Chapter 195 - Elite Armaments

MGA: Chapter 195 - Elite Armaments

*roar* Just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly extended his finger. Following that, an indescribably powerful aura came out from Chu Feng’s finger.

At that instant, a roar rang out as if the most fierce monster in the world started its more terrifying attack. That aura broke through the air and it even whined and split. A black-coloured line followed it, like the stripes on a tiger.

“False bravado.” Jie Bufan waved the Cold Iron sword in his hand and chopped at the aura that pounced towards him. He wanted to use his unbreakably hard Cold Iron sword to block Chu Feng’s attack.

*clang* However, when the aura and the Cold Iron sword collided, sparks flew everywhere then a ear-piercing noise resounded. Jie Bufan’s unbreakably hard Cold Iron sword was split into two.

The more terrifying thing was after the aura split the Cold Iron sword, it did not stop and it fiercely slammed against Jie Bufan’s protective Spirit Formation.

*bang* A huge boom sounded out and Jie Bufan flew over and ferociously crashed into the wall of the Asura Ghost Tower. The strong force shook the entire fourth floor. Even people outside of the tower could clearly see the slight trembling of the Asura Ghost Tower

“Lord elders!” At that instant, no matter if it were the people from the Jie Clan or from the World Spirit Guild, they couldn’t help but cast their gaze towards the six elders.

That tremble did not happen before, but everyone could subconsciously associate that something must have happened in the Asura Ghost Tower. They only needed to recall that their own geniuses were within the tower in order to want to immediately rush in and investigate what happened. Currently, they were only waiting for the orders of the six elders.

Of course, even the subordinates were aware that something was wrong, so how could the six elders that represented the Jie Clan and the World Spirit Guild not be aware of something like that?

However, looking at the changing blue lights on the fourth floor, they could tell that two people were fighting and one person was watching. The tremble just now was very possibly created by the battle of the two people. However, what kind of attack could make the Asura Ghost Tower shake?

After thinking for a while, the representative elders for both sides looked at each other but they did not send the order to rush into the Asura Ghost Tower. They just waved their hands to indicate the people to calm down.

At the same time, on the fourth floor of the Asura Ghost Tower, Gu Bo was still standing there but he was already dumbstruck at that moment. His face was full of astonishment as he stared at Jie Bufan who sat in the corner of the wall and he was deeply shocked by the scene that happened just now.

At that very instant, Jie Bufan’s protective Spirit Formation was still there and it became a blood-red colour. There were even layers of steam as if it transformed and they could even see the patterns. It looked like armor, and a Spirit Formation armor protected Jie Bufan.

However, even with the protective Spirit Formation and the Elite Armament blocking Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, at that instant, Jie Bufan was not all that well.

His face was pale-white and his aura was a bit weak. Blood was slowly flowing out from the corner of his mouth and his gaze was filled with great surprise and terror. He blankly stared at Chu Feng and said, “Who are you?”

“I am the person who will end your exam.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and slowly walked towards Jie Bufan.

Although his White Tiger Slaughtering Technique could not destroy the Elite Armament on Jie Bufan’s body, it could still injure him so as long as Chu Feng continued to attack, he could still take away Jie Bufan’s life.

“What are you planning to do? If you dare to do anything to me, my Jie Clan will not forgive you. My elder brother will not forgive you.”

Jie Bufan was a bit terrified. The young man in front of him was truly too scary. He displayed all sorts of methods that he had never seen before. Especially the previous attack. Even the most valuable treasure of the Jie Clan, the Elite Armament, Armor of Thorns, could not protect him.

The pain from his body told him that he did not want to endure another terrifying attack like before. He was really afraid that the Armor of Thorns would not protect him and he would die there just like that.

“Even if I don’t do anything to you, will your Jie Clan let me go?” Chu Feng still continued forward.

“Chu Feng bro, spare him.” Just at that time, Gu Bo spoke. From the expressions in his eyes, he hiddenly indicated not to attack Jie Bufan anymore.

Naturally, Chu Feng understood in his heart so he did not continue his attacks. He only pointed at Jie Bufan and said, “Obediently stay on the fourth floor. If you dare to come onto the fifth floor, I will not let you go back down.”

After speaking those words, Chu Feng walked towards the fifth floor. Gu Bo also followed him, and as for Jie Bufan, he did not refute. After experiencing Chu Feng insanity, he already knew that Chu Feng was a madman. Within the Asura Ghost Tower, he had to be careful of that madman.

Chu Feng’s Spirit power was very strong and his body was very special. Although he could feel the strength of the Spirit Pressure in the Asura Ghost Tower, he was not affected by it and he walked normally.

As for Gu Bo, he was not simple as well. Although the Spirit Pressure on the fourth floor could restrain him, it was still within his endurable range so the fifth floor was also his target.

As they passed through many passages towards the fifth floor, there were many small obstructions. They were even more difficult than the passages to the fourth floor, However, Chu Feng and Gu Bo could dispel them.

“Chu Feng bro, what method did you just use? It was actually able to force the Elite Armament back to its original shape.” Gu Bo curiously asked. He was unable to forget the might that Chu Feng displayed earlier. It was simply a slaughtering method that had unstoppable might.

“I also don’t know what it is and I just learnt it by chance.” Chu Feng lightly smiled. Although he had quite a good impression on Gu Bo, they were still not that familiar so naturally, Chu Feng would not talk about the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. Secret Skills were something that could attract fire on one’s body.

“That’s right. You said that Jie Bufan had a Elite Armament on his body. What are Elite Armaments?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng bro, you don’t know what Elite Armaments are?” After hearing Chu Feng’s question, Gu Bo was a bit surprised.

Chu Feng shook his head while smiling because he really did not know what Elite Armaments were. However, just by looking at Gu Bo’s expression, he knew that they were quite impressive things.

“Elite Armaments are extremely precious treasures and they can be described with the world priceless because they contain extremely powerful formations within them and they can display extremely strong power.”

“It is a type of power that cannot even be compared by martial skills. If someone at the peak of the Profound realm could fully use the power of the Elite Armament, even Heaven realm experts would have to avoid the blade.” Gu Bo explained.