Chapter 190 - Laying Down the Pillars of Enmity

MGA: Chapter 190 - Laying Down the Pillars of Enmity

“Heavens! Where did this boy come from? How is he so strong?”

At first, the people from the World Spirit Guild wanted to help, but when they saw the scene in front of them, they were dumbstruck.

Because anyone who had eyes could see the powerfulness of Chu Feng. Even though they had a lot of people, and even though their cultivation was not weak, the strength between Chu Feng and them was too great.

Chu Feng was completely playing around with them within his palm. It could be said that the strength needed to take care of them was even less than blowing dust away. The superhuman battle power surpassed their imaginations, yet was currently happening in reality.

“Quite impressive. Not only does he have exceeding battle power, his spirit power is not ordinary as well. Jie Chuan and the other Jie Clan members are all restricted by this Spirit Pressure and they have no way of displaying their full strength.”

“However, Chu Feng bro is different. It seems that he isn’t affected by the Spirit Pressure at all and he can use his full strength. That strong Spirit power can be compared to Gu Bo and looking at how he is, I think that it would not be an issue for him to enter the fourth floor.” Maqiang said.

“What? Enter the fourth floor? Able to be compared to Gu Bo? Is this guy really that strong?” After hearing Maqiang’s words, the people from the World Spirit Guild were incomparably shocked.

“Ahh!” Just at that time, Chu Feng waved his arm and his Origin power formed into a violent hurricane as it directly turned several Jie Clan members over on the floor and they lost consciousness as well.

“Not only that, with his methods, he can even go onto the fifth floor!”

“This person is too strong. If he is already like this at this age, I wonder what realm he would reach after a few years. Luckily, we’ve set up a good relationship with him or else he would very possibly be a great enemy in the future.”

Maqiang seriously said to the people next to him because he had a thought in his heart. It was that he had to have a good relationship with Chu Feng because he felt that Chu Feng’s talent was even greater than their own genius, Gu Bo. He was a rare genius and he had to be roped into their World Spirit Guild and be used by them.

“Ahh~~~” At the same time, Chu Feng weakened his attacks. After several of the Jie Clan members who were at the 6th level of the Origin realm were ruthlessly beaten up, the Jie Clan members at the 5th level of the Origin realm were like fishes on a chopping board as they were freely slaughtered by Chu Feng.

The Jie Clan members who even wanted to do anything to Chu Feng before finally realized the seriousness of that matter. How was Chu Feng even a soft persimmon that could be squeezed by anyone? He was simply a insane, twisted person. Not only did he have the ability to fight against those people, his attacks were abnormally ruthless and they were almost killed by him.

They really kicked an iron board that time. It wasn’t a normal iron board but it was an extremely hard iron board. Not afraid of the heavens nor the earth. Doing things while disregarding the consequences, but an iron board that had a certain strength.

Under that situation, the Jie Clan members already had no more killing intent from before. Replacing it was endless fear. Some people wanted to escape to the third floor to request for reinforcements, but Chu Feng did not even give that chance to him. The huge Spirit Formation enveloped them and every single person became the birds within a cage because no one could even damage the Spirit Formation that Chu Feng laid.

At that instant, on the second floor of the Asura Ghost Tower, Chu Feng was the main slaughterer and no one could defend against him.

“Die! You dare to treat us like this?! You better not leave this place or else if you do, my Jie Clan’s elders will take your life! Not only you, even.. Ahh!!”

A Jie Clan member who was being stepped by Chu Feng was fiercely threatening him. However, before he even finished speaking, Chu Feng completely shut his mouth up.

In front of their eyes, of the twenty-five Jie Clan members, twenty-four of them already lost consciousness. The ones with light injuries tore a few tendons and broke a few bones, while the ones with heavy injuries had blood all over their body and they were seriously injured.

“Chu Feng bro, you’ve really stirred up a disaster this time. The seniors of my Jie Clan will not forgive you.”

Jie Chuan did not attack Chu Feng again. In the instant that Chu Feng dodged his attack, he already knew that they could not beat Chu Feng. From start to finish, he stood on the side and watched as Chu Feng madly flattened his clan members.

“With how your Jie Clan does things, they will certainly not forgive Chu Feng bro, but within the Spirit Province, my World Spirit Guild will protect him.” Just at that time, Maqiang and the others walked over.

“Are you able to protect him?” Jie Chuan asked.

“You can try and see.” Maqiang was full of confidence.

“That’s good.” Jie Chuan nodded then looked at Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng bro, no matter how you and my Jie Clan be, I, Jie Chuan, do not want to have any enmity between us. I hope that this hatred can be dissolved one day and that we can become friends.”

“Go ahead!” Jie Chuan closed his eyes. He just gave up on resisting and let Chu Feng handle him however he wished to.

“If you want to, you can come up as well.” However, Chu Feng did not attack Jie Chuan because he could tell that Jie Chuan was different from the other Jie Clan members. Although the Jie Chuan would not be kind to the people from the World Spirit Guild, he did not have any evil intentions.

After Chu Feng walked away, some Jie Clan members wanted to attack Jie Chuan. After all, Jie Chuan did hit some of them to make them lose consciousness. However, the people who wanted to attack were forcefully blocked by Maqiang.

With a faint smile, Maqiang walked next to Jie Chuan, knelt down, and quietly said next to his ear, “Jie Chuan, your eyes are quite special and you see that Chu Feng bro is a genius.”

“But sadly, with your Jie Clan’s attitude, they are fated to have difficulties with relationships with other clans. You have created a huge enemy, whereas we formed a friendship with a genius. This is also why my World Spirit Guild is able to become stronger and stronger, while your Jie Clan declines at the very moment.”

After saying that, Maqiang caught up to Chu Feng. The four other people stayed behind and brought the injured people out.

Jie Chuan did not walk towards the third floor and like the people from the World Spirit Guild, he also brought the injured people outside.

When those injured people were brought out of the Asura Ghost Tower, there was a huge uproar. The higher ups of the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan almost attacked each other from fury.

Since Jie Chuan and the other people from the World Spirit Guild did not say anything about Chu Feng heavily injuring the Jie Clan, the Jie Clan members thought that the ruthless attacks were done by the people from the World Spirit Guild.

However, since the World Spirit Guild also had injured people, both sides did not do anything about it. In addition, since it was the World Spirit Guild’s land, the Jishi Clan were not too persistent and at the end, they calmed down.

After bringing all the injured clan members out from the Asura Ghost Tower, Jie Chuan did not enter the tower again. He only stood behind the clan’s elder as he stared at the Asura Ghost Tower.