Chapter 173 - A Heart-to-Heart Chat Between a Master and a Disciple

MGA: Chapter 173 - A Heart-to-Heart Chat Between a Master and a Disciple

“You can use the Spirit Formation so proficiently already?”

At that moment, as he looked at the Spirit Formation that was surrounding him, Zhuge Liuyun was quite stunned. Although the white-coloured cloak covered his face, Chu Feng could still feel his shocked and happy appearance.


Chu Feng chuckled and he didn’t really reply, however, he silently acknowledged Zhuge Liuyun’s words. After all, at that moment, his skilled Spirit Formation was already being displayed in front of Zhuge Liuyun.

“Chu Feng, can you control any changes to this Spirit Formation?” Suddenly, Zhuge Liuyun spoke again.

“Master, what kind of change do you want?” Chu Feng asked.

“Changes in terms of form.” Zhuge Liuyun said.

*hmm hmm*

Just as Zhuge Liuyun finished speaking, the Spirit Formation that surrounded them disappeared and several more Spirit Formations reappeared. This time, the Spirit Formation did not lock the two within and it only appeared on Chu Feng’s hand.

At first, the translucent Spirit Formation was only as big as his palm and it spiraled in Chu Feng’s hand. However, as Chu Feng continued to control it, it gradually left his hand and slowly largened. Occasionally, it was rectangular; occasionally it was circular; and occasionally, it was even a five-cornered star. It truly changed as he wished. There were only things that he could not imagine but nothing that he could not do.

“Chu Feng, are you competent in the World Spirit Compass?” Zhuge Liuyun asked again.

Chu Feng nodded and took out the World Spirit Compass. He stated what the things on it were and what the various symbols represented. Under Eggy’s guidance, he knew it like the back of his hand.

After that, Zhuge Liuyun asked Chu Feng some other questions and they were knowledge recorded on the book that he gave him. Even if Eggy wasn’t there, he could easily answer the questions. His analysis on the meanings within were extremely thorough.

“Good, good, good!”

After the examination, Zhuge Liuyun did not say too much but he said three “goods”. However, those three words were enough to expression his current shocked feelings.

“I, Zhuge Liuyun, wanted to find a person who was worthy enough for me to pass my techniques down to him. I searched for half my life, and finally, I found a qualified disciple.”

As Zhuge Liuyun looked at Chu Feng who was in front of him, he kept on nodding. Although Chu Feng carried a slight bit of hope before, currently, Chu Feng’s performance completely surpassed his expectations.

“Master, let me pay you my respects!” Chu Feng half kneeled on the floor and clasped his hands together. He paid his respects to Zhuge Liuyun as a disciple towards his master.

“You are naturally intelligent, and in the future, you will certainly become an impressive World Spiritist with achievements that will certainly be above me.”

“However, sadly, I can only guide you but not teach you. However, if you are willing to, you can still call me ‘master’.” Zhuge Liuyun bent his back, went up, and supported Chu Feng up.

“You are my master. My only master.” Chu Feng said with an extremely firm tone and within his tone, it was full of respect.

“Haha! Good, I really am not mistaken.” Although Zhuge Liuyun said that on the surface, obviously, he liked the last few words that Chu Feng said.

After all, any able person liked to find a talented disciple for passing their skills down. Coincidentally, Zhuge Liuyun was an able person, and Chu Feng was a talented disciple.

After that, Zhuge Liuyun put his hand on the Cosmos Sack which was on his waist, and the symbols moved as it radiated with light. A handful of Origin beads appeared in his palm. With a glance, Chu Feng could tell that there were a hundred Origin beads there.

“Feng'er, the date for the battle between you and Gong Luyun is nearing. As your master, I can help you with anything. Take these Origin beads as I believe that they will help you a bit.”

“Thank you master.”

Chu Feng took the Origin beads into his hands. He already knew that Zhuge Liuyun was quite wealthy, but he never would have thought that he was so generous and gave him so many Origin beads all at once.

Chu Feng was moved in his heart. He was extremely moved. He didn’t act like the hundred Origin beads were nothing because of Zhuge Liuyun’s wealth. After all, they were still quite expensive objects.

Although the rumoured offerings from the Azure Dragon School to Zhuge Liuyun was a single Profound bead every month, as Chu Feng understood more, he felt that they were only rumours. The reality might very well not be as such.

He knew that the top-quality Profound medicine, the Profound bead, was extremely rare. It could be said to be a priceless treasure because the Profound power that the Profound bead contained was simply too huge. It had the same effect as spiritual beads had to people at the Spirit realm.

As those who were at the 9th level of the Profound realm had no way of making a breakthrough, it would help them pass that impassable barrier. It would help them grasp totally new power as they entered the Heaven realm that allowed them to travel towards the horizon.

From that, it could be seen how precious Profound beads were. Not to mention the second-rate Azure Dragon School, even the first-rate school, the Lingyun School, could not be so rich as to offer a World Spiritist with a single Profound bead every month.

So, Chu Feng felt that the guesses towards Zhuge Liuyun’s offerings were only rumours. Not to mention a Profound bead every month, even a high-quality Profound medicine every month was a huge expense. After all, to normal people, high-quality Profound medicine was already an invaluable treasure.

Or else the big Miss of the Vermilion Bird City lord, Surou, wouldn’t have been so happy when she saw the high-quality Profound medicine that was given to her by Zhuge Liuyun.

After putting the hundred Origin beads away, Chu Feng was very joyful in his heart. He yearned to know what realm he would enter after he used the costly Origin beads to help his cultivation.

Also, within the gaze that he looked at Zhuge Liuyun with, he could not avoid but have some more respect and gratitude that came from his heart. Although Zhuge Liuyun was quite rich, after all, he still needed to cultivate himself.

Besides, if others were rich, that belonged to them. If they gave anything to you, that was because he had good impressions, and if they didn’t, that was reasonable as well because no one owed anyone anything.

However, after knowing Chu Feng for not long, Zhuge Liuyun gave such a huge help to Chu Feng. It could be seen that he had extremely good impressions of him.

“You are slightly stubborn and you need to moderate yourself on that, or else you will pay a big price for that.”

“However, you don’t need to worry too much. You can fight Gong Luyun at ease. Even if you lose, I will still protect your life.” Zhuge Liuyun spoke again.

“Hehe.” Chu Feng only chuckled at Zhuge Liuyun’s words. He could not say that he was aiming to kill Gong Luyun right?

However, after seeing Chu Feng’s skill in the Spirit Formation, Zhuge Liuyun showed his fondness towards Chu Feng without concealing it. The master and the disciple chatted for a long time, and the more they chatted, the more they got into it.

At the end, Zhuge Liuyun even personally cooked a table of good dishes for Chu Feng. Although they were not sumptuous, they looked, smelt, and tasted great. The most important thing was that a World Spiritist, Zhuge Liuyun, personally made the dishes. It was likely that the people in the world who could eat the things that he made were extremely few.