Chapter 180 - The Arrival of Geniuses

MGA: Chapter 180 - The Arrival of Geniuses

“This trash!”

Qixing was furious as he saw his disciple who was at the 5th level of the Origin realm being beaten by Chu Feng who was at the 1st level of the Origin realm. However, even if he cursed like that on the surface, he had no hesitation. As his master, he would not just stare as his disciple died.

“Hey, Qixing. This is the fight between the disciples. What are you doing?” However, just as Qixing raised his hand, Zhuge Liuyun’s palm grasped his wrist and stopped his attack.

“Old guy Zhuge, get out of my way!”

Qixing waved his arm and wanted to fling Zhuge Liuyun away. However, he could not do anything about Zhuge Liuyun’s hand. It was as firm as a boulder and it was just like a pair of iron pliers as it solidly locked his wrist. Qixing had no way of moving it.

“You shameless thing. Move to the side and quietly watch.” Zhuge Liuyun coldly snorted and suddenly flung. Qixing landed face first and he fiercely laid on the ground.

“ entered the 6th level of the Profound realm!”

Qixing was endlessly shocked because he never would have thought that the “defeated general” that year surpassed him today and became an expert of the 6th level of the Profound realm.

It was hard for Qixing to accept that. As a guest elder in a first-rate school, he got extremely generous offerings. With those offerings, his cultivation also increased rapidly and he was an expert of the 5th level of the Profound realm.

However, he did not expect that Zhuge Liuyun who was a guest elder in a second-rate school would be at the 6th level of the Profound realm. That defied common sense.

“Feng'er, you can stop after a bit more. Leave his dog life for him!“ Zhuge Liuyun did not pay any attention to Qixing as he yelled at Chu Feng who was within the Spirit Formation.

“Yes sir.”

Chu Feng already disintegrated Yangzi’s Spirit Formation. Originally, he wanted to kill him but after hearing Zhuge Liuyun’s words, he dissolved the golden-coloured arrows that would have killed Yangzi.

“Get up.”

Although he spared Yangzi’s life, Chu Feng did not plan to let him go just like that. He walked in front of Yangzi, and pulled him up as he was completely exhausted with a pale face.

“What...What are you planning to do?!”

“I am a core disciple of the first-rate school, the Huayang School! If you dare to kill me, my school will not forgive you.” Yangzi already lost all the arrogance he had earlier and his eyes were filled with fear.

“Damn you!” Chu Feng didn’t even bother to listen to his meaningless words and punched Yangzi’s mouth. After the punch landed on his face, the ground was covered with teeth. A mouthful of Yangzi’s teeth were broken by Chu Feng.

“Mm.” Yangzi covered the mouth that had blood flowing out of it as he looked at the shattered teeth on the ground. He wished to cry, yet there were no tears. Without even teeth, how could he face anyone after he returned to the Huayang School?

“Go over to the side to cry!”

As he looked at Yangzi who almost seemed to cry, Chu Feng raised his leg and kicked Yangzi into a corner, Then, he pointed at him and said, “Pay attention to how you speak in the future. You cannot speak like that to just anyone.”

“Haha! Whatever Feng'er. It’s normal for wild dogs to bite people and it’s fine after a beating. No need to lower yourself to his level.”

Zhuge Liuyun’s mood was great as he saw his own disciple win so quickly. He felt quite comfortable, and after releasing the Spirit Formation, he brought Chu Feng to the examination location.

“Feng'er, that was beautifully done. The face that I lost that year has been retrieved by you.” They arrived at the examination location, but Zhuge Liuyun did not forget to praise Chu Feng. He was really quite happy.

“Master, your strength far exceeds him. I know that you didn’t lower yourself to him because you didn’t want to bully a crippled person.” Chu Feng chuckled and said.

“You really know how to speak, but on that year, I really did lose.”

“I lost, so I lost. I lost in the White-cloak Exam. On that year, if he did not obstruct me, perhaps I could see what the second stage was like.” Zhuge Liuyun felt a bit of regret as he mentioned the matter of that year.

“Master, don’t worry. I will help you finish your unfinished dream. I will pass the second stage and get the World Spirit White-cloak with my own abilities. I won’t let you spend a single penny on me.” Chu Feng was full of confidence.

“Good! You have ambition! If you can pass that exam, I’ll give the thousand Origin beads for you. Use it when you get a wife in the future.” Zhuge Liuyun patted Chu Feng’s shoulders. He liked his disciple more and more.

“Heh, thank you master.” Chu Feng’s smile was very dazzling. He felt quite close to Zhuge Liuyun as he looked at his kind appearance and at the attitude he treated himself.

Since the World Spirit Guild did not allow the entrance of random people, Chu Feng could only enter by himself in order to participate in the White-cloak Exam.

As he held the qualification badge, Chu Feng entered the World Spirit Guild and he stepped into the huge city that was as vast as a kingdom. After layers of inspection, Chu Feng arrived within a grand palace.

It was truly an incomparably grand palace. The pillars in the main hall were so thick that even if ten people formed a circle arround it, they could not surround it. They were several hundred meters high and they were almost going to link to the heavens. That did not even seem like a palace. It was more like a castle. It was too huge.

People from the World Spirit Guild stood everywhere in the palace. Every single one of them were White-cloak World Spiritists and their auras could not be detected. However, they were certainly experts and the World Spirit Guild symbol on their arms seized people’s attention.

People formed mountains and oceans in the center of the main hall. There were at least a thousand or so people there and they were all young. The oldest was not over twenty years old. There were geniuses everywhere and their cultivation were not weak either.

To know that the reason why Leng Wuzui was called a genius in the Azure Dragon School was because he had Spirit power, which not one within ten thousand people had.

However, at that instant and at that place, within the main hall, there were over a thousand people who were similar in terms of age with Chu Feng yet also had Spirit power. That scene would really make one sigh in admiration.

But thinking about it in more detail, it could be understood. After all, geniuses from all the provinces in the Nine Provinces were gathered there. Because the Azure Province lacked people with Spirit power did not mean that the other provinces were like that as well.

“Look, it’s the geniuses of the World Spirit Guild!” Suddenly, someone yelled out and following that, everyone’s gazes were cast over.

Dozens of young males and females were slowly walking over. Every single one of them wore a golden-coloured robe and it was quite dazzling. Also, the World Spirit Guild symbol was on their left arms.

The males were quite pretty and handsome, while the females were sweet and gorgeous. Every single person had a grand atmosphere. The weakest cultivation was only the 5th level of the Origin realm, whereas the strongest was the 7th level of the Origin realm.

From the people’s discussions, Chu Feng also learnt where the group of people came from. They were the geniuses of the World Spirit Guild. However, their talent wasn’t shown by their cultivation but by their comprehension in the power of Spirit Formation. Accordingly, some people even made a contract with a World Spirit and they were truly worthy of being a World Spiritist genius.