Chapter 198 - Eggy Awakens

MGA: Chapter 198 - Eggy Awakens

Chu Feng rejoiced because he could feel that there was a Spirit Formation entrance above, and as long as he could decipher it correctly, perhaps he could open the mysterious Spirit Formation entrance.

“Strange. This is already the highest level so why is there a Spirit Formation entrance? So the Asura Ghost Tower originally had seven floors, or is this a Spirit Formation passage that leads to other places?”

As he rejoiced though, he also sank into deep contemplation. He felt that the Spirit Formation entrance that currently appeared above him was not simple because he was already at that place for three days yet he did not feel that Spirit Formation entrance before.

So, it could be said that the Spirit Formation entrance let itself be felt by Chu Feng and it was not felt by Chu Feng through his personal abilities. So, he had no choice but to suspect whether the Spirit Formation entrance was a trap or not.

“That’s right, Eggy! Eggy mentioned the word Asura before, so as long as she awakes, perhaps she will know the secret of this Asura Ghost Tower!”

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng was in a predicament again. Although he knew that the Spirit Fruit could save Eggy, He did not know how to specifically use it.

“Whatever, since there’s three Spirit Fruits, I’ll see if it works after eating one.”

Chu Feng did not hesitate as he picked one of the Spirit Fruits up and after a few chews, he swallowed them. It had to be said that the taste of the Spirit Fruit was quite nice. It was delicious and quenching. It even made Chu Feng think that it was the most delicious fruit that he had ever eaten.

However, he did not know the reason why he felt that the Spirit Fruit was so delicious was not because the Spirit Fruit was truly delicious, but because he hadn’t eaten a single grain of rice or drank a single drop of water in quite a long time.

However, a short while after the Spirit Fruit entered his stomach, Chu Feng felt two waves of power. One power wave entered his brain. It combined with his Spirit power and instantly, it strengthened his Spirit power by several times.

The other wave of power also surged into his brain. However, it did not meld with his Spirit power. It bore into his Spiritual World.

“It’s Eggy! It’s Eggy’s aura! This girl really did not die.”

Chu Feng got more and more excited because he felt Eggy’s aura, and she was currently absorbing the energy contained in the Spirit Fruit. Under that situation, Eggy’s aura became stronger and stronger as well. Gradually, Chu Feng could even feel that Eggy’s physical body was recondensing in his own World Spirit Space.

“This is great! This Spirit Fruit really is useful.” In response, Chu Feng quickly took another Spirit Fruit and swallowed it after a few bites.

After the Spirit Fruit entered his stomach, with a thought, Chu Feng cast his own awareness into the Spiritual World and he wanted to look at the result.


At that instant, Chu Feng could clearly see within his vast Spiritual World, a large group of dark-green gases were floating in the air.

That gas was very beautiful. It was like the bright sunlight during sunset, yet it emitted faint dark-green coloured brilliance and it was currently gathering towards the World Spirit Space.

Under that situation, the green-coloured light became less and less and very quickly, they were all engulfed and the Spiritual World returned to its former tranquility.

“What are you thinking? You’re not going to come in?” Just as Chu Feng was at a loss, a voice that was as ear-pleasing as silver bells suddenly rang out in the World Spirit Space.

“Eggy! It’s Eggy!”

Chu Feng was so excited that his body was trembling a bit. A dazzling smile was filled on his young and tender face. After he stepped into the World Spirit Space, his happy expression was intense to the extreme.

In the middle of the World Spirit Space, Eggy was standing there. It was still the black-coloured skirt weaved by black-coloured feathers. Revealing her snow-white shoulders on top, and her pen-like straight, long, beautiful legs.

Her demonic figure did not change at and she was even more captivating that before. On her sweet face was a pair of pretty eyes, and at that that instant, they curved to form two beautiful crescent moons. She was currently staring at Chu Feng while smiling.

“You are quite impressive eh? You actually got Spirit Fruits. Who told you that these things can awaken me?” Eggy giggled and asked.

However, Chu Feng did not even speak. While taking large strides and with arrow-like steps, he arrived in front of Eggy. His arms were open and he put the alluring girl into his embrace before saying, “Next time, don’t go crazy! Do you know how much I was worried about you?”

While being tightly hugged by Chu Feng, on Eggy’s white-snow face, a hint of scarlet emerged onto her face. That girl was a bit embarrassed.

However, she did not push Chu Feng away because with her cultivation, if she wanted to dodge, she could have easily dodged Chu Feng’s bearhug.

“It’s enough and you need to watch out how many small advantages you take from me. Or else, be careful as I might break you!” Eggy chuckled and said.

At that instant, Chu Feng was aware that he was slightly excessive. As he wished to continue and with unwillingness on his face, he let go of the beautiful creature in front of him, smiled, and said, “Eggy, have you heard of the Asura Ghost Tower?”

“Asura Ghost Tower? You’ve heard of the Asura Ghost Tower?” After hearing those three words, Eggy’s expression changed greatly as well.

“I haven’t only heard of it. Right now, we are in this Asura Ghost Tower!” Chu Feng replied.

“Really? Quickly go out and let me see!” After hearing those words, Eggy was instantly happy and she was so excited that she jumped up and down.

Chu Feng did not delay and with a thought, he cast his awareness back within the Asura Ghost Tower. He swept his gaze around him and let Eggy see his current environment.

“Haha, this is great! It is really the Asura Ghost Tower! Chu Feng, where is this place? Is it still within the Nine Provinces?” From Eggy’s tone, he could hear that she was getting more and more excited.

“This is the Spirit Province from the continent of the Nine Provinces. Eggy, what’s so special about this Asura Ghost Tower?” Chu Feng was also excited because he could feel that Eggy most likely knew what the Asura Ghost Tower was.

“I never would have thought that the Nine Provinces had the Asura Ghost Tower. It seems that this is not a simple place. At least, in order to leave something like this behind, there must have been an extremely powerful World Spiritist here once.”

“Chu Feng, you want to know what this Asura Ghost Tower is used for? This tower is a sealing formation.”

“However, what it is sealing is not some terrifying monster. It is sealing extremely precious treasures!” Eggy explained.

“Precious treasures? Where?” Chu Feng excitedly asked.

“Which floor is this?”

“The sixth floor!”

“That isn’t right. It would be impossible for the Asura Ghost Tower to only have six floors. An Asura Ghost Tower has to have at least seven floors. Look up. There should be a Spirit Formation entrance there.”

“That’s right, there is indeed a Spirit Formation entrance above us. So that means that there really is a seventh floor in this Asura Ghost Tower?”

“Of course, if I’m not mistaken, the precious treasure that is sealed within this Asura Ghost Tower is above!”