Chapter 182 - Pinnacle Geniuses

MGA: Chapter 182 - Pinnacle Geniuses

“The Asura Ghost Tower! What a strange name!” Chu Feng acted as if he didn’t understand as he talked to himself.

“This Asura Ghost Tower is not a simple thing. According to rumours, it has over ten thousand years of history. It has treasures contained within it, and the reason why the World Spirit Guild was built here was because they wanted to monopolize the Asura Ghost Tower.”

“For this Asura Ghost Tower, there were plenty of conflicts between the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan.”

“The most recent one was a hundred years ago when geniuses that were unseen for a thousand years appeared in both the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan.”

“Under the guidance of the two geniuses, the people from the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan had an unprecedented flourishing time period. The Spirit Province at that time was named as the strongest within the Nine Provinces.”

“One day, the genius from the Jie Clan led everyone from the Jie Clan to the World Spirit Guild and they swore to retake the Asura Ghost Tower.”

“Neither side backed down and a great battle was going to happen. At that time, if a battle happened, it would undoubtedly cause the entire Spirit Province to collapse because the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan were too strong.”

“However, to avoid unnecessary deaths and injuries, the genius from the World Spirit Guild suggested to have a duel in Spirit Formation techniques against the Jie Clan’s genius. The victor could take over the Asura Ghost Tower.”

“The location of the duel was the Twisted Forest. From what I’ve heard, the Spirit Formation technique that the two people used that day were used to the extreme. Their battle truly caused the sky to dusk and the ground to darken, and the sun nor moon shone.” As he mentioned the past events that happened that year, his hand danced as he gestured all over the place, as if he personally saw everything that happened.

“At the end, who won?” Chu Feng was intrigued on which genius won and which genius lost.

“Sigh.. Both of them lost!” That person shook his head as he sighed while his face had nothing but pity.

“Both of them lost? Both were injured and lost, or was it a tie?” Chu Feng closely asked.

“They were defeated by someone.” That person said.

“Defeated by someone? Weren’t the two people the strongest geniuses at that time? How could they be defeated by someone?” Chu Feng also felt quite shocked.

From what the young man said, the two geniuses were very impressive existences. How could they have been defeated? How strong would the person who defeated them be?

“They were indeed defeated, but they were defeated by a World Spiritist that did not belong to the Spirit Province. The age of that World Spiritist was even younger than the geniuses from the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan. A genius amongst geniuses.” The young man narrated.

“That strong? Who was that person called? Did anyone know where that person came from?” Chu Feng was instantly curious as to who that person was. That person was truly strong if he was able to defeat two pinnacle geniuses by himself.

“No one knew what he was called nor did anyone know where he came from. They only knew that his cultivation was impressive, and his Spirit Formation technique could be said to be perfect.”

“However, he had a special characteristic, and it was that he had a pair of sharp ears. His pupils were red, and he had a mouthful of sharp teeth.”

“Because his appearance was special, some people even suspected that he was a Monstrous Beast. However, it is a taboo for Monstrous Beasts to cultivate in Spirit Formation techniques. So, even more people felt that his appearance was just a bit strange.”

“It is impossible for such a strong person to be so nameless. If he was still alive, his name should have shaken the world. How is it possible that no one knows what he is called?” Chu Feng was very confused.

“You are correct. In that year when he defeated both the peak geniuses of the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan, he got the rights over the Asura Ghost Tower. He already shook the Nine Provinces and even the Jiang Dynasty wanted to rope him in with them and start friendly relationships.”

“But sadly, soon after he defeated the two geniuses, he completely disappeared and he never appeared again. So naturally, no one would know his name and he was extremely mysterious.”

“As for the two geniuses, since they were defeated, they were dispirited and they both secluded themselves. They still haven’t come out today, but with the talent that the two of them had that year, I’m sure that they must be even more impressive today.”

“Exactly because of the existences of those two people, very few people dare to invade the Spirit Province because they felt that if the two people came out, within the Nine Provinces, the Spirit Province could certainly still be ranked as first.”

“What are those two geniuses called?”

“The one from the Jie Clan is called Jie Shi.”

“The one from the World Spirit Guild is called Gu Tian Chen.”

“However, even if the two people are still alive right now, they would be old man who were at the end of their life. I wonder if the glory of the two people could still be seen.”

“Ahh...What a shame. The two geniuses that couldn’t be met in a thousand years were dispirited just like that.” As a person from the Spirit Province, that young man clearly felt that the two geniuses being disheartened was quite a pity.

“It is indeed a shame, but I feel more pity towards the mysterious person who defeated the two people. After all, with his strength, he should not be unknown.” Chu Feng said.

After waiting a good four hours, the so-called World Spiritist White-cloak Exam finally started. There were innumerable doors in the vast palace. Under the arrangement of the World Spirit Guild, Chu Feng and two others formed a group and entered a room.

After entering the room, a square palace appeared. There was another door on the other side of the palace. In front of the door was a person, and it was a middle-aged man with a grey-coloured cloak. Obviously, he was a Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

There were three human-shaped statues in the middle of the palace. They were made with black iron and there was a simple Spirit Formation laid on it. They were a lot more hard than normal black iron.

“Shatter a statue. The amount of strikes will be in the single-digits. The faster it is shattered, the higher the points.” The middle-aged man flatly said.

“I’ll go first. I only need ten strikes to take care of this thing.” The young man to Chu Feng’s left walked over.

[TN: In terms of Chinese character, ten is “十”, whereas eleven is “十一”, so ten strikes are still “single-digits”.]

That person was quite healthy and he was two meters tall. His arm muscles were even thicker than Chu Feng’s thigh and from his appearance, he looked like an big adult man.

He arrived in front of the statue. First, he warmed his body up a bit and clear sounds of knuckles cracking were emitted. After that, he fiercely used strength and emanated his aura which was at the 3rd level of the Origin realm. Then, he continuously threw the fists out that were as big as sandbags.

*clang clang clang clang*

The fists landed on the statue and they made noises of steel colliding with one another. There were even sparks. After the tenth fist landed, a crack really did appear on the statue and the crack quickly spread. At the end, the statue split into two and it landed on the floor.

At that instant, the well-built young man spun around and smiled proudly at Chu Feng and the young female who was to Chu Feng’s right.

Actually, he was mainly smiling to that young female. Although she wasn’t any great beauty, she was still quite pretty. The two round things that were worthy of being proud of in front of her chest clearly suited the well-built young man’s taste.

The well-built young man showed two rows of bright white teeth towards the young female. He even did some impressive actions with his strong muscles, but they did not do anything as the young female did not even look at him. However, he was not disappointed and he continued to do those attracting actions.

“A bare pass.”

However, when such an evaluation came from behind, the face of the well-built young man instantly went stiff and the corner of his mouth twitched.