Chapter 186 - Releasing the Tiger Back to Its Mountain

MGA: Chapter 186 - Releasing the Tiger Back to Its Mountain

With lightning methods, Chu Feng struck the Jie Clan member and stepped on him with his foot. That action was quite daring.

That stupefied the well-built young man and the alluring young female. Their expressions were as wonderful as they could get, however most of it was fear. After all, they were tied up with Chu Feng, and since Chu Feng offended the Jie Clan, even they had to be pulled down with him.

“Bro, can you spare him?” The slightly taller Jie Clan member did not attack but respectfully pleaded at Chu Feng.

As for the reason why he didn’t attack was simple. After seeing Chu Feng’s strength and his methods, he was undoubtedly looking to die if he attacked Chu Feng.

“If I spare him, would he spare me?” Chu Feng coldly smiled and said.

“Bro. I, Jie Chuan, vow to the heavens that I will not do anything about today’s matter. If I my younger brother, Jie Heng, dares to find you for trouble, you don’t need to do anything. I’ll discipline him myself.”

The slightly taller young man raised his hand and guaranteed. He also emanated his aura. He was an expert of the 6th level of the Origin realm.

Chu Feng slightly frowned. He was in a bit of a difficult situation. At first, he was planning to kill the two people and also steal the things that they had because if they were able to escape from Chu Feng’s Spirit power detection, they would certainly have treasures on their bodies.

However, he saw sincerity in Jie Chuan’s eyes, and the reason why Jie Chuan was emanated his aura was not for displaying his might towards Chu Feng, it was to show sincerity. It allowed Chu Feng to know his foundation.

“Bro, my younger brother had spoke rudely before, so please take this as compensation.”

Jie Chuan took his own Cosmos Sack off and also Jie Heng’s Cosmos Sack off of his waist. After taking two World Spirit Compasses out, he gave the two Cosmos Sacks over to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng accepted the Cosmos Sacks and after investigation, he discovered that there were dozens of Origin beads inside. There were even some medical things for healing. To normal people, the things within were already quite expensive, but they weren’t too much to Chu Feng. However, while Jie Chuan was doing that, Chu Feng truly could not get angry because Chu Feng was a person who liked to be persuaded but not forced.

Chu Feng took the things out from the two Cosmos Sacks and stuffed them into his own. After that, he returned the two empty Cosmos Sacks back to Jie Chuan before pulling Jie Heng up from the ground and saying, “You have a good elder brother.”

“I’ll kill you!” After being freed from his restrictions, he wanted to attack as if he was insane.


However, before even Chu Feng moved, Jie Chuan landed a loud and clear slap on Jie Heng’s face and angrily reprimanded, “Have you not lost enough face? Get over to the side!”

Just as he finished speaking, Jie Chuan kicked Jie Heng and caused him to fly a dozen or so meters away. Although Jie Heng was extremely angry, he did not dare to not obey Jie Chuan. After climbing back up, he did not say anything but fiercely glared at Chu Feng before leaving.

“Chu Feng, thank you for giving me face. Although this cannot be said to be ‘no discord, no concord’, if we meet again by chance in the future, I will invite you to a cup of beer.” Jie Chuan lightly smiled as he clasped his hands towards Chu Feng before catching up to Jie Heng.

“Chu Feng bro, you’ve stirred up a disaster!” After the two people disappeared from their line of sight, the well-built man had a face full of terror.

“You really shouldn’t have let them go! You simply released the tiger back to its mountain.” The alluring young female was even more direct.

“If you two are afraid, you can choose to return. I can point a road for you to go back.” Chu Feng smiled and said.


The two of them sank into silence. Although Chu Feng angered a huge enemy and they were very afraid, the attraction to pass the second stage was even greater. After all, as long as they passed the second stage, they could save the money that would have been used to buy the World Spirit White-cloak. That was a thousand Origin beads! No matter who it was, that was not a small number.

“If you’re not afraid, continue. I will protect your safety while passing through this Twisted Forest.” After saying those words, Chu Feng continued forward and the two people behind also followed him.

Chu Feng did understand the logic of releasing a tiger back to its mountain. Especially after experiencing the Jie Clan’s methods to conceal their aura, Chu Feng walked quite carefully after that.

From then on, they really did meet a few Jie Clan members, however after assessing Chu Feng and the others with a proud attitude, they quickly left as if afraid that Chu Feng would follow them.

After several hours of walking, and finally, when the sun set in the west, they walked out of the Twisted Forest. They received a World Spirit White-cloak and also a Spirit Fruit Seed.

“Can this thing really save Eggy?”

Looking at the completely green Spirit Fruit seed which was as big as an almond in his palm, Chu Feng felt a bit of suspicion. Although that thing had some strange fluctuations, it was very weak and Chu Feng really had his doubts.

However, as he looked at the nearby exit in which he could see the Asura Ghost Tower after walking out of there, and also thinking of the changes that could be done to the seed within the Asura Ghost Tower, Chu Feng firmly walked out.

When Chu Feng and the two others walked out of the Twisted Forest, at the same time, their gazes were attracted by an ancient tower from nearby. That tower was not tall and it only had six floors, but it had quite a bit of attraction power.

The outer appearance of the ancient tower was very special and it was like a sharp teeth pulled out from the ground. It was completely black, but under the shine of the setting sun, it emitted strange red lights as if the black-coloured essence had a blood-red outer coat. It was quite strange.

Although, more or less, the ancient tower was a bit scary, the feeling that it gave people was that it was very beautiful. That was where its attraction power laid. It was the legendary Asura Ghost Tower.

However, at that very instant, the Asura Ghost Tower was closed. Everyone who wanted to attempt the third stage had to wait in a plaza outside of the tower. They were going to all enter at the same time when the tower opened.

“The Asura Ghost Tower. I would really like to enter and have a look.” The well-built young man’s face was filled with yearning.

“You? Don’t think about it. After entering it, the pressure from the first floor would be enough to kill you.” Without even caring about his feelings, the young female struck blows at him.

The young man did not retort the young female’s words because what she said was true. Ordinary World Spiritists could not enter the Asura Ghost Tower. That was also why he did not plan to enter it.

“Brother Chu Feng, I wish you the best of luck to go onto the third floor. I heard that the third floor can make the Spirit Fruit seed grow branches and leaves. At that time, the Spirit Fruit seed would cost quite a bit.” The alluring young female gave her own Spirit Fruit seed to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng bro, I know you can do it. I’ll wait for you outside, and after you succeed, come here and find me. I’ll invite you to a big meal!”

The well-built young man also gave his own Spirit Fruit seed to Chu Feng and gave Chu Feng an address as well. It was the place he was resting in, outside of the World Spirit Guild.

Although the World Spirit seed was fairly worthy, with Chu Feng’s help, they already got the World Spirit White-cloak for free and saved themselves a thousand Origin beads. So, they could not stop being grateful towards Chu Feng and naturally, they would not care about the Spirit Fruit seed.

After the well-built young man and the alluring young female left, Chu Feng also entered the plaza. All the people who prepared to enter the Asura Ghost Tower were waiting there. When the sky became dark, that was when the Asura Ghost Tower would open and they would enter it then.

At the same time that Chu Feng stepped into the plaza, a pair of eyes that had killing intent silently locked onto Chu Feng.