Chapter 169 - Madman

MGA: Chapter 169 - Madman

“Look! It’s Wu Jiu’s famous skill, the Fatal Strike!”

“Heavens, this will really be the fatal strike! It’s finished. Everything is finished. With the Fatal Strike, Chu Feng will certainly die.”

Looking at the dusky fighting stage that had killing intent lingering around it, everyone unceasingly cried in surprise and no one could remain calm because some people already recognized that it was Wu Jiu’s strongest killing method.

That martial skill was not a martial skill from the Azure Dragon School, nor was it a martial skill from Wu Jiu’s family. It was a martial skill that only Wu Jiu had. It was an extremely powerful martial skill.

There were many rumours about that skill. Some people said that Wu Jiu found it in some historical remains. There were also people who said that Wu Jiu received the inheritance of a certain expert. Some people even suspected the reason why Zhongli Yihu took Wu Jiu as his disciple was because he wanted to get Wu Jiu’s Fatal Strike.

The Fatal Strike had extremely terrifying might. Although it was also a rank 5 martial skill, in reality, its might could even be compared to rank 6 martial skills. When used, it would only display a single level of might. During the dusking sky and the darkening ground, a cold glare would sweep past. That would be the time of death.

There was also another type of rumour. When exchanging blows with Wu Jiu, never let him use that skill because if he did, his opponent would undoubtedly fall under his sword. Even if their strength was above Wu Jiu, they would not be able to defend against it.

At that moment, since Wu Jiu used that skill, almost everyone on scene felt that Chu Feng was dead. Even Su Mei and Su Rou tightly frowned and tightly clenched their hands. They deeply broke out in a cold sweat for Chu Feng.


Finally, within the chaotic darkness, a cold shine streaked across with the curve of a half-moon. Fresh blood also sprayed out, and at that instant, the darkened stage returned to its former appearance.

“Heavens, this...”

However, when people saw the scene on the stage, the expression of every single one of them changed greatly. They were dumbstruck and so shocked that they couldn’t even shut their mouths close. Some people’s tongue even started to tremble.

Because at that very moment, Chu Feng still stood on the stage. Not to say any bloody wounds, there was not even a single trace of injury on his body. There was not even any dust on his face. That was calmness. That was tranquility. That was repose. That was unhurriedness. That was called, truly being at ease.

Looking back at Wu Jiu, his knees were on the ground as he knelt there. Two blood streams were quickly flowing from his knees as they intertwined, becoming a beautiful blood painting.


At that instant, no one could remain calm because what they imagined was Chu Feng’s being in all sorts of miserable scenes. However, they never would have expected that the ending was the scene in front of them. Wu Jiu, who was at the 5th level of the Origin realm; Wu Jiu, who was ranked 9th in the Azure Dragon Leaderboard; Wu Jiu, who used the Fatal Strike, was defeated by Chu Feng’s sword and he was utterly defeated.

“You lost.” Just at that time, the golden-coloured longsword in Chu Feng’s hand landed on Wu Jiu’s shoulder and next to his neck.

Seeing that, everyone’s expression changed greatly once again. They could see the surging killing intent within Chu Feng’s gaze. As they saw the cold smile that hung on the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth, he was absolutely not joking. Chu Feng was really going to kill.

However, it could not be forgotten that Wu Jiu’s family was a family of swords that had been around for generations. Wu Jiu’s bro was Gong Luyun, and Wu Jiu’s master was Zhongli Yihu. Chu Feng could not anger any one of those three. If Chu Feng dared to kill Wu Jiu, he was certainly looking to die.

After that, Chu Feng moved. His sword moved. Everyone knew that Wu Jiu was dead. No matter how Chu Feng was going to end, at that very instant, Wu Jiu was fated to be killed by Chu Feng.


Just at that time, a fierce yell suddenly sounded out. It exploded out like thunder and shook everyone to the point that their ears were ringing. Some weaker people even forcefully lost consciousness.

As they looked over, they couldn’t help but stare blankly. An old man was standing outside of the Life and Death Stage, and with fixed eyes, he stared at Chu Feng.

That old man wore a black-coloured robe and he had a black-coloured longsword behind his back. His eyes were very strange and they were as sharp as an eagle’s. At that instant, they were even staring coldly at Chu Feng.

“Zhongli Yihu!” Those who had sharp eyes recognized who that person was. It was the well-known guest elder of the Azure Dragon School, Zhongli Yihu.

“Zhongli Yihu is here! Wu Jiu is saved.”

Wu Jiu’s friends breathed a sigh of relief because they felt that Chu Feng would not possibly kill Wu Jiu in front of that person.To know that Zhongli Yihu was a Profound realm expert. In the entire Azure Dragon School, he was ranked as one of the top characters.

Besides, Zhongli Yihu’s character was quite eccentric and he was always quite proud. With his temper, if Chu Feng dared to kill Wu Jiu, he would certainly attack and kill Chu Feng.

“Yes?” Chu Feng stopped his twitching golden-coloured longsword and he indifferently shot a glance at Zhongli Yihu.

“Friend, Wu Jiu is my disciple. Can you give me some face and spare his life?” Zhongli Yihi calmly spoke, but there was not a single strand of intention to plead in his tone. Rather, it was as though he was ordering.

“Hmph.” Chu Feng only coldly snorted at Zhongli Yihu’s words. After that, he suddenly waved his arm and a golden shine swept past. The head of Wu Jiu fell on the ground.

“This...” That scene terrified everyone. Not only did Chu Feng ignore Zhongli Yihu’s request, he killed Wu Jiu in front of Zhongli Yihu’s face.

He even chopped off Wu Jiu’s head. That action was quite insane. So insane that people had difficulty accept that. However, after Chu Feng spoke the following words, only then did people know what a true madman was.

“You tell me to spare him so I spare him? Who do you think you are!” Chu Feng grabbed Wu Jiu’s head and disdainfully said that to Zhongli Yihu.