Chapter 193 - Battling Jie Bufan

MGA: Chapter 193 - Battling Jie Bufan

Red light surged and lingered on the Asura Ghost Tower. However, the faint blue lights that were on the first, second, and third floor were more eye-grabbing because that represented the number of people who participated in the exam.

However, the exam already happened for a period of time, but up until that moment, there was no blue light on the four floor. It meant that there was no one who entered the fourth floor. That caused the three elders from the World Spirit Guild and the three elders from the Jie Clan to frown tightly.

“What happened in the tower?”

Those were the guesses of the two groups of people. As they guessed, the couldn’t help but stare at each other with gazes of great bitterness and deep hatred, as if saying if your young generation dared to do anything to my young generation, I would certainly not forgive you.

“Look, someone went onto the fourth floor!” Suddenly, someone yelled out loud.

Although his yell did not seem to be important, everyone’s expression changed greatly and they quickly locked their gazes onto the fourth floor. After seeing the moving blue light on the fourth floor, the elders from the two powers couldn’t help but exhale deeply in relaxation.

Although the Spirit Pressure in the Asura Ghost Tower was very strong, as their young generation, if they couldn’t even go onto the fourth stage, they would indeed become the laughingstock of people. At that moment, someone finally stepped onto the fourth stage so naturally, they felt relieved.

However, at the same time they were relieved, they were also curious. At that very instant, there was only one person on the fourth stage. Was it Gu Bo from the World Spirit Guild, or Jie Bufan from the Jie Clan? That was the biggest question.

“Look, another person went on!” Suddenly, another person loudly yelled again.

Indeed, another blue light appeared on the fourth stage. At that instant, no matter if it was the people from the Jie Clan or the people from the World Spirit Guild, they all rejoiced. Slight happiness even surged onto the faces of the six elders who had unfathomably deep strength.

Within the people in that exam, there were only two people who could step onto the fourth floor. One was Gu Bo, the other one was Jie Bufan. At that moment, since there were two blue lights that appeared, naturally, everyone would think of those two people.

It meant that no matter if it was the young generation from the World Spirit Guild or the young generation from the Jie Clan, both of them stepped onto the fourth stage. At least they didn’t lose any face and they were not inferior to one another. That was why both sides were very at ease.

“Heavens! Another person went up!” But just at that time, another person shouted in surprise.

Indeed, on the fourth floor, another faint, blue light appeared there. At that instant, everyone from the Jie Clan and the World Spirit Guild lit up their eyes.

“Another person went up? Who would that be?”

Whether it was the three elders from the Jie Clan or the three elders from the World Spirit Guild, they were guessing who that third person was. After all, within their impressions, there was only Jie Bufan and Gu Bo who could step onto the fourth stage within the young generations who entered the exam. They truly could not think of the third person.

“Damn brat, you really did dare to come up.”

At the same time, on the fourth floor of the Asura Ghost Tower, Jie Bufan was facing both Chu Feng and Gu Bo. At that instant, it was as though he was a completely new person and the atmosphere he gave off was entirely different from when he was on the third floor.

The aura of the 7th level of the Origin realm was truly being displayed. Origin power was lingering around him and it was endlessly surging. Even the air whined.

“I think you’ve gotten the situation wrong. It’s not that I’m coming up, it’s that you escaped up. What? Not escaping anymore? You can’t go onto the fifth floor right?” Chu Feng sneered and said.

“You eloquent brat, you’ll have it coming soon.”

“Gu Bo, this is a personal grudge between me and this person. Can you not interfere?” Jie Bufan did not directly attack and he cast his gaze towards Gu Bo. Although his cultivation was no longer restricted after arriving on the fourth floor, Gu Bo was the same as well.

“Jie Bufan, Chu Feng bro is a friend of my World Spirit Guild. If you want to take care of him, that means you have to take care of me.”

“This isn’t a personal grudge. It is a grudge between my World Spirit Guild and your Jie Clan. Do you think it’s possible for me to only watch with my hands folded away?” Gu Bo lightly smiled and said.

“You...” Jie Bufan was extremely furious. He still had some certainty if he only needed to take care of Chu Feng himself. However, if he also needed to take care of Gu Bo in addition to Chu Feng, he really did not have any confidence.

“Gu Bo bro, you don’t need to help out. I would quite like to see what kind of methods this genius of the Jie Clan has.”

However, Chu Feng waved his hand at Gu Bo, indicating him to not help out. After that, he clenched one of his palm and a golden-coloured pike appeared in his hand. He leaped toward and dashed towards Jie Bufan.

“A bit of nerves.” Seeing that Chu Feng was directly attacking him, Jie Bufan did not avoid nor dodge it. With a flash from the Cosmos Sack on his waist, a blue-coloured longsword appeared within his hand.

That sword was extremely beautiful as if it was made by cold ice. Tiny bits of radiance were given off from the sparkling and translucent sword yet it emitted a feeling of it being unable to be broken. Faint gas lingered around the edge of the sword. Before even nearing, one could feel the bone-piercing coldness. It was a special weapon created by Cold Iron, a Cold Iron sword that was above blades made out of Blackened-gold.

*whoosh whoosh*

That sword was quite a treasure and Jie Bufan’s sword techniques were impressive as well. He used a rank 5 martial skill and the edge of the sword disappeared but reappeared randomly. When the Cold Iron sword was within his hands, its strength was truly displayed as it endlessly attacked Chu Feng fiercely.

*swoosh swoosh*

However, Chu Feng did not just take those attacks. The cold glare first arrived, then he sent out the pike like a dragon. At that very instant, the golden-coloured pike was a golden-coloured dragon. Its attacks were fierce and as it swept, it was like the wind. It was even stronger than Jie Bufan’s attacks.

*clang clang clang clang*

The two fought together and no one defended. What they used were the most fierce attacks, and under those attacks, Chu Feng clearly gained the advantage. There were quite a few times that he stabbed the golden-coloured pike towards Jie Bufan’s body.

However, it was useless. Jie Bufan had the strong Spirit Formation to protect his body and that Spirit Formation was created by a special type of treasure. It was extremely exceptional so even if Chu Feng could hit Jie Bufan, he could not harm him.

From that, Jie Bufan gained a greater superiority as he did not need to be afraid of Chu Feng’s attacks but he could still attack Chu Feng as though he was playing around with his life. He would not be injured, but as long as he could hit Chu Feng, Chu Feng would lose to him.

“Damn brat, you dare to break the rules of this exam and force my Jie Clan out. Even if you leave this tower, you will have trouble in escaping death, so I, Jie Bufan, will sent you on a journey right now.”

Jie Bufan’s attacks got more and fiercer and the Cold Iron sword in his hand became more and more tricky. In addition, he used a mysterious bodily martial skill so he was not inferior to Chu Feng in terms of speed. In an instant, from being disadvantaged, he gained the advantage.