Chapter 188 - Clan vs Guild

MGA: Chapter 188 - Clan vs Guild

He turned his head to look, and only then did Chu Feng notice that the insides of the Asura Ghost Tower was quite grand and very big. There were three people standing on the stairs that led to the second floor.

The person in the middle was none other than Jie Heng. The two people standing next to Jie Heng were both Jie Clan members and they were currently giving off the aura of the 6th level of the Origin realm.

Chu Feng swept his glance around and he discovered that despite a lot of people sitting on the first floor of the Asura Ghost Tower, other than Jie Heng and the two others, there were no other Jie Clan members. It could be seen that Jie Heng was intentionally waiting for him.

“Your brother let you stay behind?” Chu Feng was quite displeased in his heart. After all, Jie Chuan was not next to Jie Heng and that made Chu Feng feel that it was intentional by Jie Chuan.

“What? You want to threaten me with my brother? I’ll tell you that you won’t have a chance because you won’t go onto the second floor.” Jie Heng sneered as he glared at Chu Feng with killing intent revealed in his gaze. It could be seen that he hated Chu Feng straight to the bones.

“Jie Heng, were you really beaten by this brat?” After one of the Jie Clan members looked at Chu Feng, they were quite suspicious.

“Don’t underestimate him. He does have some methods and he cannot be treated as a normal person at the 1st level of the Origin realm.” Jie Heng reminded.

“No matter how much more impressive he is, he is only at the 1st level of the Origin realm. Jie Gang, you and I attack together to finish off his brat. Quickly go and don’t waste too much time here.” That Jie Clan member looked at the other Jie Clan member who had the cultivation of the 6th level of the Origin realm.

“Mm.” That person nodded and cast his ferocious gaze at Chu Feng. The two of them were going to attack Chu Feng.

“Oh? The Jie Clan are bullying people as a group again?” But just at that time, another voice suddenly rang out. Looking over, they saw five figures standing in the corner of the Asura Ghost Tower.

There were three males and two females. The five of them had quite strong auras and they were all at the 6th level of the Origin realm. They were currently smiling while looking at Jie Heng and the others. From their clothes, they were the geniuses of the World Spirit Guild.

“Maqiang, why aren’t you quickly going up? What are you doing here?” Seeing that, the Jie Clan member called Jie Gang questioned.

“I knew that your Jie Clan would bully others. As someone from the World Spirit Guild, naturally, we would have the duty to maintain a fair examination environment.” The male called Maqiang smiled and said. As he spoke, he did not forget to shoot Chu Feng a glance and kindly nodded at him.

“Maqiang, are you really going to meddle in so many affairs?” The Jie Clan members’ faces were very ugly.

“So what if I am?” Maqiang indifferently smiled and said.

“Hmph. Just you see.” The Jie Clan member coldly snorted then walked up. After all, they did not have confidence to face five experts who were at the 6th level of the Origin realm. After Jie Heng bitterly looked at Chu Feng, he could only follow as well.

“Bro, thanks.” Chu Feng walked in front of Maqiang and the others and politely clasped his hands towards them. After all, they were complete strangers yet they were willing to help him. Chu Feng was quite moved from that.

“You’re too polite. I am Maqiang. I wonder how I should call you as?” That Maqiang was quite courteous and the four other people next to him also amiably nodded at Chu Feng.

“I am Chu Feng.” Chu Feng smiled and replied. He had quite good impressions towards the people from the World Spirit Guild because from the start, the geniuses of the World Spirit Guild did not have any airs of arrogance. They treated everyone with kindness.

They sharply contrasted the geniuses from the Jie Clan. Especially at that instant, after Maqiang helped him out a bit, Chu Feng’s good impression towards the people from the World Spirit Guild multiplied by several times.

“So it’s Chu Feng bro. Your Spirit power is quite impressive! On the first floor, you don’t have a red face and you’re not gasping so it seems that you won’t be satisfied here. You are prepared to go onto the second floor right?” Maqiang smiled and asked.

“Mm.” Chu Feng smiled and nodded.

“Since it’s like this, come together with us.” Maqiang smiled and led as he walked toward the second floor.

“Sorry for the trouble.” Naturally, Chu Feng understood what Maqiang intended. He was worried that Jie Heng and the others would make things difficult for Chu Feng again so he wanted to protect Chu Feng as he went up the second floor.

Chu Feng followed Maqiang and he turned around to step on the stairs that led to the second floor. At the end of the stairs, similarly, there was also a Spirit Formation entrance. Behind that was the true second floor.

In the instant that he entered the Spirit Formation entrance, Chu Feng felt that the Spirit Pressure instantly strengthened by several times. However, to Chu Feng, it did not hurt nor did it itch and it was completely within his endurable range. Looking back at Maqiang and the others, more or less, they were a bit pressured but they could endure it.

After entering the second floor and after a few turns, only then did they enter the main hall. However, when Chu Feng swept his gaze towards his surroundings, his line of sight couldn’t help but be attracted to a group of people because the group of people were exactly the same as Jie Heng as they blocked the road towards the third floor.

There were twenty-five Jie Clan members. Twenty of them were at the 5th level of the Origin realm while five of them were at the 6th level of the Origin realm. The two people who wanted to help Jie Heng to take care of Chu Feng were within them. As for the person who led, it was Jie Chuan.

After Jie Heng saw Chu Feng, a cold smile couldn’t help but be raised on the corner of his mouth. However, Jie Chuan tightly frowned as he shot an eye-expression towards Chu Feng, as if he was telling Chu Feng to get away from Maqiang.

Chu Feng could understand Jie Chuan’s meaning because he knew that the group of Jie Clan members were not waiting for him. They wanted to take care of Maqiang and the others from the World Spirit Guild.

Because at that very instant, in front of the Jie Clan members, young males and females laid on the ground and they were all people from the World Spirit Guild.

“You things that ought to die! You dare to act so wildly in my World Spirit Guild’s territory?!” After seeing that, flames of fury burned within Maqiang and the others’ heart as they loudly roared.

“Hehe, what are you talking about? Clearly, their own Spirit power were too weak and they had no way of resisting the Spirit Pressure in here. How is it related to us?” The Jie Clan members sneered.

“Hmph. We’ll see if you can resist the Spirit Pressure here.” Maqiang didn’t bother speaking useless words and he attacked at the same time along with the four comrades next to him. They displayed all sorts of strong martial skills and attacked the Jie Clan members.

“Looking to die? I’ll grant that wish!” The Jie Clan did not back down and they also fought aggressively with Maqiang and the others.

Maqiang and the others’ cultivation were not weak and they were all at the 6th level of the Origin realm. However, perhaps because they were affected by the Spirit Pressure, they were not able to use their full strength. In addition, the Jie Clan had the numbers advantage so clearly, they were disadvantaged as they quickly entered a bad situation.

“Maqiang, if you beg for forgiveness on the ground, we can consider letting you enter the third floor.” Someone said that within the Jie Clan.

“You want us to kneel down and beg for forgiveness? Go dream!” Maqiang coldy snorted and said.

“Then you cannot blame us for being heartless. Today, you will stop on this second floor.” The Jie Clan member howled.

“Aah!” Just as he finished speaking, suddenly, a painful cry rang out and everyone saw a figure flew over. At the end, he fiercely collided onto the wall. After vomiting blood, he directly lost consciousness.