Chapter 183 - Twisted Forest

MGA: Chapter 183 - Twisted Forest

“Hmph. Trash.”

The young female who did not speak for a long time shot a glance at the well-built young man as she passed him. She arrived in front of the black iron statue, then suddenly raised her leg and started to attack. The cultivation of the 4th level of the Origin realm was displayed without restraint.

*swoosh swoosh*

The young female’s kicking techniques were quite impressive. They were quick, afterimages were created, and they had strong power. Wind was lifted up and it was not a simple kicking technique. It was a martial skill. A very strong kicking technique martial skill that would not be weaker than rank 4.

*boom* After the fifth kick, a boom rang out and the black iron statue broke into pieces from the young female and the chunks fell to the floor.

“Did you see that? I only need five strikes myself.” The young female smugly shot a glance at the well-built young man.

The face of the young man was currently very ugly. No matter if it was cultivation or methods, she was indeed stronger than him. He could not say anything back even after he was mocked. Who told him to mess around in front of her before right?

“Mm, not bad. Pass.” The World Spirit Guild member nodded his head in satisfaction.

At that instant, of the four people at scene, three of them subconsciously cast their gaze towards Chu Feng. Expectation was filled in the gaze of the well-built young man.

After the young female finished, he felt that he had no more face. However, he knew that he could get back some face from Chu Feng because he could feel that Chu Feng’s cultivation was a mere 1st level of the Origin realm.

The test in front of them had no relation to Spirit Formation techniques and it was only a simple cultivation test. So, the well-built young man felt that with Chu Feng there, he would not lose the most face and he would not be at the bottom.

Under the gazes of the three people, Chu Feng stuck his chest out and raised his head. Without hurrying, he walked in front of the black iron statue. He first opened his five fingers then tightly closed them and after raising his hand, he punched the black iron statue.

Chu Feng’s punch was exceptionally quick. It was truly just like lightning. With a boom, the incomparably hard black iron statue was completely shattered by Chu Feng’s punch. It did not break into pieces. It truly shattered.

“One strike! He only used one strike!”

As they looked at the shattered statue fragments on the floor, all three people who were there were greatly astounded. The young female slightly opened her little mouth in astonishment and her eyes tightly stared at Chu Feng with indescribable shock.

As for the World Spirit Guild elder, his gaze glittered as well and only after a good while did he calm down and slightly nodded. He smiled and said with satisfaction, “Not bad. A hard to find good seedling.”

“How is this possible? This guy is clearly only at the 1st level of the Origin realm. He did not use any martial skill yet he so easily shattered the black iron statue into pieces as if it was nothing?”

However, the one with the most wonderful expression was the well-built young man. No matter what, he would not have thought that Chu Feng who seemed as weak as dregs was strong to that degree.

Even a person at the 5th level of the Origin realm could not necessarily do that. However, Chu Feng who was only at the 1st level of the Origin realm could. What did that mean? Those who had a bit of intelligence could think of the impressiveness within.

After the martial power test, the Spirit Formation technique test followed. The most important parts were the control over the Spirit Formation, the hardness of the Spirit Formation, and the sensitivity of the Spirit power.

At first, what the well-built young man’s attitude towards Chu Feng was that he felt that Chu Feng had strong martial power to the point of abnormality was because he suspected Chu Feng spent most of his time on cultivation. It was possible that he was weaker in terms of Spirit Formation technique when compared to him and the young female.

However, when Chu Feng displayed his methods with the Spirit Formation techniques, no matter if it was the young man or the young female, or even the World Spiritist from the World Spirit Guild, all of them were dumbstruck and they were completely overwhelmed by Chu Feng’s strength.

At the end, the three of them successfully passed the tests and they passed the first stage of the White-cloak Exam. They could take a new badge to leave that place to buy a World Spirit White-cloak.

However, after the exam finished, the World Spiritist from the World Spirit Guild left Chu Feng’s name behind. He also gave Chu Feng an evaluation of “a hard to see genius”.

“Chu Feng bro, your strength truly isn’t fake and I would really kowtow in admiration.”

“Brother Chu Feng, with your strength, you are going to challenge the second stage right? How about...we go together?”

After passing the first stage, the three people walked out the palace. No matter if it was the well-built young man or the alluring young female, both of them started to set up a relationship between them and Chu Feng. The alluring young female even wanted to go together with Chu Feng.

After all, the second stage was the Twisted Forest. Not only did it have high requirements for World Spiritists in all sorts of areas, there was also a certain requirement in terms of martial power because inside the Twisted Forest, the most dangerous things were not mechanisms nor formations. It was people. So, no matter how you saw it, it would be easier for them to pass the stage if they went with Chu Feng.

“Let’s go together then.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and nodded his head.

“That’s great. This second stage is not enough to scare us if we go along with you!” The well-built young man happily laughed.

“Who said that you’re coming?” However, the young female fiercely glared at the young man. In tests like those, every single person would care about themselves more and they would not carry burdens without reason. Within the eyes of the young female, the well-built young man was a burden.

“I...” The well-built young man wanted to say something but he stuffed it back down and disappointment emerged onto his face.

“Meeting is fate, so the three of us can go together.” But just at that time, Chu Feng indifferently spoke.

“Chu Feng bro, you are truly a good person. Don’t worry, I will certainly not drag you two behind.” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the well-built young man rejoiced and gratitude was all over his face. As he felt gratitude, he did not forget to pat his chest to guarantee.

After Chu Feng spoke, even though the young female was not too willing to, she did not say anything more. After all, even she wanted to rely on Chu Feng’s strength to pass the Twisted Forest. Since the person who she was relying on spoke, what right did she have to refuse?

Just like that, after the three of them walked out of the palace, none of them got the badge that represented the passing of the first stage and went go to purchase a World Spirit White-cloak. They only continued deeper in and entered the Twisted Forest.