Chapter 171 - The Domineering Master

MGA: Chapter 171 - The Domineering Master

Just as that voice sounded out and the pressure enveloped everything, a figure stood in front of Chu feng like a ghost and put Chu Feng and Su Rou behind him.

That person had a white-cloak over his shoulders and it also covered his face. It was none other than the World Spiritist that the Azure Dragon School invited with an extremely high price, and also titled as the #2 expert in the Azure Dragon School, Zhuge Liuyun.

“This.. It’s Elder Zhuge! What is happening? Why is Elder Zhuge defending Chu Feng? Is there some relationship between the two?”

If it was said that Elder Li’s appearance was still somewhat expected, Zhuge Liuyun’s was definitely unexpected. His appearance could be said to shock everyone.

To know that within the Azure Dragon School, the person who everyone feared the most was not the head of the Azure Dragon School, nor was it the Six Protectors, nor was it Zhongli Yihu. At that very moment, it was the elder who stood in front of Chu Feng, Zhuge Liuyun.

But compared to the bewilderment of others, Su Rou rejoiced. She had personally seen Zhuge Liuyun accept Chu Feng as his disciple, so she deeply knew that for the sake of Chu Feng, that old man killed Leng Wuzui who followed him for many years. At that instant, since he appeared, no one could touch Chu Feng anymore.

As her emotions were stirring up, Su Rou secretly cast her gaze towards Chu Feng. She found out that Chu Feng was calm and indifferent. Although there was also happiness hung on his face, there was not too many expressions of being surprised, as if everything was within expectations.

As she saw that, Su Rou pursed her lips and hidden said in her heart, “This guy. No wonder he dared to do such audacious things. He already knew that Zhuge Liuyun would help him!”

“Zhuge Liuyun, I just want to solve some personal grudges. Why do you need to make things more difficult for me?” Zhongli Yihu tightly frowned and he couldn’t help but lower the tone in his voice. It could be seen that he was afraid of Zhuge Liuyun as well.

“Personal grudges? What personal grudges?” Zhuge Liuyun indifferently asked.

“This child killed my disciple. As his master, I avenge my disciple. Is that a grudge?” Zhongli Yihu replied with a question.

“Mm. That is indeed a grudge; but since it is like this, that means I need to interfere with this matter even more.” Zhuge Liuyun smiled.

“What do you mean?”

When those words came out, not only was Zhongli Yihu a bit stupefied, almost everyone on scene had their brains filled with fog. They couldn’t help but deepen their guesses towards Chu Feng and Zhuge Liuyun’s relationship.

“You want to kill Chu Feng to avenge your disciple. As his master, that is completely reasonable.”

“However, Chu Feng is my own disciple. As his master, I protect my disciple. That is reasonable as well right?” Zhuge Liuyun spread open his hands and he said that very casually.

His seemingly casual words was like a lightning bolt in a clear sky and a clap of thunder in a calm lake. Instantly, the crowd went into an uproar.

“What? Chu Feng is Zhuge Liuyun’s disciple. When did that happen?”

“That isn’t true is it? Did I hear wrong? Leng Wuzui followed Zhuge Liuyun for such a long time yet he didn’t even formally accept him as his disciple. When did this Chu Feng become his disciple? Which part does he like about Chu Feng?”

“Is it Chu Feng’s martial cultivating talent? That means Chu Feng also has Spirit power, and Zhuge Liuyun wants to foster him into a World Spiritist?”

The crowd completely exploded and they were making all sorts of guesses towards that matter. It happened to abruptly and the people on scene were not prepared at all. It truly struck against their small hearts and they could not follow what happened at that moment.

“Zhuge Liuyun, what kind of joke is this? You’re saying that this boy is your disciple?” Zhongli Yihu also had shock written all over his face and he even disbelieved it.

If it was said that he was strange, then Zhuge Liuyun was even stranger than him. If he had harsh requirements for accept disciples, then Zhuge Liuyun had even harsher requirements. He even thought that Zhuge Liuyun would not accept a single disciple for his entire life! Why did he suddenly accept a disciple, and it was even Chu Feng?

“What? Was I unclear on that matter?” Zhuge Liuyun smiled, then said, “That’s fine. I’ll say it again.”

“Everyone here, listen up. Chu Feng is my only disciple. If anyone dares to even touch his fingers, that person is making me, Zhuge Liuyun, an enemy. No matter who it is, I will kill with no mistake!”

Zhuge Liuyun’s voice was very thick and it had an extremely powerful penetrating power. After piecing through the ocean of people, it echoed like a bell within the Life and Death Stage. Everyone who heard it were stunned.

At that very instant, many people were speechless. However, they got an answer in their hearts. They finally knew why Chu Feng dared to challenge Gong Luyun, why he dared to destroy the inner court disciples’ cultivation, and why he dared to kill Wu Jiu. It was because he had a quite impressive master, Zhuge Liuyun.

“Zhongli Yihu, are you still going to attack my disciple?” Zhuge Liuyun said nonchalantly.

“Hmph.” Zhongli Yihu’s complexion turned purple and his facial features all twisted. They got as ugly as they possibly could, and with a cold snort, he was preparing to walk down the Life and Death Stage because he was not going to attack Zhuge Liuyun for Wu Jiu.

“Halt!” But before letting Zhongli Yihu walk away, a Spirit Formation sealed the entire Life and Death Stage and forcibly locked Zhongli Yihu inside it.

“Zhuge Liuyun, what do you want?” In response, Zhongli Yu slightly panicked. He never would have thought that even after giving that up, the old guy was still unwilling to let him go.

“I’m still asking you a question. Did you not hear it?” Zhuge Liuyun was also displeased and his tone clearly turned cold.

“What do you want me to do?”

Zhongli Yihu was truly terrified. Within the Azure Dragon School, it could be said that he wasn’t afraid of the heavens nor the earth, but he was only afraid of a single person, and that was Zhuge Liuyun. No matter it was methods or cultivation, he was inferior to him.

“If you don’t understand, I can remind you. Give up any thinking of harming Chu Feng. If Chu Feng meets with any troubles, the first person I will look for will be you. At that time, there will be no one who can protect you.” Zhuge Liuyun said that extremely loudly and he did not care about how Zhongli Yihu felt.

Everyone couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cool air when they saw that scene. Within the Azure Dragon School, it was likely that only Zhuge Liuyun dared to speak to Zhongli Yihu like that.

“Okay, I promise that I will not touch Chu Feng in the future.” The unexpected thing was that when facing Zhuge Liuyun, Zhongli Yihu did not refute and he gave in when he was confronted by the difficult situation in front of the crowd.

How would people know that deep within Zhongli Yihu’s heart, he was completely horrified by Zhuge Liuyun? Only those who saw Zhuge Liuyun’s ruthless methods could feel that. What was face in front of that horror? It was not even worth a penny.

“Ho... That’s more like it.” Zhuge Liuyun smiled while being proud of himself, and following his laugher, the Spirit Formation that enveloped the Life and Death Stage also disappeared.

Zhongli Yihu had no more face and he didn’t remain there anymore. He leaped forward with flying speed and left the Life and Death Stage, then disappeared from everyone’s line of sight.

After that, Zhuge Liuyun swept his gaze over the crowd surrounding the stage. At the end, his eyes were locked on the director of the inner court Punishment Department, Liu Chengen.

At that instant, Liu Chengen’s face greatly changed and his body couldn’t help but quiver. His heart also pounded with bangs and large amounts of cold sweat also started to flow down from his forehead. He never would have thought that Chu Feng would have Zhuge Liuyun behind his back. He was an existence that the entire Azure Dragon School feared.

He was truly terrified, so much that his body was trembling. However, after Zhuge Liuyun spoke, only then did he know that a calamity was facing his way.

“So it’s you who wants to punish my disciple?”