Chapter 181 - Asura Ghost Tower

MGA: Chapter 181 - Asura Ghost Tower

“These geniuses have not been seen in the past few exams, but I never would have thought that they all appeared in this one. Is today some sort of special day?” As someone yelled out, they did not forget to add in their speculation.

“Yeah, even Gu Bo appeared. He is the number one person in the young generation within the World Spirit Guild. He is only sixteen years old and he is already at the 7th level of the Origin realm. According to rumours, his attainment in the Spirit Formation technique cannot be compared by anyone.”

Even more people’s gazes were gathered on the young man who led the group of geniuses. That young man was as pretty as a female and there was an amiable smile on his face which was not forced at all.

“Gu Bo, you’ve finally decided to participate in the White-cloak Exam?” Just at that time, another clear voice suddenly rang out. Looking over, a group of young males and females who wore black clothes also walked into the hall.

The group of young males and females had around a hundred people. They were also the dragons and phoenixes within men and women. Not only was the number of people no less than the geniuses in the World Spirit Guild, their cultivation was not inferior as well.

The young man who led was exactly the same as Gu Bo, being also at the 7th level of the Origin realm. Their ages were also extremely similar, seeming that he was also sixteen years old.

However, when the group of young males and females were compared to the geniuses from the World Spirit Guild, there was a sharp contrast. They did not have a single trace of smile on their faces and they only had faces of proudness.

“It’s the geniuses of the Jie Clan! They are also joining the White-cloak Exam? What day is today?”

“Is that person the number one person in the young generation of the Jie Clan, Jie Bufan?”

The appearance of the young males and females raised another huge reaction from the crowd. They were the people from the ancient genius clan, the Jie Clan.

“Jie Bufan. A hundred years ago, the seniors of my World Spirit Guild had a Spirit Formation contest in the Twisted Forest with your Jie Clan, but ended up with a tie.”

“Today, the young generation from both your side and mine are gathering here again. This is truly fate.” Gu Bo smiled and said.

“Less of this. On that year, if that mysterious person did not come in to meddle, my Jie Clan would have beaten your World Spirit Guild.”

“It is not fate that we meet here today. It is the contest between the two young generations. You and I both know that in our hearts, so there is no need to act.” Jie Bufan coldly snorted and said.

“You Jie guy, what are you being crazy for? Today, the Asura Ghost Tower will press you down and none of you will even be able to go onto the fourth floor.” A young man in the World Spirit Guild yelled displeasedly.

“The fourth floor? Are you going there?” Jie Bufan sneered and said.

“I...” That young man’s expression changed and he was slightly speechless.

“The trash should shut up. Mentioning the fourth floor with me… It would be luck if you could even go onto the third floor.” Jie Bufan had disdain all over his face.

“True, I can’t go onto the fourth floor, but Gu Bo certainly can. He will press you to death on the fourth floor.” The young man rebuked.

“Gu Bo? I do believe that Gu Bo can, but regrettably, my target is the fifth floor. Gu Bo, do you dare to come?” Jie Bufan asked.

“I’ll see you on the fifth floor.” Gu Bo lightly smiled and spoke no more. He led the geniuses from the World Spirit Guild into a luxurious room. It was a resting place, however, not just anyone could enter that area.

As they saw the geniuses walking over, the people from the World Spirit Guild nodded and bent over towards Gu Bo and the others. It could be seen that not only were their talent not bad, their statuses were quite something as well. Or else, how would the experts be so polite to them?

“Let’s go.” Jie Bufan also took out a special badge and walked towards another luxurious resting room in the hall. As they faced that group, the people from the World Spirit Guild did not dare to be disrespectful as well.

“So today is the great battle that happened between the World Spirit Guild and the Jie Clan a hundred years ago? No wonder. No wonder so many geniuses have gathered here today.”

“It seems that there will be good things to see today. But sadly, it would very hard for us to arrive to that Asura Ghost Tower.” After the group of geniuses walked away, the crowd started their discussions once again.

“Big bro, what is the Twisted Forest? And what about the Asura Ghost Tower? How about the several floors that they talked about?” Chu Feng curiously asked.

“You don’t even know this? This is the first time that you’ve been in the Spirit Province right?” That young man looked at Chu Feng strangely.

“Yeah, I came from the Azure Province.” Chu Feng smiled at the harmless person.

“Azure Province...That’s still quite close, but after all, those who aren’t from the Spirit Province cannot be blamed for not knowing this.”

“I’ll tell you about it. There are three stages to this White-cloak Exam. The first is the Spirit Formation control, and the examination is about the controlling ability over one’s Spirit Formation. To pass the first stage, you only need to be able to use the Spirit Formation technique and it isn’t hard to pass that.”

“The harder one is the second stage, the Twisted Forest. The Twisted Forest is a huge formation by itself. There aren’t any mechanisms within it, however, the fog is extremely dense there and the examination is about the World Spiritist’s observation power.”

“As long as you can pass the Twisted Forest, the World Spirit White-cloak will be free and there will even be a reward. Everyone who pass that stage can get a single Spirit Fruit seed.”

“Spirit Fruit seed?”

“That’s right, it is the seed of a Spirit Fruit. This Spirit Fruit seed is quite a good thing, It can make one’s Spirit Formation power even purer and their Spirit power even stronger.”

“However, after all, it is only a seed and the power it contains is limited. So, if they are willing to, they can enter the third stage, and that’s the Asura Ghost Tower!”

“The Asura Ghost Tower contains Spirit Pressure. The Spirit Pressure can quickly speed up the growth of the Spirit Fruit seed.”

“From what I’ve heard, the second floor will make the Spirit Fruit Seed sprout; the third floor will make it grow branches and leaves; the fourth floor will make it blossom; the fifth floor will make it bear fruit; and the sixth floor will ripen the Spirit Fruit.”

“However, the Spirit Pressure is detrimental to the human body so it has to be held off with Spirit power. There are extremely high Spirit power requirements. Not how much they have, but their quality. One’s willpower.”

“The Spirit Pressure can be said to be a test about a World Spiritist’s talent. Up until now, there hasn’t been anyone who could reach the sixth floor and those who stepped onto the fifth floor are already true geniuses.” That person explained to Chu Feng.

“This is really great.”

Chu Feng rejoiced in his heart. He never would have thought that the reward for the second stage in the exam was the Spirit Fruit seed he wanted. As long as he went onto the Asura Ghost Tower, he could let the seed grow.

He only needed to step onto the sixth floor in order for the seed to grow and bear ripe fruit. Which also meant that Chu Feng could save Eggy. How could he not be happy?

However, the name “Asura Ghost Tower” caused Chu Feng to raise a thought. He clearly remembered when Eggy displayed her special power, she mentioned the word “Asura”.