainly be a lot more outstanding that the World Spiritists of the same level. Not for any other reason, but purely because the power that they grasp is the Asura power, and their World Spirit is the Asura World Spirit.” Eggy said extremely proudly.

“If you say it like that, am I not very lucky?” Chu Feng chuckled and said.

“Hmph. You think so? You should know how many powerful World Spiritists feel honored to be able to establish a contract with Asura World Spirits, and feel proud to be able to establish a contract with Asura World Spirits.”

“But even so, Asura World Spirit contractors are extremely rare. If you let the World Spiritists who cultivated for many years know that a little child actually make a contract with me, they would really tear you apart from envy.” Eggy pursed her little mouth and said.

“So that means it is a very dangerous thing to make a contract with you and I still need to keep this a secret.” Chu Feng sighed.

“Of course. I still remember the World Spiritists who wanted to make a contract with me. Not a single one of them weren’t famous characters, yet they were all refused by me.”

“If they knew that I established a contract with a little boy like you, they would certainly be furious and unwilling, and they would instantly come over to kill you.”

“However, don’t worry. As long as you can quickly recover my original strength, there will be no one who can harm you.” Eggy patted her chest and guaranteed.

“Actually, I wanted to say that since it is so hard to establish a contract with your Asura World Spirits, the creator of this Asura Ghost Tower must not be a simple person.” Chu Feng looked at his surroundings and had that thought.

“He would certainly not be simple, but how can he even be compared to your family? They were able to seal two Asura World Spirits in your little baby body and even I cannot escape it.” As she spoke, Eggy had complaint all over her face, but from that, one could tell that Chu Feng’s family was extraordinarily strong.

*hmm* As the two were chatting, a pillar of light suddenly appeared from the opening formation. It rushed towards the top of the Asura Ghost Tower. A Spirit Formation entrance appeared there.

“Haha, success! Chu Feng, quickly enter and let me see what’s in there!” Eggy excitedly spoke and Chu Feng already moved as he leaped into the Spirit Formation.

“What is happening? How can the top of the Asura Ghost Tower give out such dazzling light?”

At the same time, the crowd outside the Asura Ghost Tower boiled because everyone could see that the top of the Asura Ghost Tower emitted a dazzling, red-coloured light and it lit up the area around it as if it was day.

“This scene happened a hundred years ago as well!” Elder Li from the World Spirit Guild was endlessly shocked.

He heard a senior say before, that a hundred years ago, a short while after the night in which the two pinnacle geniuses of the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan were defeated, change happened to the Asura Ghost Tower. The change was extremely similar to the scene in front of his eyes. It could be said to be exactly the same.

“Look! The blue light at the sixth stage disappeared! Did something happen in the Asura Ghost Tower?” Suddenly, someone yelled out.

At that very instant, everyone was incomparably curious yet they were powerless because everyone who were sitting there could not enter the sixth floor. They could only wait. Wait until Chu Feng came out before asking about the truth.

As everything outside was in chaos, Chu Feng successfully entered the seventh floor. That place was completely different from the sixth floor from before. The walls everywhere were translucent Spirit Formations, and on top of the Spirit Formations were strange symbols. The feeling that every single Spirit Formation gave Chu Feng was that they were indestructible and he could not move them no matter what.

The Spirit Formation became a road that led Chu Feng forward. But very quickly, Chu Feng arrived at the end. The end was still a Spirit Formation, but obviously, that Spirit formation was stronger. The shape was strange as well and it was like a cage.

“Ahh~~~~” Suddenly, an ear-piercing screech rang out. That voice was too strange and it frightened Chu Feng a few steps back.

At the same time, Chu Feng could see a figure arriving in front of the Spirit Formation like lightning. After seeing Chu Feng, he was so excited that his hands and feet danced as he jumped around. He even loudly said, “This is great! This is great! After one hundred years, finally, there’s a person who came to this place!”

As he looked at the person in front of him, Chu Feng had shock all over his face because that person looked quite special. Sharp ears, like some animals. A pair of blood-red eyes and a mouthful of sharp teeth. More or less, it was a bit scary.

Although,from his figure, he looked like a human, his face seemed like a monster. However, the reason why Chu Feng was shocked wasn’t because he was scared by his appearance.

That face. Wasn’t he the mysterious person who defeated the two pinnacle geniuses from the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan a hundred years ago?