Chapter 178 - Qixing Old Man

MGA: Chapter 178 - Qixing Old Man

“World Spirit Grey-cloak… I haven’t been in the Grey-cloak Exam before since it is not something that ordinary World Spiritists can participate in. Besides, having the World Spirit Grey-cloak is an extreme high honor for World Spiritists, so why would it be sold?“ Zhuge Liuyun shook his head.

“But what if someone wanted to sell it? For example, if someone had an extra World Spirit Grey-cloak that they wanted to sell, how much would it cost?” Chu Feng was extremely curious because he did have a Grey-cloak in his hands.

“That’s quite hard to say. After all, normal people don’t have much use for World Spirit Grey-cloaks, and even if someone wanted to buy it, it would need to be a World Spiritist.”

“However, according to the difficulty of the Grey-cloak Exam, the price for the World Spirit Grey-cloak would be reasonable even if it was counted with Profound beads as the unit. Roughly one thousand Profound beads.” Zhuge Liuyun said.

“One thousand Profound beads!” Chu Feng was incomparably happy. That was certainly a huge number.

If a single Profound bead was equivalent to a thousand Origin beads, one thousand Profound beads was equivalent to a million Origin beads. A million Origin beads!

Even if Chu Feng’s Godly Lightning got anymore greedy, that amount would definitely be enough for it to eat for a while. Who knew what Chu Feng’s cultivation would reach after consuming the million Origin beads.

“A thousand Profound beads isn’t a small number. Even to me, the thousand Origin beads that I prepared for you today is everything I have.”

“A thousand Profound beads.. World Spiritists that can pay that amount would not spend it to buy the World Spirit Grey-cloak, and they would just rely on their own strength to get it because they should be able to.”

As Chu Feng’s imagination went wild as he planned how he would sell that World Spiriti Grey-cloak, Zhuge Liuyun splashed a bucket of cold water onto Chu Feg.

However, after thinking in more detail, a thousand Profound beads was truly a huge number, no matter who it was. If their background wasn’t impressive, then they must have outstanding strength in order to be so wealthy.

The more he knew about the price of the World Spirit Grey-cloak, the more Chu Feng felt that the purple-clothed girl was extraordinary. It could be seen how impressive she was in order to be a Grey-cloak World Spiritist at that age.

If she did not appear that day and if Chu Feng only used his tiny bit of Spirit Formation power, he would most likely be unable to release the peerless Secret Skill, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

“So master, does that mean after passing the first stage, there’s a second stage?” Chu Feng asked again.

“That’s right, there is a second stage. After passing the second stage, not only will the World Spirit White-cloak be free, there will even be a reward.”

“However, that stage cannot be passed by normal people. Back in my days, I was unable to pass that stage.” Zhuge Liuyun shook his head and said.

“Oh? I’m not mistaken am I? It’s Zhuge Liuyun!” Just at that time, a strange voice suddenly rang out.

Looking over, a short old man who wore a white cloak was walking towards Chu Feng and Zhuge Liuyun. As he walked, he was limping. He seemed to be a slightly disabled person.

There was even a young man behind the limping old man. He was older than Chu Feng, being around seventeen years old and arrogance was all over his face. The gaze that he looked at Chu Feng with was full of contempt, as if he himself had a few extra legs than others.

“So it’s Qixing. I haven’t seen you in a good while.” After seeing the limping old man, Zhuge Liuyun’s expression was quite ugly.

“Haha, it really is you. Old guy Zhuge, I heard that you became a guest elder at the Azure Dragon School?” Qixin smiled and said with mock.

Zhuge Liuyun smiled as he silently admitted to it. However, he did not expect that Qixing would be even more undue as he loudly said,

“Tsk tsk tsk, no matter how you say it, you are still a World Spiritist. How can you be so low as to be a guest elder at a tiny little second-rate school?”

“Perhaps his ability is insufficient and first-rate schools don’t accept him.” Just at that time, the young man behind Qixing spoke.

“If you dare speak a single extra word, do you believe that I will cripple you?!” After hearing that, Chu Feng could not remain silent as he pointed at the young man and coldly yelled.

“Oh? Where did this little brat come from? So disrespectful. Old guy Zhuge, he isn’t your disciple is he?” Qixing looked at Chu Feng and all sorts of disdain emerged into his eyes.

“Qixing, mind how you speak. Although I was defeated by you in that year, that does not mean that I am afraid of you now.” Zhuge Liuyun’s face finally sank as well.

“Old guy Zhuge, what attitude is this? Do you want to lose to me once again?” Qixing sneered and said.

“Why not give it a try?” Zhuge Liuyun’s aura revolved and the air around him shifted.

“Ahh, but what is there to try between the two of us? Let’s make it more interesting and let our disciples give it a go.”

However, Qixing’s gaze locked onto Chu Feng and a despicable smile that did not match his age hung on the corner of his mouth.

He could already tell that Chu Feng was a cultivator at the 1st level of the Origin realm. With that cultivation, his disciple could completely suppress Chu Feng without any pressure at all.

Zhuge Liuyun did not reply and he only looked at Chu Feng because Qixing’s disciple had the cultivation of the 5th level of the Origin realm.

Although he had the same cultivation as Wu Jiu, after all, he was a World Spiritist and a core disciple in a first-rate school. Naturally, he could not be compared to Wu Jiu so Zhuge Liuyun let Chu Feng decide.

“Master, I beg you. Let me teach this ignorant thing a lesson.” Chu Feng said.

“That’s fine. Feng'er, go exchange some blows with him.” Zhuge Liuyun nodded in satisfaction. He liked Chu Feng who was not afraid of the heavens nor the earth.

“Exchange blows? Fists and feet do not have eyes, so torn tendons or broken bones cannot be blamed on anyone.” Qixing was very confident in his disciple.

“I can already see your disciple being injured severely.” Zhuge Liuyun also had plenty of confidence in Chu Feng.

“Hmph. Let’s see if your disciple has that ability. Yangzi, go give him a taste of pain.” Qixing coldly snorted.

“Yes sir.” The young man called Yangzi first walked over to a wide area. He arrogantly formed his hand into a hook, indicating Chu Feng to go over.

*hmm* Just as Chu Feng went over, with a thought from Qixing, he put out a layer of strong Spirit Formation and surrounded Chu Feng and Yangzi within it.

“Qixing, what are you doing?” Seeing that, Zhuge Liuyun angrily bellowed.

“Old guy Zhuge, what are you worried about? This is the property of the World Spirit Guild. I put down the Spirit Formation because I don’t want the two children breaking anything here.”

Qixing cunningly said that, however he was clearly shooting an eye expression at Yangzi. Yangzi understood it as he smiled, and the gaze towards Chu Feng became more dark and fierce.