Chapter 179 - Chu Feng Displaying His Might

MGA: Chapter 179 - Chu Feng Displaying His Might

“Master, that cripple is correct, It is better if the World Spirit Guild’s property is not damaged.”

“So, just in case. Master, you should also put a layer of Spirit Formation down. I’m worried that the cripple laid an incomplete Spirit Formation that would be broken by me.”

Chu Feng loudly said that and Qixing’s eyebrows slanted inwards as he heard “cripple” here and there and he scowled from anger. However, as he thought about his disciple beating Chu Feng up for him, he suppressed his flames of fury.

“Mm. I’ll listen to you!”

Zhuge Liuyun who understood Chu Feng a bit naturally knew what Chu Feng wanted to covey. Without delay, he continuously laid three more layers of Spirit Formation and tightly locked Chu Feng and Yangzi in from under their feet to above their heads. Although it would be hard for them to get themselves out, it was also hard for others to get themselves in.

“Come, doggy. Let me see your flowery fists and fancy kicking!” Chu Feng did a hand gesture towards Yangzi.

[TN: Doggy -> Gou (dog) + Zi, a joke on Yangzi’s name.]

“Damn your doggy!” After being called like that by Chu Feng, Yangzi was enraged. He threw out a fist and Origin power condensed as the fist flew in the air towards Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng did not even move an inch when facing his attack. He did not even blink as he used the power of Spirit Formation with a thought. A Spirit Formation wall formed a meter in front of him.


A boom resonated and ripples exploded, but Chu Feng was not affected in the slightest. The Spirit Formation he laid easily blocked Yangzi’s attack.

“Quite a fine method. This boy has a good future.”

That area was originally a city so there were a lot of passersby. When they saw that two young people were having a fight, naturally, many people stopped their steps to watch.

After seeing Chu Feng so naturally use the Spirit Formation at his age, many sighs of admiration sounded out.

“Yangzi, do not show mercy and fiercely attack!” As he saw the observers praising Chu Feng, Qixing could not remain silent and he yelled out as he ignored his own situation.

“Damn brat, let’s see how you’re going to block this.”

Yangzi spread his legs apart and went into a horse stance. As he tightly clenched both of his fists, strong Origin power surged around him and it had quite a powerful force. If the Spirit Formation wasn’t there to hold it down, it would certainly have raised quite a bit of sand and stones.

Power storage. That power storage was not simple and he was preparing for a strong martial skill. As for how strong it was, it would undoubtedly not be lower than a rank 5 martial skill.

“Haa~~” Suddenly, Yangzi explosively yelled and he attacked. At the same time that he attacked, he even yelled, “Heaven Dog’s Meteor Fist!!”


When that fist came out, it shook the world and the howling that was like a group of dogs yelling endlessly shocked everyone. So the mysteriousness of the Heaven Dog’s Meteor Fist attacked you with noise pollution that was like the howling of wild dogs.

Although the dog howling sounds that the fist made could already be said to contain extremely strong power of harming and people could not hold that back, the strongest power of harming was still within the essence of the fist.

The meteor-like fists flew towards Chu Feng and the might and power were not to be underestimated. Even a small mountain or a palace would be demolished by the meteor fists.

However, his opponent was Chu Feng. He did not dodge or avoid it. He only relied on the Spirit Formation in front of him to block Yangzi’s strong attacks.

*boom boom boom boom boom* When every fist touched the Spirit Formation, they were like fireworks as they exploded beautifully on the Spirit Formation.

However, the endless ripples and the endless fists had no way of even moving that Spirit Formation. Not to mention breaking it, there weren’t even any small cracks.

“That isn’t simple. The martial skill that the boy is using is at least a rank 5 one and he used a minimum of 90% of its power.”

“However, that martial skill has no way of even moving that young man’s Spirit Formation. it can be seen how high quality that Spirit Formation is.” The observing crowd sighed in admiration once again because Chu Feng’s performance was truly eye-grabbing.

“That isn’t even anything. The quality of my disciple’s Spirit Formation certainly surpasses his. It cannot be said that the boy is strong. It can only be said that his opponent is too weak.” However, some people who were not considerative spoke the truth.

As he listened to the surrounding discussions that were completely leaning towards Chu Feng and when some voices even belittled his own disciple, Qixing circled back and forth in anger.

However, he did not lash out because that place wasn’t the Azure Province. It was the World Spirit Guild and there were countless experts there. He did not dare to easily offend anyone.

As he could do nothing about him, Qixing could only direct his rage at his own disciple as he roared, “Yangzi you garbage! What are you thinking? Someone at the 5th level of the Origin realm can’t beat a person who is at the 1st level of the Origin realm?! Did you take the things that I taught you as fart?!”

“Doggy, your master is raging so isn’t it time to use your specialty?” Chu Feng was quite relaxed as he stood behind the Spirit Formation.

“Damn you. I’ll rip your mouth off.” Yangzi was completely enraged. He simply stopped attacking and didn’t use any martial skills anymore. He stepped forward and he wanted to have a close physical battle.



However, just at that time, Chu Feng clenched his left hand and a golden-coloured spear appeared in his hand. He threw it towards Yangzi.

*hmm* The golden-coloured spear contained extremely strong Origin power. As it howled past, even the air exploded and it was as though the spear could pierce anything.

“Hmph. Don’t even think of injuring me with a mere rank 5 martial skill!” Seeing that Chu Feng started to attack, Yangzi was not afraid as well and he stood where he was. His arms waved as he set up a Spirit Formation wall and put it in front of himself.


The golden spear was thrown and ripples went in all directions as it was stopped by the Spirit Formation. However, looking back at the Spirit formation, it was heavily damaged with cracks everywhere. It looked like a mirror that was smashed by a big rock.

“Ah.. The difference is too big. The quality of that boy’s Spirit Formation is too far off from that young man’s.” Seeing that, the observing people all sighed and shook their heads, hiddingly indicating that Yangzi’s Spirit Formation did not pass.

“Heh, take another spear.” Chu Feng was quite proud of himself as he raised his hand to throw another.

*bang* Another golden spear exploded as it forcefully shattered the Spirit Formation and it continued towards Yangzi’s.

*hmm* Yangzi was greatly shocked and as he backed away in alarm, he laid another Spirit Formation again and he was able to block Chu Feng’s attack. However, cracks also appeared on that Spirit Formation.

“Slightly interesting, but can you still block the following?”

Chu Feng held a bow in his left hand and his right hand pulled the string. The sound of the bowstring rang out and noise of the arrows were like rain. With whooshes that tore through the air, the densely packed golden-coloured arrows pressed their way towards Yangzi.

“How is this possible? He is clearly only at the 1st level of the Origin realm. How can he use such a powerful martial skill?”

Yangzi panicked. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to counterattack, he had no methods to do that. Under that situation, the only thing he could do was to keep on laying Spirit Formations to block Chu Feng’s attacks.

However, even if Spirit Formations was infinite, Spirit power wasn’t. Under Chu Feng’s storm-like attacks, Yangzi was quickly exhausted and he could only barely brace it.

Although he was forcibly holding it back, Chu Feng’s attacks got stronger and stronger. As he felt that he was unable to block the strikes soon, Yangzi loudly yelled, “Master save me!!”