Chapter 172 - Clear Rewarding and Clear Punishing

MGA: Chapter 172 - Clear Rewarding and Clear Punishing


As he faced Zhuge Liuyun’s interrogation, Liu Chengen’s jaws trembled and his tongue was in a knot. He could not even say a complete sentence.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Zhuge Liuyun who was on the Life and Death Stage waved his hand. With a bang, Liu Chengen who was several hundred meters away got thrown back.

When he landed on the ground, blood came out from nose and mouth. His face swelled up and there was even a blood-red palm mark that was deeply imprinted there.

“Elder Zhuge have mercy! Elder Zhuge have mercy! I had eyes but did not recognize Mount Tai and I didn’t know that Chu Feng was your disciple. If I did know, even if I had the nerves, I wouldn’t dare!”

After being slapped through the air, Liu Chengen quickly kneeled on the floor and did not care what the gazes of the crowd was. He endlessly kowtowed with his hands clasped towards Zhuge Liuyun who was on the stage and loudly begged for his life.

As they looked at that scene, no one felt that Liu Chengen lost any face. Rather, they felt that it was completely reasonable. When facing Zhuge Liuyun, who did not dare to follow what he had to say? Even Zhongli Yihu did not dare to refute, not to mention a mere inner court elder.

“Is there anyone else who has any complaints towards Chu Feng?” Zhuge Liuyun swept his icy gaze towards his surroundings. His cold glare shot everywhere and his domineering air was revealed.

At that instant, who would dare to speak? No matter if they had their complaints towards Chu Feng or were displeased towards him, everyone shut their mouth and subconsciously walked one step back. It was as if it represented that they did not dare to have any complaints towards Chu Feng, nor did they dare to have any harmful thoughts towards Zhuge Liuyun’s disciple.

As he looked at that, Zhuge Liuyun nodded his head in satisfaction, then walked next to Su Rou and said, “Su Rou, you have done a good deed for my disciple earlier by protecting him. I reward you with this.”

Radiance flickered on Zhuge Liuyun’s waist and a dark green medicine appeared in his palm. That medicine was too beautiful. It was sparkling, translucent, and light revolved around it. It was as shiny as a treasure, and the most important thing was that the energy that it contained was extremely huge. Even the surrounding air slowly wiggled like it was trembling, because what the medicine contained was Profound power.

“Profound medicine!”

Everyone was greatly shocked. Even the core elders revealed expressions of admiration because it was a Profound medicine. It was even a high-quality Profound medicine and its price was extremely high. It could be said to be both expensive and rare. It was treasure that could not be easily found, and one had to find it with luck. It had endless great effects for people in the Profound realm.

“Thank you Elder Zhuge.”

Even Su Rou’s eyes lit up when when saw the Profound medicine. On her absolutely beautiful face, she brimmed with the shine of happiness. She carefully held the Profound medicine on her hands.

Profound medicine was simply too expensive, especially high-quality ones. Even with Su Rou’s status, she could not use them as she wished. In reality, even many people in the Profound realm could not even afford a single low-quality Profound medicine. From that, one could tell how high the Profound medicine prices were.

“Elder Li, thank you as well.” Zhuge Liuyun took out another high-quality Profound medicine and gave it to Elder Li.

Elder Li lightly smiled and the wrinkles on his face were all pressed into a smile. As people looked at him, he looked just like a steamed bun, but he was a happy steamed bun.

Zhuge Liuyun’s actions caused many disciples and elders break from greed. High-quality Profound medicine were priceless treasure to them. However, Zhuge Liuyun gave them away so generously.

However, the one who coveted them the most was Chu Feng. They were Profound medicine. Profound medicine! They were even high-quality Profound medicine, and the Profound power that a single one of them contained was not even able to be compared by Origin beads. If he swallowed one, who knew what level of cultivation he would reach?

Seemingly being able to feel the probing of Chu Feng’s Spirit power, Zhuge Liuyun fiercely shot Chu Feng a glance. After all, the actions he was doing were for helping Chu feng. He wanted everyone to know that he would not forgive those who wanted to take care of Chu Feng. However, he would certainly reward those who helped Chu Feng.

On the side, he was telling the core disciples and the core elders of the Azure Dragon School, that between Chu Feng and Gong Luyun, they could not choose Chu feng but they better not lean too much towards Gong Luyun because Chu Feng had his master supporting him behind his back.

“Stinking boy, return with me.” Zhuge Liuyun grabbed Chu Feng’s shoulder, and after the rippling of the surrounding air, the two of them disappeared like demons. Indeed, normal people could not perform methods that World Spiritists could.

After Zhuge Liuyun left, the quiet crowd exploded with a boom like a pot exploding, and all sorts of discussions were initiated like boiling water.

“This is quite serious! Not only is Chu Feng a genius, he even has Zhuge Liuyun as his master. In the future, who would dare to touch him?”

That was certainly heavenly big news. Chu Feng was a genius, as he was able to kill Wu Jiu who was at the 5th level of the Origin realm with his cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm. After killing Wujiu, he invisibly replaced Wu Jiu’s position on the Azure Dragon Leaderboard and became the 9th on the Azure Dragon Leaderboard.

However, Chu Feng was only fifteen years old, and on the Azure Dragon Leaderboard, he was undoubtedly the youngest one there. If everyone on the Azure Dragon Leaderboard were geniuses, Chu Feng would be the youngest one with the most potential. After all, even Gong Luyun could not defeat the strong as the weak and be able to kill his opponent who was four levels above him.

Also, not only was Chu Feng a genius, there was a huge shield behind his back. It was a person who even the head of the Azure Dragon School did not dare to offend. The World Spiritist Zhuge Liuyun.

From that day forth, everyone in the Azure Dragon School had to reevaluate Chu Feng. After all, Chu Feng had such strong talent. With the short time of less than two months, he entered the 1st level of the Origin realm from the 7th level of the Spirit realm. Only heaven would know what realm he would reach at the arranged battle in ten months.

With his overwhelming battle strength, perhaps he could really block three strikes from Gong Luyun in the arranged battle in one year; and according to the agreement, as long as Chu Feng was able to block three strikes from Gong Luyun, he would win. At that time, Gong Luyun would need to suicide.

Before, people felt that Chu Feng was looking to die when he challenged Gong Luyun and his chance of victory was zero. However, after today, they discovered that there was great suspense for the arranged battle. The one who would win and the one who would lose was unknown.

As everyone in the core zone were discussing about Chu Feng, he was brought to the old palace by Zhuge Liuyun.

“Master, thank you for saving me.” Chu Feng paid his respects to Zhuge Liuyun.

“Don’t call me master yet. How much did you comprehend in the book that I gave you?”

Zhuge Liuyun’s tone suddenly turned cold as if none of the gentleness before happened. That feeling was as though if Chu Feng did not meet his requirements, he would really kill Chu Feng.

However, how would Chu Feng who was already full of confidence be afraid of Zhuge Liuyun’s request? With a thought, gas flowed and a Spirit Formation that surrounded himself and Zhuge Liuyun appeared.

After doing that, Chu Feng smiled and said, “Master, look at me. How is your disciple’s comprehension?”