Chapter 194 - White Tiger Slaughtering Technique

MGA: Chapter 194 - White Tiger Slaughtering Technique

“This guy is really quite strong. The martial skills and treasures that he has are too mysterious. If it wasn’t for this Spirit Pressure on the fourth floor that greatly restricted his strength, I’m afraid that I would not be able to beat him with my cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm.”

Chu Feng was aware of Jie Bufan’s strength. From his estimations, Jie Bufan’s current strength was not his real strength. Under the pressure of the Spirit Pressure, at most, he was using the strength of the 6th level of the Origin realm. As for Chu Feng, he was strangely not affected and he could use his full strength

So, Chu Feng felt that if the two of them left that area and normally fought, even if he used the power of the golden-coloured lightning and raised his cultivation to the 2nd level of the Origin realm, he still might not be able to beat Jie Bufan.

After all, he had a lot of treasures on him. At that moment, he only took out the Cold Iron sword and he still did not know where the treasure that was creating the Spirit Formation was located at. Other than those, Chu Feng really did not know what other treasures Jie Bufan had.

For a moment, Chu Feng had all sorts of admiration towards Jie Bufan. Although he also had some methods himself, those were all fought for with his life. He did not even have a single special treasure.

So, more or less, Chu Feng admired the people who were born into a wealthy family. After all, to them, their family’s foundation was thick and they had uncountable resources. As long as they had unordinary talent and gained the good impressions of the elders in their clan, it was the simplest thing to do to gain treasures and resources.

*whoosh* Suddenly, a blue light flashed past Chu Feng’s left arm. As he was caught off guard, he got struck.

“Dammit.” Feeling the fiery feeling from his left arm, Chu Feng knew that he was injured. Although it was not very serious and it was only some injury on the surface, he was still injured.

“Hmph. This is just the beginning. Very quickly, you will fall under my sword.” After succeeding with in one strike, Jie Bufan got even more stronger and he insanely attacked Chu Feng once again.

“Do you truly believe you can defeat me?”

After being struck by a sword, Chu Feng was also enraged. He revolved his Origin power under his feet and a white-coloured light appeared. After that light appeared, Chu Feng instantly disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already behind Jie Bufan.

“This guy is fast!”

“What kind of martial skill is that? It is so mysterious!”

At that instant, no matter if it was Jie Bufan who was fighting with Chu Feng or Gu Bo who was looking at the battle on the side, both of their eyes lit up and their expression changed greatly.

They could tell that Chu Feng displayed quite a mysterious martial skill. It was completely different from the lightning that was under his feet earlier. This time, the light that appeared under his feet was clearly quicker and even several times so.

If it was said that the lightning that raised Chu Feng up was already a uncommon, mysterious bodily martial skill; then at that instant, what Chu Feng displayed was an extremely rare bodily martial skill. If it was said that Chu Feng used a rank 5 bodily martial skill before, then at that moment, what Chu Feng was using was a rank 6 martial skill and it was a very strong one.

“Chu Feng can use a rank 6 martial skill? Where did he come from?”

Gu Bo was endlessly shocked in his heart. Not everyone could cultivate a rank 6 martial skill even within his World Spirit Guild as the cultivation difficulty was extremely high. However, at that instant, what Chu Feng was using was clearly a rank 6 martial skill, and that proved two points.

Firstly. To be able to have a rank 6 martial skill to cultivate meant that Chu Feng had a very deep background or else he would not have been able to cultivate such an excellent martial skill.

Secondly. Chu Feng having the chance to cultivate a rank 6 martial skill was one thing, but actually being able to use a rank 6 martial skill was another. It was unable to be done by just anyone and that displayed Chu Feng’s exceptionality even more.

Those two points made Gu Bo and Jie Bufan quite astonished. In addition to seeing that Chu Feng was not affected by the Formless Formation nor by the Spirit Pressure, and also not being defeated as he fought someone at the 7th level of the Origin realm while being at the 1st level of the Origin realm, that meant a single truth. Chu Feng was a genius. A true genius. A genius that had even higher talent than the both of them.

Everything that Chu Feng displayed shocked the hearts of the two people. However, if they knew that what Chu Feng was displaying was not a rank 6 bodily martial skill, but a rank 7 bodily martial skill, who knew how they would react.

“I do not believe that I cannot break your protective Spirit Formation.” After dodging Jie Bufan’s attack, a golden-coloured longbow condensed within Chu Feng’s hands as he used the highest obscure meanings behind the Bow of Hundred Transformations.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* Chu Feng’s right hand was lightning as it endlessly pulled. Countless golden-coloured arrows were like a storm as they densely flew towards Jie Bufan’s Spirit Formation.

*clang clang clang clang* Jie Bufan waved the Cold Iron sword in his hand to block the rainy arrows that filled the sky. However, it was in vain as he could not block them all. Luckily, he had the protective Spirit Formation or else he would have already become a sieve.

“It’s useless. My protective Spirit Formation is the clan foundation treasure of my Jie Clan. The Elite Armament that my elder brother lent me.”

“With it protecting me, not to mention you, even those at the Profound realm should not even think of harming a single strand of my hair.” Jie Bufan smugly said.

“The clan foundation treasure? The Elite Armament, the Armor of Thorns?” After hearing Jie Bufan’s words, Gu Bo was greatly shocked because he knew what kind of character Jie Bufan’s elder brother was.

If Jie Bufan was a person within the young generation of the Jie Clan, then Jie Bufan’s elder brother would be the number one genius within the young generation. He was the most outstanding genius within the Jie Clan and the representative of the Jie Clan’s young generation.

He entered the Profound realm at the age of seventeen, and he was twenty-three years old this year. He already entered the peak of the Profound realm and he was able to be matched with the old generation. Even the peak of the World Spirit Guild had some fear towards Jie Bufan’s elder brother.

Exactly because Jie Bufan’s elder brother had excellent talent, he was already hiddenly selected to be the future clan head of the Jie Clan. So, he gained the clan foundation treasure of the Jie Clan. A Elite Armament, the Armor of Thorns.

It was unexpected that Jie Bufan’s elder brother would lend the Elite Armament to Jie Bufan. With that, even those at the Profound realm had no way of harming Jie Bufan, not to mention Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng bro, don’t mess around with him anymore. The Armor of Thorns is a Elite Armament and it is not something that you can break.” Gu Bo quickly advised Chu Feng as he was aware that something was wrong.

“Hmph. Can’t be broken? Let’s see if it can truly not be broken!”

After hearing Gu Bo say those words, Chu Feng became even more unyielding. He put away his Bow of Hundred Transformations, and with a thought, the atmosphere of his entire person became completely different.

*waa* Suddenly, a roar of a tiger rang out in the air. A wave of pressure descended from the heavens and the strong force shook the entire fourth floor

“This..What is this pressure?”

As he felt the difference, Gu Bo’s face greatly changed because he could feel that the pressure came from Chu Feng’s body. However, he only felt that pressure before on people at the Profound realm. Chu Feng was only at the 1st level of the Origin realm, so how could he be emitting that?