Chapter 187 - The Third Stage

MGA: Chapter 187 - The Third Stage

Chu Feng could feel that strange gaze so he looked in the direction of that icy cold gaze. Indeed, the Jie Clan member “Jie Heng” who was stepped by him earlier was currently fiercely staring at him from a distance.

Next to Jie Heng were dozens of Jie Clan members and Chu Feng could feel the pressure. The Jie Clan members were extremely strong, especially the young man called Jie Bufan. He was an expert of the 7th level of the Origin realm.

But luckily, Jie Chuan was always next to Jie Heng, and since he saw that Jie Heng’s gaze was abnormal, he pulled Jie Heng and cast a sharp gaze at him. As he was being threatened by Jie Chuan, Jie Heng did not say anything and cast his gaze away.

That scene made Chu Feng relax. It could be seen that Jie Chuan still kept his promise and at least they didn’t tell their clan about Chu Feng stepping on Jie Heng. Or else, with Jie Clan’s arrogant nature, they would have already found Chu Feng for trouble.

Other than the Jie Clan members, there were dozens of people gathered on the other side as well. Those were the World Spirit Guild’s geniuses. The opposing might of the two powers was very apparent and it could be seen that within the Asura Ghost Tower, there would certainly be some conflicts.

Other than the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan, there were also dozens of scattered people who were like Chu Feng. Which meant that although there were quite a few people that participated in the White-cloak Exam, at the end, there were not even three hundred people who dared to challenge the Asura Ghost Tower.

“Look, it’s the elders from the World Spirit Guild.”

Suddenly, someone yelled out and everyone in the entire plaza looked at one side. A large group of people appeared and they were all experts of the World Spirit Guild. Every single person had World Spirit Grey-cloaks, and three old people who had white hairs and beards were escorted by those experts.

Those old people did not wear World Spirit Cloaks that represented their status. They only wore simple cloth clothing. Although they had white hairs and beards, they had a florid complexion. One could feel their drawn-out aura, yet could not determine their depth. They were the real cultivation experts, and they were all at the peak of the Profound realm.

“That...Isn’t that the Jie Clan? They’re here as well?”

Just at that time, on the other side of the plaza, another group of people who wore black clothing appeared. There were also innumerable experts and there were also three old people who led. Their cultivation was unfathomably deep but their gazes were abnormally prideful. It was the Jie Clan.

“The Jie Clan arrived as well! The World Spirit Guild is allowing the Jie Clan to enter their own territory?”

“You don’t understand. Today is a special day. Since the geniuses of the Jie Clan are here, to prevent them from being bullied by others, naturally, the elders need to arrive as well.”

“Besides, since the World Spirit Guild has stopped fighting for such a long time and they are an alliance, of course the Jie Clan can come here.”

Chu Feng could still hear the quiet discussions of the people and he gained another level of understanding. Although the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan had a relationship of an enemy, and that was something that everyone knew, on the surface, they were an alliance.

Or perhaps the relationship of the two powers were not as unfriendly as people thought, or perhaps the two of them really were like fire and water. As for who truly knew, only the higher ups knew so Chu Feng didn’t even bother to think about it.

After the two group of people appeared, they did not walk into the plaza but into a palace that was opposite to the Asura Ghost Tower. From there, they could see the entire Asura Ghost Tower and it should be a resting place for them.

At the same time, the powerful people from the World Spirit Guild started to explain the rules and the things to notice after entering the Asura Ghost Tower. Generally, if one could not resist the Spirit Pressure within, quickly leave the Asura Ghost Tower and do not forcefully endure or they would lose their lives.

Also, everyone was given a protective talisman. If one could not continue or had no way of getting out of the Asura Ghost Tower by themself, they could break the talismen and the World Spirit Guild would send people to save them. Of course, those who broke the talismen were the same as those who failed the exam. They would even lose their qualification to purchase the World Spirit White-cloak.

After the rules, the redden clouds from the sunset were no more and both the heaven and the earth were replaced with darkness. The Asura Ghost Tower was even stranger within the night because it was no longer completely dark. Within the black-coloured tower, from inside to outside, it emitted a faint, blood-red light, as if it was created by fresh blood. It was strange yet beautiful.

*rumble rumble rumble*

Under the envelopment of the darkness, the demon-like doors to the Asura Ghost Tower finally slowly opened. After the doors opened, the thing that appeared in front of them was not the insides of the Asura Ghost Tower. It was a blood-red Spirit Formation entrance. That was the real entrance to the Asura Ghost Tower.


*whoosh whoosh whoosh...*

Suddenly, someone shouted out and following that, the geniuses from the World Spirit Guild and the geniuses from the Jie Clan all rushed in at the same time. They were extremely quick and they displayed cultivation that was not mediocre.

Especially the peak genius of the World Spirit Guild, Gu Bo, and also the representative genius of the Jie Clan, Jie Bufan. Those two people were young geniuses who had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm. Within an instant, both of them entered the Asura Ghost Tower and they displayed methods that surpassed others.

After those two people rushed in, only then did the other people dared to go near the Asura Ghost Tower. Chu Feng did not hurry as well. He held the three Spirit Fruit seeds in his hand and he also followed the current of people as he entered the Asura Ghost Tower.

After stepping into the blood-red coloured Spirit Formation entrance, Chu Feng first experienced darkness, then when light appeared in front of his eyes, strong pressure engulfed him from all directions.

Spirit Pressure. Spirit Pressure was currently corroding Chu Feng’s body. However, when Chu Feng spread out his Spirit power, it effectively held the Spirit Pressure back. Chu Feng also clearly felt that under the disturbance of the Spirit Pressure, change happened to the Spirit Fruit seeds within Chu Feng’s hand.


But before Chu Feng even got the chance to look at what happened to that Spirit Fruit seed, a miserable cry rang out from his surroundings. Someone was unable to hold the pressure of the Spirit Pressure and seven of his facial orifices had blood flowing out of them as he painfully rolled back and forth on the ground.

Suddenly, that person grabbed in front of him. It turned out that his protective talisman dropped nearby. However, at that instant, he already lost the ability to pick up that talismen.

At that very moment, a large number of people were surging in. But looking at that scene, many people only looked with cold eyes. Some people didn’t even look at him as they sat cross-legged and started to feed the Spirit Fruit seed in their hands with the Spirit Pressure.

“Humans are truly cold.” Chu Feng shook his head and arrived in front of that person. He picked up the talismen that belonged to him, but he didn’t return to him. He carried that person onto his back.

At that instant, many people were confused. Even the person on Chu Feng’s back cried in whispers as if protesting why he didn’t break the protective talisman for him to save his life.

However, after Chu Feng carried him on his back, arrived at the Spirit Formation entrance, and stuffed the talismen into his Cosmos Sack, he suddenly understood. Chu Feng was not saving him, but helping him.

He was truly helping. He did not help him by breaking the protective talisman because breaking that would cause him to fail his exam. Chu Feng wanted him to escape the danger but also succeed in his exam.

Chu Feng pushed that person out. At that instant, Chu Feng could see that person’s gaze of gratitude and he could also feel the strange gazes of the surrounding people. After all, it was a very physically exhausting thing to carry someone on his back while walking in the Asura Ghost Tower that was filled with Spirit Pressure. Most people would not have done that.

“Oh? You are quite full of compassion huh?” But just at that time, a dark, strange aura yet somewhat familiar voice rang out behind Chu Feng.