Chapter 192 - I'll Send You Off

MGA: Chapter 192 - I'll Send You Off

“Who are you?” After seeing Chu Feng, everyone was greatly shocked.

The Spirit Pressure on the third floor was extremely strong, and after activating the double Formless Formations, those at the 5th level of the Origin realm and the 6th level of the Origin realm were pressured to lay on the floor and it was hard for them to get up.

Even Gu Bo and Jie Bufan, the two peak-level geniuses were greatly affected and they could not continue forward towards the tunnel to the fourth floor. They could only wait there. However, Chu Feng was not affected at all and it shocked people too much.

However, at the same time that they were shocked, everyone prepared themselves as if a great enemy was approaching. After all, at that moment, most of them could not even protect themselves and they were forcibly enduring at that place. At that instant, when a person like Chu Feng appeared, it was threatening them greatly.

“I am a friend of yours. I am entrusted by Maqiang to come and help you.” Seeming to feel the fear of the crowd, Chu Feng kindly smiled at Gu Bo and the others.

Those who had Spirit power would not have weak observation power. Especially when every single person on scene had extremely strong Spirit power, from Chu Feng’s tone, they could feel that he did not seem to be lying and he seemed to be there to help them.

At that instant, the people from the World Spirit Guild were as if a huge burden was released and they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, and when Chu Feng said the following words, They instantly rejoiced.

Chu Feng looked at Jie Bufan and the other Jie Clan members and said, “As for you, all of you are my enemies and I’m afraid that I cannot let you pass this exam.”

“Rubbish! Who do you think you are!”

A Jie Clan member who was at the 6th level of the Origin realm tried to climb up while using all his power. He had thoughts of attacking Chu Feng.


Him, who could not even protect himself, was kicked by Chu Feng’s raised foot. He flew for several meters, collided with a wall, and lost consciousness.

“Bastard! Who are you! You dare to attack my Jie Clan?!”

Seeing that, Jie Bufan’s face uselessly changed greatly but he did not attack. From Chu Feng’s first kick, he could tell that Chu Feng’s strength did not allow for any underestimations. At least, the current him might not be able to beat Chu Feng.

“I am the person who will finish this exam for you.” Chu Feng lightly smiled but didn’t attack anyone else. He only stole the protective talisman from one of the people, then extended his hand towards the other Jie Clan members.

At that instant, the Jie Clan members did not even have the strength to tie up a chicken and they were helpless against Chu Feng’s plundering. At the end, they could only stare as they let Chu Feng take all the protective talisman from their bodies.

“What are you planning to do?” Jie Bufan panicked. He had a bad premonition while looking at the large bundle of protective talisman within Chu Feng’s hand.

“Nothing much, just sending you off.” Chu Feng chuckled then suddenly clenched his hand. The dozens of protective talisman were pinched into pieces, and at the same time, a strange wave was also sent out.

“You bastard!!” At that instant, Jie Bufan was enraged. He could not remain calm anymore. He stood up, emanated his aura of the 7th level of the Origin realm and pressed it towards Chu Feng.

“Mm, there’s still you!” Chu Feng did not even put the pressure within his eyes and he only opened both of his hands and grabbed towards Jie Bufan’s Cosmos Sack.

Chu Feng was not planning on taking his treasures, but only his protective talisman. As long as the protective talisman was broken, it meant that they gave up on the exam. Failing in the exam was the biggest humiliation to their Jie Clan.

However, Jie Bufan did have some methods. Seeing that the pressure did not work, he immediately sent several attacks out. Every strike was stronger than the past strike, and every strike was fiercer than the past strike. It could be seen that the top-level genius of the Jie Clan did have some outstanding methods.

However, no matter how much fiercer Jie Bufan’s attacks were, they were not enough to scare Chu Feng. He did not even need to use any martial skills. With the raise of his hand and foot, he could easily dissolve the attacks as if they were nothing.

“This guy can really not be bound by the Formless Formation and the Spirit Pressure of the third floor? What kind of person is he?”

Gu Bo was silently looking at everything and his expression was extremely complicated. He discovered the unordinary area of Chu Feng. He could not even match that and he was left behind in the dust with no hope of catching up.

So, he was extremely shocked. Shocked as to how could there be such an impressive person in the world, and he was also very curious. Curious as where that person came from.

“Enough, it’s time for you to kneel down.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng lost his patience and he used the Imperial Sky Technique. Within an instant, he arrived behind Jie Bufan. He extended his palm and grabbed towards Jie Bufan’s Cosmos Sack located on his waist.


However, before Chu Feng even touched Jie Bufan, he discovered that a strong Spirit Formation stopped his hand. That Spirit Formation was extremely strong and it enveloped Jie Bufan’s body and it wrapped around him.

“A bit interesting.”

For the first time, Chu Feng met a Spirit Formation that was able to block his attacks. However, he was not afraid and he clenched one of his hands. A golden-coloured dagger appeared within his hand as he stabbed down at Jie Bufan.

*boom* The dagger and the Spirit Formation collided and instantly, a huge boom resonated out. Although Chu Feng was not able to break through the Spirit Formation, the strong force threw Jie Bufan dozens of meters away.

“You bastard! Come up if you dare. I will certainly cripple you.” Jie Bufan stabilized himself and he grinded his teeth in anger as he rushed towards the passage to the fourth floor.

“Bro, don’t follow him. The Spirit Formation that covers his body is released by a special treasure and it is quite impressive.”

“On the fourth floor, without the pressure of the Formless Formation, the treasure’s Spirit Formation would be even stronger. Jie Bufan’s cultivation could also be freely used and at that place, you may not be able to defeat him.” Gu Bo saw through Jie Bufan’s intentions and hurriedly advised Chu Feng.

“Thank you for your good intentions, but I must go to the fourth floor.” Chu Feng faintly smiled and quickly chased after Jie Bufan.

“Hang in there. The guild will quickly send people to save you.” Gu Bo swept his gaze over the geniuses from the World Spirit Guild that were laying on the floor. He gnashed his teeth, and he also leaped forward and rushed towards the tunnel to the fourth floor.

Not long after the three of them left, a dozen or so Grey-cloak World Spiritists rushed in. All of them were people from the World Spirit Guild. After entering, all of them tightly frowned and they had some slight difficulties with the Formless Formations.

“Quick! Quickly go to the fourth floor! There’s a bastard brat that broke our protective talisman. Apprehend him!”

“That right! He broke the exam rules and he must be severely punished!” At that instant, the Jie Clan members started to loudly yelled to shout their injustices.

“Something like that never happened. They just had no way of enduring the pressure from this Formless Formation so they broke their own protective talisman.” However, the geniuses from the World Spirit Guild quickly spoke to refute.

“Nonsense!!” In response, the Jie Clan members were so angry that they could spit out blood.

He looked at the geniuses from their own family, then looked at the Jie Clan members. A Grey-cloak World Spiritist that seemed to be the leader pointed at the Jie Clan members and said, “Bring these people who forfeited down!”