Chapter 206 - Grey-Cloak World Spiritist

MGA: Chapter 206 - Grey-Cloak World Spiritist

As the gongs and drums for the happy event sounded out, a group of people majestically appeared. Some beat gongs, some hit drums, some blew trumpets, some raised signs, and on those signs, two big words were clearly written on it. “Bride’s Escort”!

The clothing of the group of people also seemed to induce joy. From the surface, they did appear like a group of people for a bride’s escort, but that was also the area that made people confused. They could not think where the escort came from and who was going to marry who.

The most important thing was that even though the people dressed up in quite a happy manner, there was still a strange part. A mask was on the faces of every single person and their appearances could not be seen.

“Halt. Who are you?” The guards from the city lord’s residence rushed out and blocked them outside of the residence as they cautiously stared at them.

“On the orders of Mr. Grey-cloak, we are here to escort the daughter of the city lord, lady Su Mei.” The person who was at the front yelled his throat out.

“What? Escort Su Mei? Isn’t Su Mei Shangguan Ya’s fiancée? Why are they here to escort Su Mei?”

“Also, who is Mr. Grey-cloak? On the day that the Shangguan family is coming to welcome the bride, this Mr. Grey-cloak comes here to escort the future wife of Shangguan Ya. He is simply slapping Shangguan family’s face in front of everyone here!”

Endless cries of surprise rang out from the crowd and everyone was stunned by the sentence from that person. Even the people from the city lord’s residence were baffled and their heads were full of fog. However, they were sure of one thing. It was that the group of people were obviously there to cause chaos. However, they did not know whether it was towards the Shangguan family or towards the city lord’s residence.

“Damn! You dare to come up to my Shangguan family and stir up trouble? You have really gotten sick of living. People! Apprehend this group of people.”

Shangguan Tian was furious. Before even letting the city lord’s residence respond to it, he ordered his subordinates to rush towards the group of people. However, he only ordered them to apprehend them but not to kill them.

As for why? Naturally, since today was a day of great joy, blood could not be seen or else that was bad luck.


However, before even letting the Shangguan family’s group go near, the one who led waved his big sleeve and strong Origin power descended from the sky. It formed into invisible blades and they killed dozens of Shangguan family members who were rushing over.

The killing method was extremely cruel as well. Not only did they behead the Shangguan family, the blades even chopped off their hands and feet. The death was quite wretched and blood splattered everywhere.


That scene stunned everyone and they were extremely stupefied. The surrounding people couldn’t help but back away and cold sweat appeared on their foreheads.

Just now, all of them could feel that within the group of people, there was an expert of the Profound realm and it was an expert who was in the 3rd level of the Profound realm.

Also, from their heartless methods, they could confirm that the group of people did not come with good intentions.

“Those who dare to meddle with Mr. Grey-cloak’s affairs will be killed without discussion!” The person who just attacked indifferently said.

At the same time, several hundred people behind him all put down the items in their hands and emanated their strong aura. There were three experts in the Profound realm, and other than the three people, the remaining several hundred people were all at the peak of the Origin realm.

“Heavens, where did they come from? They have such strength!”

The strong aura was like an invisible hurricane as it spiraled everywhere. Everyone who was there could feel the pressure. The Shangguan family and the people from the city lord’s residence were fine, however, the faces of the observing officials and nobles were quite ugly.

It was because the opponent had extremely strong strength. It was simply equivalent to the elites of a second-rate school, so no wonder they dared to go against the Shangguan family. They did have quite some strength.

“Killing without discussion? Let’s see what kind of person this Mr. Grey-cloak is.”

Suddenly, an aged voice rang out and following that, a gust of wind swept past. A single-eyed old man appeared in front of Shangguan Tian and Shangguan Ya.

“It’s Shangguan Yue, the master of the Shangguan family! According to rumours, he already entered the 6th level of the Profound realm and became the strongest person in the Vermilion Bird City. I wonder if that is true or false.”

After that old man appeared, many people who were on scene couldn’t help but yell in surprise. Even Shangguan Tian and Shangguan Ya quickly leaped down from their high horses, went in front of the single-eyed old man, and respectfully paid their respects, “Grandfather!”

“You two retreat. I myself will be sufficient to kill this group of rats.” Shangguan Yue waved his hand, then his sword-like brows slanted inwards. Glare shot out from his single eye and the atmosphere around him became completely different.

Without any wind, his robe madly fluttered and the strong pressure was like a tide as it surged out from his body. It became a formless huge wave that rose to the sky as it slammed against the group of people one wave after the other.

“Heavens! He is really at the 6th level of the Profound realm! He actually entered the 6th level of the Profound realm!”

That strong aura caused the faces of everyone who were there to change. Especially the people from the city lord’s residence. They were hugely shocked and their faces became extremely unsightly. It meant that Shangguan Yue’s cultivation surpassed their family’s Su Hen, and their city lord’s residence truly lost to the Shangguan family.

In reality, while facing the strong pressure, even the head of the Void School panicked. He never would have thought that Shangguan Yue entered the 6th level of the Profound realm.

The Profound realm. Every single level was like a chasm and normal people could not cross over it. So, when he, who was only at the 3rd level of the Profound realm, faced the pressure of the 6th level of the Profound realm, it was like facing a unstoppable huge wave. No place to escape, no way to resist, and only death awaited them.

At that instant, everyone from the Void School couldn’t avoid having a bit of regret and they started to back away. Even though they would gain great benefits if they succeeded, they did not want to lose their lives because of that.

“Hmph. Indeed, a group of rats!”

As he looked at the cowardly group of people, Shangguan Yue stuck his chest out and raised his head and coldly snorted. Although he was displeased on the surface, he was crazily happy in his heart. No matter who that group of people were, they gave him a chance to display his strength and to establish his might.

He knew, from that day forth, the people in the Vermilion Bird City would not fear Su Hen the most anymore. They would fear him, Shangguan Yue, the most. The right to rule the Vermilion Bird City was fated to land within the hands of his Shangguan family.

“Puny skills!”

However, just as everyone thought that the group of people were going to die without a doubt, within the sedan chair, an aged voice suddenly sounded out.

At the same time that the voice rang out, everyone could clearly see in front of the group of people, grey-coloured gas appeared. That gas was quickly condensing and within a blink, it formed into a screen.