Chapter 175 - Spirit Province

MGA: Chapter 175 - Spirit Province

“There are endless and neverending benefits that World Spirits can get from the world of living. For example, other than the basic Source energy which can raise their cultivation, there are also many other things that could strengthen their bodies, or even things like special blood.”

“Like you said, after the World Spirit gets injured, disappears from the Spiritual World, and has no way to contact the World Spiritist, what should you do? Actually, there are methods.”

“From what I know, there’s a special fruit called the Spirit Fruit. The Spirit Fruit has a certain effect for World Spiritists. They can increase the quality of their Spirit Formation and also strengthen the power of their Spirit power. However, it has an even greater effect for World Spirits, and that is to be able to replenish their power.”

“Spirit Fruit? Where does that thing exist? Where can you buy it at?” Chu Feng rejoiced, and it was as though the clouds were pushed to the side and the sun could be seen. He finally saw the hope for saving Eggy.

“Do you think such a precious thing like Spirit Fruits can be bought? But from what I know, in the Nine Provinces, there is indeed a place where there are Spirit Fruits.” Zhuge Liuyun said.

“Where?” Chu Feng closely asked.

“The Spirit Province!”

“The Spirit Province?”

“That’s right. The Spirit Province is one of the nine provinces of the Nine Provinces.”

“There’s a World Spirit Guild there, and the World Spirit Guild can be said to be the area where the most number of World Spiritists gather within the Nine Provinces. At that area, World Spiritists can gain a lot of good things.”

“Within the World Spirit Guild, there’s a special fruit planted there, and that would be the Spirit Fruit.” Zhuge Liuyun said.

“Spirit Province? Master, what’s the distance between there and the Azure Province?” Chu Feng anxiously asked. Although he had some idea about the Azure Province, he did not know a lot about the Nine Provinces.

“The Spirit Province and the Azure Province are neighbours. Although the road isn’t too near, if we go back and return, half a month would be enough.” Zhuge Liuyun smiled, then asked Chu Feng, “You like this Spirit Fruit quite a bit huh?”

“Of course I like it. Didn’t you say that the Spirit Fruit would increase one’s Spirit Formation quality and Spirit power as well?” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“Mm. Of course. But on that topic, with your current proficiency in the Spirit Formation technique, it’s time to take an exam for a white-cloak.” Zhuge Liuyun said.

“White-cloak? The white-cloak you’re wearing? What use does it have?” Chu Feng asked even though he knew.

“Haha, you wouldn’t know about this! This is a symbol of a World Spiritist’s status and strength. If you want to get such recognition, you would need to take an exam to get it with your own strength.”

“According to the strength of the World Spiritist, there are three types of World Spiritist levels. White-cloak, Grey-cloak, and Blue-cloak.”

“The White-cloak is the easiest to get. From what you can do right now, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get a white-cloak and become a White-cloak World Spiritist.”

“When compared to the white-cloak, the grey-cloak is a lot harder. There are essence requirements for the Spirit Formation power, and within the Azure Province, there are no more than two Grey-cloak World Spiritists.”

“The first is the World Spiritist in the #1 school, the Lingyun School; and the other one is the World Spiritist in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.” Zhuge Liuyun said extremely solemnly. As he mentioned those two people, he could not avoid having some respect in his tone.

“What? There are no more than two Grey-cloak World Spiritists and they have such impressive statuses?” Chu Feng was greatly shocked in his heart because the girl he saw in the White Tiger Mountain Range was clearly also a Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

“As for the Blue-cloak World Spiritist, those people are like legends. There is no one like that in the Azure Province, and there aren’t even any in the other provinces. Only the Spirit Province has such a legendary World Spiritist.” Zhuge Liuyun continued saying.

However, after comparing what Zhuge Liuyun said to what Eggy said, there were two less types. They were the Purple-cloak after the Blue-cloak, and also the Gold-cloak. From that, it could be seen that in terms of experience, Eggy was superior to Zhuge Liuyun.

“Why do so many World Spiritists gather in the Spirit Province? Is there something special about it?” Chu Feng muttered to himself.

“You are correct. The Spirit Province could be said to be the sacred land of World Spiritists. The two strongest World Spiritist powers in the Nine Provinces are located there. The first one is the World Spirit Guild and the strongest World Spiritists in the Nine Provinces are gathered there. All exams for the statuses of World Spiritists need to be done there.”

“The other one is the Jie Clan. Although the Jie Clan isn’t as big as the World Spirit Guild, every single clan member are born with Spirit power and they are quite an impressive, noble clan.”

“According to rumours, they were the masters of the Spirit Province, but because there were too few clan members, the power to govern was slowly given to the World Spirit Guild. However, they are still a power that cannot be underestimated and the two of them share the sacred land of the Spirit Province.” Zhuge Liuyun said.

“I see. It seems like the world is really quite huge. There is even such a special clan, and every clan member is born with Spirit power.”

Chu Feng hiddenly sighed in admiration. Not one in ten thousand had Spirit power, and in the Azure Province, every person who had Spirit power were viewed as a genius.

But he never would have thought that there was such an impressive clan in his neighbouring province. Every single clan member had Spirit power. What kind of idea was that, and how strong would that clan be?

“Ho.. You are correct. The world is huge and there are countless powerful people in it. There are many clans with special blood, and other than the Jie Clan in the Spirit Province, there is an even stronger clan in the Nine Provinces.” Zhuge Liuyun said.

“An even stronger clan? Master, what clan is that?” Chu Feng was extremely curious. The Jie Clan could already make one shocked. What would a clan that was even stronger than that look like?

“It is the current overlord of the Nine Provinces, the Jiang Dynasty. The Jiang Dynasty is a special clan.”

“The reason why they called themself as the Jiang Dynasty is because every single person in the Jiang Dynasty has strong power from their blood. They have terrifying battle prowess that normal people do not have. That is also why the Jiang Dynasty can be the overlord of the Nine Provinces for so long and not wither away.” Zhuge Liuyun continued explaining.

“The Jiang Dynasty is a special clan! No wonder!” Chu Feng learnt another piece of news that shocked him.

“Looking at the date, the monthly World Spiritist White-cloak exam that the World Spirit Guild holds is quickly approaching. Go back and prepare. I’ll bring you to the Spirit Province tomorrow morning.” Zhuge Liuyun said.


After hearing those words, Chu Feng not have a single trace of shock. Rather, he was extremely and madly happy because even if Zhuge Liuyun didn’t say that, he was also planning to go to the Spirit Province.

The reason why Chu Feng wanted to go to the Spirit Province was not for any White-cloak exam for World Spiritists, because if they were talking about status, he already had a World Spirit Grey-cloak in his Cosmos Sack. That Grey-cloak was certainly more expensive than the White-cloak, and the status that it represented was even more scary.

Naturally, what attracted Chu Feng to the Spirit Province was the Spirit fruit. The strange thing that could wake Eggy up.