Chapter 174 - Inquiring

MGA: Chapter 174 - Inquiring

As they ate and drank, the master and disciple chatted even more merrily. Zhuge Liuyun who always gave people a feeling of ruthlessness opened up a wall in his heart towards Chu Feng. It could be seen that he truly didn’t see Chu Feng as an outsider, but as his own trusted disciple.

Chu Feng found out that when Zhuge Liuyun was young, his family situation wasn’t bad. However, because his parents offended a big character from the Lingyun School, they had no choice but to escape for their lives.

But they did not expect that someone would sell them out as they were escaping. When the people from that big school came chasing after them, they did not leave any of his family alive. Only Zhuge Liuyun himself was able to escape. The price of his escape was the heartless killing of his parents.

From then on, Zhuge Liuyun extremely rarely trusted anyone. It could be said that there was a type of coldness towards outsiders deep within his heart, like a wall that separated.

That was quite fine when he was young; however, when age caught up, one would always want to find a person to rely on so that they would have someone who could pass their abilities down. Zhuge Liuyun was no exception.

Originally, Leng Wuzui gave him good impressions. However, later on, he discovered that Leng Wuzui was too selfish and he was too extreme when he did things. He had no friends and he only had tools that he used. He was not worthy for Zhuge Liuyun’s trust.

However, in terms of talent, within the Green Province, especially within the Azure Dragon School, it was quite challenging to find a young man like Leng Wuzui.

So, Zhuge Liuyun was in difficult situation. He was hesitating whether to pass his legacy down to Leng Wuzui.

But just at that time, Chu Feng walked into Zhuge Liuyun’s line of sight. In reality, Zhuge Liuyun already found out about Chu Feng’s identity.

He discovered that despite Chu Feng was a bit rash when he did things, his actions did not were not for harming. Rather, in many situations, he stirred up great calamities for the ones close to him.

Perhaps from the eyes of an outsider, Chu Feng’s actions were done brainlessly. However, Zhuge Liuyun strangely liked that.

As for the matter about Leng Wuzui, it was truly only a test that Zhuge Liuyun gave him. But sadly, at the end, Leng Wuzui disappointed Zhuge Liuyun.

“Master, after the Spirit Connection Contract between World Spiritists and World Spirits, would a situation like this happen?”

“Because of a certain reason, the World Spirit gets heavily injured and disappears from the World Spirit Space. The World Spiritist can’t feel any trace of its aura, but the Spirit Connection Contract still remains.” As Zhuge Liuyun was excited, Chu Feng inquired information about Eggy.

“Mm. There can be a situation like that. After the contract between a World Spirit and a World Spiritist, it would be difficult for them to return to the Spiritual World. Unless the contract gets canceled or if the World Spirit has overwhelming methods, for their entire lives, they would need to remain in the World Spiritist’s Spiritual World, which also means within the World Spirit Space.”

“Sometimes, the situation that you just stated would happen. After all, World Spirits would fight for their World Spiritist, and from the battles, they would usually get injured. However, if the World Spirit Contract isn’t destroyed, that means that the World Spirit still lives. They would just be greatly injured and they would need a while to recover.” Zhuge Liuyun said.

“A while to recover? How long would that time be?” Chu Feng was crazily happy in his heart. As long as Eggy was fine, he would not be worried.

“That’s quite hard to say. If it’s quick, then ten or eight years. If it’s slow, then up to a hundred years.” Zhuge Liuyun said indifferently.

“What? That long?”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng was as though he suffered from a huge blow. “If it’s quick, then ten or eight years. If it’s slow, then up to a hundred years.” Did that mean that he could not see Eggy for at least ten years? Or even possibly for his entire lifetime?”

“Why are you so nervous? You didn’t make a contract with a World Spirit already did you?” Zhuge Liuyun asked with a smirk.

“Of course not, I’m just curious...” Chu Feng quickly shook his head. Eggy was his secret and he could not let anyone know that yet.

“I also thought that you wouldn’t be so preposterous. World Spirits are extremely proud creatures and they are extremely smart as well. Their intelligence are not lower than humans, perhaps even higher.”

“To be honest, your master, me, already has a World Spirit like that in my Spiritual World. However, he is still not willing to establish a contract with me even after giving him offerings up until now.”

“Although creating a contract with a World Spirit will have great help towards one’s control in the Spirit Formation power and also their own cultivation while also being the dream of countless World Spiritists, in reality, it is extremely difficult to gain a World Spirit’s approval.” Within Zhuge Liuyun’s tone was pride, but also disappointment.

He was proud because as a World Spiritist, he successfully communicated with a World Spirit and the World Spirit had interest in creating a contract with him.

However, he was disappointed because despite having interest in creating a contract with him, after all, he still hadn’t formed the contract, which also meant that he hadn’t gotten the approval of the World Spirit. In addition, he was quite old and he truly did not know whether he could create a contract with that World Spirit in his remaining years.

After hearing Zhuge Liuyun’s words, Chu Feng was hiddenly glad. Glad because he had a good family as they sealed two World Spirits within his World Spirit Space. He even made a contract with one of them.

Or else, if he had to search for some by himself, who knew how long it would take him to make a contract with a World Spirit. If he didn’t handle things correctly, he would be like Zhuge Liuyun and perhaps even be unable to establish a contract with a World Spirit for his entire life.

However, as he was grateful towards his own family, Chu Feng couldn’t help but remember about them. From the clues that he saw currently, his family, or at least his parents, were extremely strong, and the methods that they had defied common sense.

There was no one who was so strong in the past several hundred years on the continent of the Nine Provinces, so he knew that his parents were not from the Nine Provinces.

The world was huge, and the continent of the Nine Provinces was only the corner of an iceberg within that world. Chu Feng did not know what the world was like outside, but he could imagine that it was extremely dangerous. So dangerous that his parents who were so strong had no choice but to entrust him to others.

“Master, if the World Spirit really gets heavily injured, other than letting themself recover on their own, can we World Spiritists do nothing about it?” After more chatting, Chu Feng cleverly changed the topic back to that.

“There is. Of course there is. The reason why World Spirits create a contract with World Spiritists and are willing to abandon their own home in which they lived and also to be imprisoned in such a small Spiritual World, is because the world of the living has great benefits for them.”

“The life of a World Spirit is very long. They aren’t like us, where our lives do not pass a hundred years no matter how much stronger our cultivation is. World Spirits can at least live for three hundred years. According to rumours, some stronger World Spirits can even live for several thousand years.”

“So that is why World Spirits are willing to establish a contract with World Spiritists and to live within the small Spiritual World. When the World Spiritist dies, the contract gets canceled and the World Spirit would be able to return to the world of World Spirits. At that time, everything that they got from the World Spiritist becomes their own footing in the world of World Spirits.”