Chapter 191 - Formless Formation

MGA: Chapter 191 - Formless Formation

Under the curtains of the night, the Asura Ghost Tower was extremely beautiful and it was quite special as well. When a life entered the tower, it would give out a bit of blue-coloured light. The first floor had the most number of blue-coloured light. Currently, there were some that appeared on the second floor as well and it was still increasing.

There were even more on the third floor when compared with the second floor because the geniuses from the World Spirit Guild and the geniuses from the Jie Clan were gathered on the third floor. Of course, other than those geniuses, almost no one else was able to step onto the third floor.

However, Jie Chuan knew, in his heart, that another person could step onto that floor and that person could very possibly change something. The scale of his Jie Clan and the World Spirit Guild’s battle would be tipped by Chu Feng.

Getting from the first floor to the second floor already required one to walk on those stairs. However, to get from the second floor to the third floor required one to pass through many little obstructions. That wasted a bit of Chu Feng and Maqiang’s time.

But at the end, the two of them still successfully arrived at the entrance to the third floor. However, after passing through the Spirit Formation, Maqiang’s face changed greatly and his aura instantly became extremely feeble as he fell to the floor.

Seeing that, Chu Feng quickly supported him up and nervously asked, “What happened? You can’t hold the Spirit Pressure back here?”

Chu Feng felt quite shocked. Although the Spirit Pressure on the third floor strengthened quite a bit, he could still endure it. Accordingly, with Maqiang’s Spirit power, even if there’s pressure he would not be forced to that state.

“Quick, quickly take me out. I can’t take pressure here.” Maqiang very painfully said those words. Chu Feng did not waste any time and he quickly supported him as they returned to the passages.

“Maqiang bro, are you better now?”

At that instant, although Maqiang still had a pale-white complexion, the strong pressuring feeling was no longer there so he could freely move. He was currently roughly gasping in huge breaths.

“Chu Feng bro, the Spirit Pressure on the third floor is a bit off. Something must have happened and the Jie Clan most likely used some special method.”

“Chu Feng bro, take it as me begging you. Go to the third floor and take a look. If the Jie Clan wants to harm my World Spirit Guild, please save their lives and help them out.” Suddenly, Maqiang grabbed Chu Feng’s hand and with a face of nervousness, he pleaded.

“Maqiang bro, don’t worry. If something really did happen, I, Chu Feng, will do everything I can to protect your World Spirit Guild.” As he saw Maqiang’s nervous expression, Chu Feng was also aware that something was wrong as he turned around and rushed towards the third floor.

It was not that Chu Feng was willing to be a good person, but at that moment, he already thoroughly offended the Jie Clan so he had to gain a friendly relationship with the World Spirit Guild. The better impression he left for the World Spirit Guild, the better protection he would get from the World Spirit Guild. If all went well, it would also greatly help his future development.

Chu Feng returned to the third floor once again and after a few turns, he finally arrived at the main hall and the shocking scene also appeared in front of his eyes.

Within the spacious hall, there were two groups of people. The first were the geniuses of the Jishi Clan and they were standing where there were. Although their faces were a bit ugly, it was still endurable and they didn’t receive too significant effects, not to mention how Maqiang looked like.

Who they faced were the people from the World Spirit Guild. However, in front of his eyes, almost everyone from the World Spirit Guild were laying on the floor with painful expressions as if they were enduring huge pressure. Their situation was exactly like Maqiang’s.

“Jie Bufan, you are despicable! You dare to use the Formless Formation on this third floor to press us down!”

The peak-level genius of the World Spirit Guild, Gu Bo, was the only person who was able to remain standing. However, rains of sweat were flowing down his face and it could be seen that even though he could endure that pressure, it was extremely exhausting.

“Gu Bo, don’t say it like that. What is despicable? These are called methods. It can only be said that your World Spirit Guild seized this Asura Ghost Tower for so long yet did not understand it enough.”

“My Jie Clan is able to activate the Formless Formation here is because of our seniors’ explorations. If you had to blame anyone, you can only blame your people from the World Spirit Guild for being too useless.” Jie Bufan sneered and said while his tone was filled with mock.

“Hmph. Do you really think that only your Jie Clan understands this Asura Ghost Tower? I’ll let you experience an incomprehensible formation.” Gu Bo’s expression changed greatly as he layered his palms and hit out a special hand seal. A wave of strange ripple was sent out as him as the middle and it blended with the Asura Ghost Tower.

*rumble rumble* At that instant, rumbling noises came from the third floor of the Asura Ghost Tower. The floor couldn’t help but lightly tremble as a bursts of strong power was being released.

“Quick! Stop him!” Seeing that, Jie Bufan knew that something was going wrong and as he spoke, he was going to attack.


But it was too late. Gu Bo suddenly raised both of his hands and the strong power instantly engulfed the third floor. The faces of the Jie Clan members who were at ease earlier hugely changed, and like the people from the World Spirit Guild, they powerlessly laid on the ground.

Even Jie Bufan immediately felt the strong pressure. He quickly sat cross-legged on the ground and did special hand seals. After that, he fiercely glared at Gu Bo and said, “You bastard! What did you activate?!”

Seeing that the Jie Clan did not threaten himself anymore, Gu Bo also quickly sat cross-legged and did hand seals as well to better resist against the pressure. Then, he said,

“I know that all of you have a certain type of treasure on your bodies and that treasure can let you ignore the pressure after you activate the Formless Formation on the third floor.”

“However, you didn’t know that after so many years of exploration, we already discovered an even stronger Formless Formation in the Asura Ghost Tower.”

“There is no treasure that can hold that Formless Formation back. Unless one’s personal strength is powerful enough, they should not even think of resisting against the pressure from this formation. Originally, I didn’t want to activate this formation because it has no benefits to neither you nor me.”

“However, I never would have thought that you would be so despicable, and in order to decrease our examination results, you did such things. Right now, I have no way of closing this formation after activating it. All of us are stopped at the third floor and everything was forced by you.” Gu Bo extremely furiously said.

“It seems that I underestimated you, but no matter. At most, we go no further than the third floor.” Jie Bufan said.

“Who said that you would go no further than the third floor?” But just at that time, Chu Feng’s indifferent voice suddenly rang out.

“Who?” As they faced that sudden change, Jie Bufan and the other Jie Clan members in addition to Gu Bo and the other geniuses from the World Spirit Guild were stunned.

They cast their gaze towards the entrance and they discovered that Chu Feng was slowly walking towards them. His effortlessly walking appearance and his attitude of being at ease was as though he could not feel any a single trace of the pressure from the Formess Formation, not to mention the Spirit Pressure from the third floor.