Chapter 197 - The Seventh Floor

MGA: Chapter 197 - The Seventh Floor

“Indeed, the Spirit Pressure here can quicken the grown and nourishment of the Spirit Fruit seeds. It looks like there is hope to save Eggy.” Chu Feng sat cross-legged on the sixth floor while looking at the Spirit Fruit seeds that were currently changing in his palm. He was unusually joyful in his heart.

Because at that instant, the Spirit Fruit seeds already had huge differences from when it started. Chu Feng could feel the strong power contained within it and it was still increasing.

After seeing the hope, Chu Feng also had a goal. However, it still required quite a bit of time for the three Spirit Fruit seeds to grow a ripened Spirit Fruit.

Within the Asura Ghost Tower, although the amount of floors one climbed was used to determine one’s Spirit power strength and their talent as well, however, the length that one stayed in the Asura Ghost Tower was also another way of method to determine it.

On the evening of the exam, many people could not tolerate with it anymore. The Spirit Fruit seeds from the hands of those who ran out from the first floor did not have any changes.

After the first day, almost everyone from the first floor and the second floor left. Most of the Spirit Fruit seeds that the people had in their hands sprouted. Some even had branches and leaves. The prices of those Spirit Fruit seeds were raised by quite a bit. Of course, most of them proved their strength.

On the second day, the people from the third floor all came down as well. When the people from the World Spirit Guild came down, they were immediately called to the palace.

Because no matter if it were the Jie Clan members or the World Spirit Guild elders, they wanted to know the identity of the third person who stepped onto the fourth floor was.

“You’re saying that the third person who went onto the fourth floor wasn’t from my World Spirit Guild nor someone from the Jie Clan? It was an outsider?” Elder Li from the World Spirit Guild was very shocked after getting that answer.

“Do you know where that child came from and what his name is?” Elder Li continued asking.

“He is called Chu Feng. Although we don’t know where he came from, he took quite a bit of care of our World Spirit Guild.”

“On the third floor, the Jie Clan activated a Formless Formation and they wanted to suppress us and prevent us from continuing upwards. If Chu Feng didn’t help us, I’m afraid that it would be very difficult for us to come out there alive.” A young female fiercely replied, and as she spoke, she even ferociously glared at the three Jie Clan elders.

“Nonsense! Right now, the heavily injured people are my Jie Clan members, yet you still dare to falsely accuse them?” But before even Elder Li could speak, the elder from the Jie Clan was furious.

“What really happened will naturally be investigated by my World Spirit Guild after the exam is over. However, I am more concerned how long the three people in the tower can stay for, and whether anyone can get a ripe Spirit Fruit.” As Elder Li spoke, he cast his gaze towards the Asura Ghost Tower.

“Hmph.” The Jie Clan elders did not speak after a cold snort. After all, what they were concerned about was also how long the three of them could preserve in the tower, and the identities of those who were on the fourth floor, the fifth floor, and the top.

On the third day, the blue light on the fourth floor started to move. After a while, the entrance to the Asura Ghost Tower that was undisturbed for a full day finally started to ripple.

At that instant, everyone’s gaze were gathered there. They felt that the person who stayed on the fourth floor for three days could very possibly be that Chu Feng.

Although he was not part of the World Spirit Guild nor part of the Jie Clan, they still wanted to know Chu Feng’s appearance. After all, those who were able to step onto the fourth floor could be added into the ranks of geniuses.

*hmm* However, when a person walked out after the Spirit Formation rippled, everyone couldn’t help but be astounded. Especially the three Jie Clan elders. They were dumbstruck and shock filled their faces.

Because at that very instant, the person who walked out of the Asura Ghost Tower was not Chu Feng, nor was it Gu Bo. It was the person who the Jie Clan confidently thought stepped onto the top, Jie Bufan.

“How did this happen? It’s my clan’s young master Jie Bufan! He has the Armor of Thorns so how can he only climb up to the fourth floor?” The faces of the Jie Clan members were like ash and some could not accept that fact.

Jie Bufan’s face was extremely ugly as well. Without speaking much, he quickly walked away because he couldn’t tell others that he was threatened by Chu Feng to only remain on the fourth floor. After all, if he said that, not only would he lose his own face, he would lose the face of the Jie Clan.

“Elders, it seems like your clan foundation treasure isn’t all that useful! Haha...” The elders from the World Spirit Guild were in an extremely good mood.

“You...” The Jie Clan elders face turned ashen from anger. Originally, they wanted to refute, but at the end, they did not say anything. After all, earlier, they did indeed speak too confidently. They were getting slapped on the face but they could not avoid it.

However, in the afternoon on the third day, the blue dot on the fifth floor moved and disappeared. At the end, after walking out of the Asura Ghost Tower, the faces from the World Spirit Guild were complicated and even the Jie Clan were endlessly shocked.

Because Gu Bo’s appearance told everyone the answer. The person at the peak was neither from the Jie Clan nor from the World Spirit Guild. It was a young man called Chu Feng.

“He really succeeded!”

As Gu Bo stood under the tower and looked up, he saw the blue light on the sixth floor. His heart were like overturning rivers and oceans. Although he had already seen Chu Feng’s extraordinariness, when Chu Feng really actually successfully reached the peak, he still had unspeakable excitement.

“Gu Bo.” Suddenly, a voice rang out from behind and after looking back, Gu Bo couldn’t help but be shocked. It was the peak expert of the World Spirit Guild, Elder Li.

“Elder Li, why have you come down?” Gu Bo asked with astonishment.

“Ho.. You’ve seen that Chu Feng?” Elder Li smiled and asked.

“He is indeed outstanding. He was able to not be affected by the Spirit Pressure when he was on the fifth floor. However, I never would have thought that he was truly able to reach the top.” Gu Bo replied.

“Mm. He is indeed outstanding and most likely, he is another quite impressive person!” Elder Li nodded, then meaningfully looked at the sixth floor.

“Elder Li, it’s just that Chu Feng has some past history with the Jie Clan...”

“No need to speak. No matter what, my World Spirit Guild will protect this Chu Feng. This character must be roped into my World Spirit Guild.” Elder Li waved his hand then walked towards the palace. Finally, a relieved smile also surged onto Gu Bo’s face.

At the same time, Chu Feng who was on the sixth floor already stood up. As he looked at the three dark-green Spirit Fruits in his palm, indescribable excitement was in his heart. He could feel the strong energy that the three Spirit Fruits contained. If the Spirit Fruit really did work, then it would certainly save Eggy.

“This feeling.” But suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly. He detected something and felt a trace of abnormality.

He hurriedly stood up, took out the World Spirit Compass, and imbued it with Spirit power. After that, all of the World Spirit Compass’s pointers pointed up.

After Chu Feng used his Spirit power to observe in detail, his eyes couldn’t help but light up as he shockingly said, “Is there a seventh floor?”