Chapter 196 - Arriving at the Peak

MGA: Chapter 196 - Arriving at the Peak

“Elite Armaments. There is actually such a thing in the world.”

Chu Feng admired it a bit because even his White Tiger Slaughtering Technique had no way of breaking the Armor of Thorns on Jie Bufan’s body. It could be seen how exceptional his Elite Armament was.

“Elite Armaments are extremely precious. The Jie Clan only has one and it is their clan foundation treasure.”

“Jie Bufan doesn’t have sufficient cultivation so he could only use the Elite Armament to protect himself. However, if it landed into his elder brother's hands, the Armor of Thorns would not only be a simple protective tool. It would be an extremely powerful killing weapon.”

“Jie Bufan’s elder brother is quite impressive, and he is the future clan head for the Jie Clan. His cultivation is already at the peak of the Profound realm, and he is hoping to rush into the Heaven realm in the next few years. Even my World Spirit Guild’s elders fear him quite a bit.”

“Also, since Jie Bufran’s elder brother is willing to lend the clan foundation treasure to Jie Bufan, it could be seen that he really loves Jie Bufan so it is best to not harm him.” Gu Bo continued reminding.

“Thank you for your reminder.” Chu Feng finally knew why Gu Bo would look at him with that eye expression just now. It was because Jie Bufan’s background was quite scary.

“But don’t worry. This time, the reason why you attacked was for my World Spirit Guild so we will do everything we can to protect you.” Gu Bo solemn vowed and promised.

“Heh...” Chu Feng lightly smiled and did not reply. They continued forward. The passage to the fifth floor was different than the other passages. Before even arriving, they could feel that the Spirit Pressure was increasing in strength.

After the two of them passed the Spirit Formation entrance to the fifth floor and truly entered the fifth floor, Gu Bo’s face instantly changed greatly and even breathing became difficult.

“Gu Bo bro, are you okay?” Seeing that, Chu Feng quickly supported Gu Bo.

“Chu Feng bro, you are too impressive. You can remain so relaxed even on the fifth floor.” Gu Bo first exhaled deeply, then looked at Chu Feng who still had the same face as usual. He couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh, then said, “Chu Feng bro, my talent is limited and the fifth floor is my limit. I cannot continue with you onwards.”

“Gu Bo bro, take care!” Chu Feng did not waste any words, and after supporting Gu Bo down, he continued to walk towards the sixth floor.

“Chu Feng bro, in reality, there are uncountable amount of people who can enter the fifth floor in my World Spirit Guild. However, not a single person within a hundred years stepped onto the sixth floor.”

“After all, no one knows how strong the Spirit Pressure is at the sixth floor. However, the obstacles towards the sixth floor gets more and more difficult after each one. Many seniors have paid huge prices before, and some even lost their lives.”

“Your Spirit power is extremely strong, but you still need to be careful. I hope that you can succeed and become the first person to enter the sixth floor in a hundred years.” Gu Bo had expectations all over his face because Chu Feng was the person who had the most hope to enter the sixth floor.

“Gu Bo bro, don’t worry. I, Chu Feng, will do my best, but I won’t force it.” Chu Feng smiled then walked towards the direction of the sixth floor.

“Two people entered the fifth floor at the same time! It must be Gu Bo and Jie Bufan. It must be those two.” At the same time, outside of the Asura Ghost Tower, cheers were everywhere.

No matter if it were the people from the Jie Clan or the people from the World Spirit Guild, both of them were very happy because the two faint blue lights told them that two people stepped onto the fifth floor. So, they could guess that those two people would certainly be their geniuses, Gu Bo and Jie Bufan.

“Look, a person disappeared! Where did he go? He didn’t return to the fourth floor because he couldn’t endure the Spirit Pressure from the fifth floor right?”

“Impossible. The direction he is going isn’t the direction towards the fourth floor. That’s.. the sixth floor! Someone is going to challenge the sixth floor!”

“Heavens, there finally someone who will challenge the sixth floor? Challenge the sixth floor that no one has ascended to in a hundred years?”

“Who is that? Is it Jie Bufan or Gu bo?”

At that instant, yells of surprised sounded from the crowd and the people from both sides could not remain calm. Even the six elders had their gazes tightly locked on the sixth floor.

But very quickly, the yells quieted down and at the end, the entire plaza was silent. The longer the blue light disappeared for, the stronger the person who was challenging the sixth floor was. He did not shrink back and he was continuing the climb.

At that instant, everyone stopped breathing and it was so tranquil that people could hear heartbeats and their tense breathing. Everyone’s gaze stared without blinking at the sixth floor.

They looked forward to it. They looked forward to someone being able to step onto the sixth floor because a hundred years ago, after the two pinnacle geniuses of the Jie Clan and the World Spirit Guild entered the sixth floor, no one else was able to successfully go onto the sixth floor.

The sixth floor because a legend. It became an unbreakable legend. No matter if it was the Jie Clan or the World Spirit Guild, both of them hoped that someone could break that legend.

“Look! It’s a blue light! Blue light appeared on the sixth floor! He succeeded! He successfully stepped onto the sixth floor!” Suddenly, someone surprisingly yelled out and they were so excited that their hands and feet were dancing.

“Heavens! He actually succeeded! Someone successfully arrived at the top!!”

“Who is that person? Is it Gu Bo from my World Spirit Guild or Jie Bufan from the Jie Clan?”

After that, cheers rang out everywhere and the entire plaza were boiled. Everyone was so happy that they didn’t know what to do. Some people from the World Spirit Guild and some Jie Clan members were even hugging each other.

Even the six elders above the palace were so excited that their bodies trembled. Unspeakable joy emerged onto their faces.

“A hundred years. After a hundred years, someone finally arrived there.”

The elders from the World Spirit Guild said with a quivering voice because that represented that another the birth of another peak-level genius. To be able to step onto the sixth floor meant that they were a peak-level genius. Even if they weren’t in terms of cultivation, they would certainly have good attainments of Spirit Formation techniques.

“Elder Li, Who do you think stepped onto the sixth floor? Gu Bo from your World Spirit Guild, or Jie Bufan from my Jie Clan?”

“Ho...No matter who it is, it still means that a rare genius has appeared. An outstanding World Spiritist will very possibly be born today. This is a great thing for the Spirit Province.” The Elder Li from the World Spirit Guild smiled and replied.

“Indeed, it is a good thing for the Spirit Province, however, it isn’t anything good for your World Spirit Guild.” That elder smiled.

“What do you mean?” After hearing those words, the three elders from the World Spirit Guild were all extremely displeased.

“Because the one who ascended to the peak will not be Gu Bo of your World Spirit Guild. It will certainly be Jie Bufan from my Jie Clan.” That elder had confidence written all over his face.

“Hmph, truly arrogant and conceited. Jie Bufan’s aptitude is indeed not bad, but my guild’s Gu Bo is no worse than him. On what basis do you make such a conclusion?” Elder Li coldly snorted and he was extremely dissatisfied.

“On what basis? On the basis that Jie Bufan is wearing my clan’s foundation treasure, the Armor of Thorns.” That elder coldly smiled and said.

“What? Jie Bufan is wearing the Armor of Thorns?” At that very instant, the elders from the World Spirit Guild were all shocked. Following that, disappointment emerged onto their faces.

The Armor of Thorns was a Elite Armament and it was passed down by the ancestors of the Jie Clan. Indeed, that Elite Armaments did have endless abilities, and perhaps it could really reduce the degree of Spirit Pressure on Jie Bufan for him to enter the sixth floor. His World Spirit Guild did not have a Elite Armament like that.

However, as the two great powers were debating who the person on the sixth floor was, Chu Feng already sat cross-legged and smiled while looking at the three Spirit Fruit seeds that were currently changing.

The Spirit Fruit seeds needed to be fed with Spirit Pressure. Although it would have some change on every floor, it needed a certain amount of time. At that instant, the three seeds in Chu Feng’s hand was growing extremely quickly. It already grew branches and leaves, and flowers blossomed. The reason why it grew so quickly was because Chu Feng was located at the top of the Asura Ghost Tower, the sixth floor.