Chapter 170 - I'll Play With You

MGA: Chapter 170 - I'll Play With You

“You tell me to spare him so I spare him? Who do you think you are!”

Chu Feng’s words were quite loud and clear. Not to mention the Life and Death Stage, even those outside of the Life and Death Stage could hear it clearly because he used Origin power when he spoke. That was right. He wanted to let everyone know that he, Chu Feng, did not give any face to that old guy.

“Damn. This Chu Feng is looking to die, he is looking to die!”

Chu Feng stupefied everyone. Even the observers that had no relationship with him broke into a cold sweat by him. At that instant, everyone subconsciously switched their cast towards Zhongli Yihu. If one did not look, they would not know. But if they did look, they would jump up into the air from being frightened.

Zhongli Yihu’s face was ashen. His eyes were widened so greatly that they were bigger than a cow’s eyes and they were even going to pop out. His cheek was going to burst and those who were near him could even hear the sound of his teeth gnashing.

Everyone knew that the important character was enraged by Chu Feng, and he was even quite enraged. Currently, he would certainly have the heart to kill Chu Feng. It was to the point that he would rip his corpse into ten thousand pieces.


Suddenly, Zhongli Yihu leaped into the air, and like a huge mountain, he landed on the fighting stage. The strong force shook the entire stage and even Chu Feng swayed as he was on the stage and he almost fell.

“Someone! Come! I will sign the Life and Death Certificate with this boy.” Zhongli Yihu pointed at Chu Feng and howled like a lion king. He was so loud that he could cause someone to go deaf.

“Indeed, Zhongli Yihu will attack. If he wants to kill Chu Feng, who can possibly block him?”

Although they expected that, when Zhongli Yihu really did started to make his move and prepared to attack, they still felt quite shocked.


Just at that time, another figure leaped onto the fighting stage. It was a beautiful female. She was the #1 beauty as seen by the Azure Dragon School, Su Rou.

“Elder Zhongli, as an elder, there is no need to lower yourself to the young generation.” Su Rou spoke.

“Leave! When I speak, who are you to interrupt!”

Zhongli Yihu waved his hand and a strong wind came along with it. The strong force was like a storm that wreaked havoc on the fighting stage. Almost instantly, it engulfed Su Rou and the strong power was going to tear Su Rou’s white skirt into pieces.

“This old thing.”

Seeing that, Chu Feng tightly clenched both of his fists and he was going to rush into that storm because in his heart, Su Rou was already his and he would not let her clothes be shredded in front of the crowd.


But before Chu Feng even got the chance to go, an old man leaped into that storm. In the split moment that he entered it, the storm dissipated and Su Rou landed on the stage intactly once again.

“Elder Li.” Chu Feng couldn’t help but be surprised because the person who helped Su rou was Elder Li who also saved him from Gong Luyun’s hands.

Elder Li was an aged old guy and there was barely any hair left on his head. He had a camel back and he looked like a diseased sapling that could be blown away by a gust of wind.

However, Elder Li’s cultivation was unfathomably deep. Chu Feng’s Spirit power had no way of probing the depth of his strength, but from him easily dissolving Zhongli Yihu’s methods, he could feel that Elder Li’s cultivation was no weaker than Zhongli Yihu.

After seeing Elder Li, Su Rou also calmed down and obediently stood next to Chu Feng. Although she did not understand Elder Li that much, she had heard from Su Mei that he had unpredictable strength and that he also had good impressions towards Chu Feng.

Especially when Elder Li just came out, she could feel that he was indeed very strong. He should not be any weaker than Zhongli Yihu. If Elder Li protected Chu Feng no matter what the cost was, today, there would really be no one who could touch Chu Feng.

“Cough cough cough...”

After saving Su Rou, Elder Li first had a burst of coughing and it truly tore one’s heart and split one’s lung. He almost coughed out his liver, and after coughing for a good while, he slowly raised his head and advised Zhongli Yihu, “Elder Zhongli, as the older generation, there is no need to interfere with the interactions between the younger generation right?”

“Elder Li, you saw it as well. Not only did this Chu Feng kill my disciple, Wu Jiu, he even cut off his head. As his master, I wish to take revenge. What is wrong with that?”

“Today, I will finish everything with Chu Feng on this Life and Death Stage. If you say that I cannot do that, then I won’t say anything. At most, I’ll just resign from the position of being a guest elder in this Azure Dragon School and not be part of your Azure Dragon School. However, I must kill this Chu Feng.” Zhongli Yihu fiercely said.

When his words came out, even Elder Li slightly frowned and the observers couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cool air because everyone could tell that Zhongli Yihu had to kill Chu Feng. There was no one who could save Chu Feng anymore.

“Elder Li, speak bluntly. Can Chu Feng and I decide life and death on this Life and Death Stage?” Zhongli Yihu demanded again.


Elder Li was in a very difficult position. According to the rules, there were no status restrictions for the Life and Death Stage for Grudges. As long as there were grudges, and as long as both sides agreed, they could sign the Life and Death Certificate and determine life and death.

Without any choice, Elder Li looked at Su Rou and secretly made a signal to her, and Su Rou comprehensively moved next to Chu Feng’s ear and said, “Chu Feng, Zhongli Yihu wants to challenge you, so do not accept it or else no one can save you.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not stupid!” Chu Feng smiled. Naturally, he would not send himself to die because of some words.

“Chu Feng, even if you don’t agree to this battle, I will kill you. No one can save you.” Seeming to be aware the intentions of Chu Feng and the others, Zhongli Yihu pointed at Chu Feng and bellowed.

At the same time, he cast his own pressure out. It was like an invisible hurricane and it spread everywhere. The strong pressure filled the entire Life and Death Stage. The 4th level of the Profound realm. Zhongli Yihu was a powerful person at the 4th level of the Profound realm.

Luckily, Elder Li stood in front of Su Rou and Chu Feng. No matter how much more stronger the Profound power hurricane was, it could not move Chu Feng or Su Rou. For the first time, Chu Feng and Su Rou deeply felt the strong power that Elder Li had in his fragile body

However, Elder Li only protected Chu Feng and he did not attack. Both Chu Feng and Su Rou could understand why.

After all, Zhongli Yihu was a guest elder for the Azure Dragon School. The so-called guest elder was an important character that the Azure Dragon School invited to stay. Those people could not be offended. Not even Elder Li.

Although Elder Li’s cultivation was unfathomably deep, everyone could tell that his position was extremely petty. He was on a completely different level when compared with Zhongli Yihu.

“Elder Li, move, or else don’t blame me if I kill you as well.” Zhongli Yihu was really furious. He stepped forward and his Profound power hurricane became even stronger.

Although Elder Li did not move, he tightly frowned. It could be seen that he was really in a difficult situation. When he saw Elder Li in such a difficult situation, Chu Feng was a bit moved. He was considering if he should continue to hide behind the old man’s back.

When faincg that situation, the people who wanted Chu Feng to die rejoiced from his misfortune. They already experienced Zhongli Yihu’s bloodlust and they felt that no one in the Azure Dragon School could save Chu Feng, and that he was certainly dead.

“Quite some tone you have there. Old man Zhongli, since you’re so arrogant, why not let me play with you?”

But just as everyone felt that Chu Feng was going to die, another voice exploded in the air. At the same time, pressure that was even stronger than Zhongli Yihu’s instantly enveloped that area. It completely suppressed Zhongli Yihu’s pressure.