Chapter 184 - Meeting Yanzi Again

MGA: Chapter 184 - Meeting Yanzi Again

The Twisted Forest was a huge formation and it was laid by the World Spirit Guild when the guild was created. After endless improvements by World Spirit Guild’s experts, the Twisted Forest’s formation could not be deciphered by normal cultivators.

Even World Spiritists could get lost after entering it. If no one led the way, they would have no way of leaving that place and they would starve to death.

Although the Twisted Forest had “forest” in its name, in reality, there were not only trees within it. There were also stone sculptures and iron pillars, but no matter what they were, they had a Spirit Formation laid on it. Without the cultivation of the Profound realm, one should not even think of destroying any grass or wood there. Even experts of the Profound realm had to have a certain level of cultivation and ability.

Chu Feng and the two others walked within the forest. With Chu Feng’s Spirit power and the observation power of the World Spirit Compass, the formation could not obstruct the steps of Chu Feng and the others.

However, before long after they entered, Chu Feng saw a familiar face. It was the Qixing’s disciple who also came from the Azure Province and had his teeth shattered by Chu Feng, Yangzi.

Also, there were four extra people next to Yangzi. The four of them wore the clothing of a first-rate school and their cultivation was not weak either. Three of them were at the 4th level of the Origin realm, and another person was the same as Yangzi, also being at the 5th level of the Origin realm. From their clothing, Chu Feng could tell that they were core disciples of the Lingyun School.

“Chu...Chu Feng!” After seeing Chu Feng, Yangzi was incomparably stunned. He who did not have teeth first strangely yelled then fear filled his face. It could be seen that Chu Feng left quite a huge shadow on him.

“Chu Feng? Yangzi, this is the brat who had horrible behavior and beat you up like this?” After hearing Yangzi’s words, the four others cast their gaze towards Chu Feng and disdainfully looked at him.

It was clear that they had heard of the matter between Chu Feng and Yangzi. However, they showed doubt towards Chu Feng’s cultivation. After all, Yangzi was a person at the 5th level of the Origin realm, and Chu Feng was only at the 1st level of the Origin realm.

“Liu Biao, let’s quickly go.” Yangzi turned around and wanted to leave. He even went and pulled the disciple from the Lingyun School.

“Sigh… Yangzi, what are you doing? Are you really afraid of his brat?” However, Liu Biao flung Yangzi’s hand away and interestingly looked at Chu Feng.

“Yangzi, no need to be afraid. We will take revenge for you.” The other three people already spread apart and laid a strong Spirit Formation to block Chu Feng and the others’ escape.

“Chu Feng, this isn’t good! They are extremely powerful!” While facing that situation, the alluring young female’s face tensed up. The opponents did not conceal their auras and they had quite impressive control over the Spirit Formation, so she lost all confidence.

As for the well-built young man, he had fear and regret all over his face. Naturally, fear because he was scared by Liu Biao, Yangzi, and the others’ might. Regret because he regretted being greedy for conveniences. He wanted to rely on Chu Feng’s methods to pass the Twisted Forest, but he never would have thought that Chu Feng had such huge enemies. They even coincidentally passed that place and dragged him into the mess.

The Twisted Forest was sealed, and things like enemies meeting as they killed each other were not rare. Pretty much no one would investigate that and it was also the most dangerous part of the Twisted Forest.

“Chu Feng, seeing that you are also from the Azure Province, I’ll give you a chance. Beg for forgiveness and shatter your own front teeth, then I’ll spare your life.”

Liu Biao stood from nearby and he was like a king looking down on the petty commoners. Although he said that he would give Chu Feng a chance on the surface, icy cold killing intent was revealed within his gaze.

“That’s fine. Today, we will work together and finish off this brat.” Seeing that Liu Biao and the others were so determined, Yangzi did not escape anymore and he also revealed dense killing intent.

“Doggy, you are quite popular and you actually have a few bad friends. However, from what I see, they won’t be able to help you. Instead, they have harmed you.”

Chu Feng lightly smiled then suddenly waved his big sleeve. An formless hurricane with him as the center spread out and it instantly shattered the Spirit Formation that the three people laid.

“This...” At that instant, everyone on scene was stunned. However, they were even more stunned as after the Spirit Formation was shattered, another strong Spirit Formation was formed and Yangzi and the others were all sealed within.

The strength of that Spirit Formation was clearly multiple times stronger than the one before, and the reason why they were so shocked was because the Spirit Formation was laid by Chu Feng. He did not even move his hand and he controlled the Spirit Formation purely with his Spirit power.

“You want me to shatter my own front teeth? Do you even have the ability to do so?”

With a thought, Chu Feng spread his cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm out without restraint. However, that strong pressure caused every single person in the Spirit Formation to tremble. Even Liu Biao who had a threatening aura before could not remain calm anymore.

“Illusions.. Do you really think I would be tricked by your illusions?”

Liu Biao did not believe that Chu Feng was truly that strong. He raised his palm and his Origin power surged. The well-built young man and the alluring female tightly frowned when facing that might and they quickly hid behind Chu Feng because that attack was not something that they could hold back.

However, the strong attack that was seen by the young man and the young female’s eyes was not even worth mentioning in front of Chu Feng. Without even moving, Chu Feng used the pressure of his 1st level of the Origin realm to dissolve Liu Biao’s attack.

“A bunch of garbage. You want to help others with only this kind of strength?”

“Kneel!” Chu Feng coldly snorted and strengthened the pressure. The formless aura surged within the Spirit Formation and the air even howled strangely from the mad and violent power. Chu Feng finally displayed his true strength.

Under such strong pressure, Liu Biao and the others did not have the atmosphere that they had earlier. With a poof, they knelt on the ground and they could not defend against the pressure. On the other hand, Yangzi was still standing and from that, it meant that Liu Biao and the others’ cultivation was far from Yangzi’s.

“Chu Feng, you...”

While facing that scene, the well-built young man and the alluring young female had wonder all over their faces. Although they did not feel Chu Feng’s pressure from his aura, they could still tell that Chu Feng relied on his personal pressure to forcefully cause three experts at the 4th level of the Origin realm and one person at the 5th level of the Origin realm to kneel on the ground.

“Shatter your own front teeth and I’ll spare your life!” Chu Feng coldly spoke.

“Don’t even think about that!” One of them angrily howled.

“You want to die?” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then flung one of his fingers. A ray of lightning shot out from that finger, and like a sharp sword, it pierced that person’s chest.

“Ahh~~” That person painfully cried out before powerlessly laying on the floor. He did not breathe anymore.

“Chu Feng, you dare to kill us?! You are dead. Our school will not forgive you. Not only you, even your own school will be exterminated.” Seeing that Chu Feng really murdered, the two other people were fearful and afraid.

*bzz* Just after they spoke, two rays of lightning flashed past and the two people fell on the floor.

After using the lightning methods to finish off the three of them, Chu Feng cast his icy gaze towards Liu Biao and Yangzi.

“Chu Feng, spare me! Spare me!! I will not dare to be disrespectful to your master anymore!” Yangzi was so terrified that tears covered his face and he took the initiative to beg at Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I’ll shatter my front teeth! I’ll shatter them right now, so please don’t kill me!” Liu Biao was quite blunt and he raised his hand, then punched his mouth three times. Red blood flowed out after he did that. That was not wretchedness. That was simply sad.

However, Chu Feng’s had no expression on his face as he looked at what the two did, and he coldly said, “Too late!”