Chapter 185 - Stepping on the Heaven's Ladder

MGA: Chapter 185 - Stepping on the Heaven's Ladder

“Chu Feng, I’ll kill you!”

Seeing that Chu Feng was going to kill him, Yangzi did not pettily beg anymore and he rose to attack Chu Feng. Liu Biao also did the same thing.

Both of them used rank 5 martial skills and they channeled all their Origin power into them. It was a wager on their life and the power could not be compared to the attacks before.

On one side, a huge tiger was condensed from Origin power. Its fur pulsed and it was vivid as though it was alive. Its roar was enough to shake the mountains and rivers, and its claws could shatter mountain peaks. It attacked Chu Feng with the might of being a king of ten thousand beasts.

On the other side, sharp swords were formed by Origin power and they did not look illusionary. They looked quite real and there were over a thousand Origin power flying swords. Truly, thousand swords were released at the same time with unstoppable might.


At that instant, the faces of both the well-built young man and the alluring young female were tight and fear was in their eyes. The attack in front of their eyes was easily enough to kill the two of them without leaving any residue.

So, they could only stand behind Chu Feng. They had to stand behind the young man who was younger than both of them. The alluring young female even tightly grabbed onto Chu Feng’s clothes because Chu Feng was the only person who she could rely on at that moment.

“Ho… It is still too weak.”

Chu Feng’s long robe was moving back and forth from the wind created by the strong might. His hair also demonically fluttered while flying up and down.

However, he was still standing where he was without dodging nor avoiding it. A faint smile was even hung on his face as he silently waited for the attack.


As the attacks were going to engulf them, Chu Feng’s eyes suddenly flashed and a shiny and translucent Spirit Formation which was like a mirror appeared in front of him.


The fierce tiger and the thousands of swords collided onto the Spirit Formation which was like a thin piece of ice at the same time. Instantly, violent ripples were created and the force even shook the ground under Chu Feng’s feet.

But at the end, they were still unable to penetrate Chu Feng’s line of defense. After the two person’s attacks disappeared, the Spirit Formation in front of Chu Feng was undamaged. There were not even any cracks.

“Are you even a person? With your cultivation, how can you grasp such methods?” Liu biao was panicking and he was terrified. He had never seen such a scary opponent before. He could not treat him as a person, but as a monster.

“It’s not that I, Chu Feng, am impressive, but none of you have seen a truly strong person.”

Chu Feng bitterly smiled because he suddenly remembered the purple-clothed girl. In the eyes of many, he was already a monster. However, when compared to that purple-clothed girl, he was as ordinary as he could get. That was the distance between both humans.


Seeing that the attacks against Chu Feng were useless, Yangzi started to attack the Spirit Formation that locked them within. However, he was still useless and that made him as angry as a storm, but he could not do anything about it.

“It’s time to finish it.”

Finally, Chu Feng’s face turned cold and as he barely raised his hand, lightning surged out from it and following that, it became two huge lightning dragons. They opened their bloody mouth and after a deafening roar, they flew towards Yangzi and Liu Biao.

The Third Thunder Style. It was no longer Chu Feng’s strongest method, but displaying it at that moment still brought incomparably terrifying might. It was similar to how a Heaven realm expert could still display terrifying might with a rank 1 martial skill.

“Chu Feng, I will not forgive you even if I become a ghost!”

Those were the words that Yangzi last said because when the lightning dragon consumed his body, he did not even make any noise. He was forcefully burnt up and there was not even a corpse remaining.

After killing Yangzi and Liu Biao, Chu Feng used the Third Thunder Style to destroy the other three corpses. He truly did not leave any traces behind.

“I hope that you two can keep this matter a secret.” After finishing all that off, Chu Feng smiled and said to the young man and the young female.

“Don’t worry, we will absolutely not reveal half a word about this.”

The young female and the young man promised with everything they had. Although Chu Feng smiled quite kindly at them, after seeing what he could do, from deep within their hearts, they already felt fear towards Chu Feng.

After all, that matter was related to them. If they spread it out, there would be a hundred troubles but zero benefits. So, naturally, they would keep it a secret.

“Quite ruthless methods! Killing and removing the traces huh?” But just at that time, a voice from nearby suddenly rang out.

“Who?” Chu Feng slightly frowned from the sudden change. He spread out his Spirit power but he could not feel a single trace of aura nearby.

“Haha, afraid? Don’t worry, we’ve already gotten used of these things and we won’t talk about it.” That voice rang out again. Behind a tall stone sculpture, two figures walked out.

They were two young man. Their appearances were not ordinary and the special black clothing that they were wearing was the clothing of the Jie Clan.

“Jie Clan!”

At that instant, not only Chu Feng, even the well-built young man and the alluring female felt quite shocked because the name of the Jie Clan was too famous. It represented the pinnacle of World Spiritists and they were the idols for many World Spiritists.

“What intentions do you two have by secretly hiding there?”

Chu Feng’s gaze was like a torch as he stared at the two people. Although they were close and in front of their eyes, Chu Feng was still unable to feel their auras. They were simply like the air and Chu Feng knew that the two people were not simple.

“We just coincidentally passed by. Since we saw quite an entertaining battle, we stopped to take a look.” The young man who was slightly taller faintly smiled and said.

“Entertaining battle? They were just a bunch of trash from the Azure Province. Dogs biting dogs.” The other slightly shorter young man had an expression of contempt.

“Trash from the Azure Province? You two?” After hearing the words of the slightly shorter young man, Chu Feng’s face was clearly displeased. At the end, he was still from the Azure Province so naturally he did not like people mocking his Azure Province.

“Us? We are the ladders to heaven that you can never be compared to. You can only look up to us.” The slightly shorter young man had smug written on his face as he disdainfully looked at Chu Feng as well as the well-built young man and the alluring beauty behind Chu Feng.

At that moment, not to mention Chu Feng, even the well-built young man the alluring young female were greatly displeased. However, they did not dare to show that because they were people from the Jie Clan. They really did have the qualifications to be arrogant.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Chu Feng attacked. Without any warning, he attacked the slightly shorter young man with his lightning methods.


The slightly shorter young man was not simple so he quickly discovered Chu Feng’s actions. With a cold snort, he emanated his aura of the 5th level of the Origin realm. Not only did he not dodge or avoid it, he raised his palm and slapped towards Chu Feng.

However, he still underestimated Chu Feng. With the flickering of lightning under Chu Feng’s feet, instantly, he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already behind the slightly shorter young man.


In response, the slightly taller young man yelled out but it was too late. Chu Feng kicked the waist of the slightly shorter young man, and since he was caught off guard, the slightly shorter young man directly fell face first onto the ground.

“Damn you.. mm.”

The slightly shorter young man was incomparably furious as he opened his mouth and he was going to curse, however before he even finished speaking, Chu Feng’s feet already descended from the heavens and landed on top of his brain, ferociously forcing his face into the earth.

“To me, Chu Feng, the ladder to heaven is not for looking. It’s for stepping!”