Chapter 176 - Advancement in Engagement

MGA: Chapter 176 - Advancement in Engagement

“Would that be fake? Quickly go. Although you’ve grasped the basics of the Spirit Formation, the White-cloak Exam for World Spiritists is not that simple. It will be totally different from the past exams that you’ve experienced. You better be prepared in your heart so you won’t fail it and be set back.” Zhuge Liuyun struck some blows and said.

“Hehe, don’t worry master. I won’t disappoint you and I won’t lose any of your face.”

Chu Feng happily left. After knowing how Eggy could be saved, his tense heart relaxed.

To avoid any suspicions from Zhuge Liuyun, Chu Feng did not refine the hundred Origin beads. He only slept early, and on that night, he slept very peacefully.

In the morning of the following day, the sky was only slightly lit up. As arranged, Chu Feng went to Zhuge Liuyun’s residence. However, in the plaza that was in front of the palace, people formed mountains and oceans. There were many disciples and elders gathered there.

After passing through the crowd, Chu Feng discovered with astonishment that in the center of the plaza, Zhuge Liuyun was standing there, and behind him were two huge White-headed Eagles.

Those eagles were extreme big. As they stood there, they were three meters tall. Their large claws were like sharp blades, and as they looked at the crowd with their sharp eagle eyes, there was not a single trace of fear within them. Rather, there was pride.

“Waa, it’s a real White-headed Eagle! It’s so beautiful!” As they looked at the two eagles, many females revealed joy and they were so happy that their hands and feet danced.

“I hear that this thing is the best means for transportation. Its price is extremely high and our Azure Dragon School only has two, which both belong to Zhuge Liuyun.” Someone stated the origin of the White-headed Eagle.

“Yeah, this thing seems quite strong. It is enjoyable just by looking at it. I wonder how nice it would feel if I rode it and flew around for a while.”

“Elder Zhuge very rarely uses the White-headed Eagle and he looked at them as though they were treasure.”

“I hear that Elder Wang from the Six Protectors had to journey far one day and he wanted to borrow the White-headed Eagle to use it. However, he was heartlessly refused by Elder Zhuge.”

“Not only refused, I hear that Elder Zhuge even lashed out at Elder Wang. He said, ‘Even I am not willing to use it but you want to? Go dream!’.”

“Yeah, but today, he is going to use both White-headed Eagles. I wonder what important matter he has, where he is going, and who is he going with?”

Everyone was pointing as they had discussions about the White-headed Eagle. They admired Zhuge Liuyun quite a bit, and they admired the person who would ride on the White-headed Eagle along with Elder Zhuge even more.

Everyone wanted to have a taste of the intense feeling of soaring towards the horizon and looking down from the sky.

“Feng'er, it’s time to go.” Just at that time, Zhuge Liuyun waved at Chu Feng who was within the crowd.


Under the gazes of the crowd, Chu Feng went next to Zhuge Liuyun and he involuntarily extended his palm to rub the White-headed Eagle. He was also endlessly excited in his heart.

“So it’s Chu Feng. Heavens, is he going to go out with Elder Zhuge?”

“He can actually enjoy such treatments! It seems that Elder Zhuge really likes this Chu Feng.”

After seeing Chu Feng, admiration was filled on the crowd’s face. They admired Chu Feng as he was able to be liked by Zhuge Liuyun. However, compared to the pure admiration from the males, many females displayed their adoration.

Chu Feng’s talent was already shown, and now he became Zhuge Liuyun’s disciple. It could be said that his status within the Azure Dragon School was not inferior to Gong Luyun.

In addition, there were rumours that stated Chu Feng was a genius who had Spirit power, and because Zhuge Liuyun saw his huge talent in Spirit power, he accepted him as his disciple. From that, people had even higher opinions on Chu Feng.

So naturally, Chu Feng currently became the husband of choice in the hearts of countless female disciple. Although Chu Feng was still a young man, that could not stop the rippling hearts of love from the female disciples.

“Chu Feng.” A familiar sound rang out and Su Mei walked out from the crowd. She arrived in front of Chu Feng and cutely said, “Are you leaving?”

“Mm. I’m following my master to go to the Spirit Province to participate in the White-cloak Exam for World Spiritists.” Chu Feng did not hide anything from Su Mei.

“Since you’re participating in the World Spiritist exam, congratulations on becoming a World Spiritist.” Su Mei beautifully smiled and said.

“Heh, that’s still unknown.” Chu Feng modestly shook his head, but a confident and determined smile was hung on his face.

“How long are you leaving for?” Su Mei asked again.

“Probably a month.” Chu Feng replied.

“That long!” There was some change on Su Mei’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng saw the inklings.

“Nothing, I’m just happy for you.” Su Mei sweetly smiled, but she could not hide the worry in her heart. However, she did not speak anymore and she squeezed herself into the crowd.

“Little Mei!” As Chu Feng hesitated, Su Mei disappeared. Chu Feng rushed out of the crowd and looked around, but he could not see Su Mei’s figure.

However, another body appeared within Chu Feng’s line of sight. It was Su Mei’s sister, Su Rou. The most beautiful female in the Azure Dragon School was currently looking at Chu Feng from not too far.

Su Rou was an inner court elder, so unless there were any special matters, she would very rarely come to the core zone. In addition to Su Mei’s strange emotions earlier, Chu Feng subconsciously knew that something happened.

“Su Rou, what happened?” Chu Feng brought Su Rou to a more quiet place before asking.

“You know that little Mei has a fiancé right?” Su Rou did not answer, but responded with a question.

“Shangguan Ya from the Shangguan family right? What about him?” Chu Feng asked.

“It seems that you know at least something.” Su Rou smiled, but her smile was very strange. After that, she spoke again, “Shangguan Ya and little Mei’s marriage has been advanced. It will happen in one month!”

“One month later? It’s your father’s idea?” Chu Feng’s face was a bit ugly.

“No, it wasn’t my father’s idea. However, he is quite powerless in his issue. This is quite a long matter, but it could be said to be a forced marriage.” Su Rou said.

“Forced marriage? Funny joke. The distinguished master of the Vermilion Bird City is being forced by a family within his city?” Obviously, Chu Feng did not believe it.

“Do not underestimate the Shangguan family. They already have the qualifications to fight over the right of control over the Vermilion Bird City, and besides, he found a supporter for his own family. The current situation isn’t too good for my Su family.” Su Rou said.

“Supporter? What supporter?” Chu Feng asked.

“Don’t ask about that. All in all, it isn’t something that you can handle. I only ask you one question. Can you bring little Mei and leave?” Su Rou’s beautiful eyes tightly stared at Chu Feng.

“I cannot!” Chu Feng firmly replied without any hesitation.

“You...” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Su Rou’s face of absolute beauty paled a bit from anger.

Chu Feng did not explain anything. He just turned around and walked towards the plaza.

“Chu Feng, I was mistaken about you. Little Mei was even more mistaken!” The cursing voice of Su Rou came from behind.

Chu Feng stopped his steps, turned his head around, and said, “Why do I need to bring little Mei away? To elope? To escape? Why do we need to run away? What did we do wrong? Or what are we afraid of?”

“...” Su Rou did not know how to reply as she didn’t really understand what Chu Feng meant.

“I, Chu Feng, will not run away from his matter. One month later in the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range. I will see you there.”

Chu Feng left those words behind and walked away. He only let Su Rou contemplate over those words, however, she could not understand them.