Chapter 160 - The Outcome of the Battle is Already Determined

MGA: Chapter 160 - The Outcome of the Battle is Already Determined

The purple-coloured gas slowly dissipated and Chu Feng slowly walked out from within.

At that very instant, golden-coloured lightning surged within his eyes. There was a layer of human-shaped protective shield surrounding his body and the strength of his aura was several times stronger than before. The purple-coloured gas was useless against him.

“This special aura… You also have a Divine Body?” Seeing Chu Feng like that, shock filled the eyes of the purple-clothed girl and she felt that it was quite inconceivable.

“Interesting. This is too interesting. I never would have thought that just as I came out, I would meet two people with Divine Bodies. It seems like I won’t be disappointed this time.”

“Fight. Quickly fight. Let me see which one of yous will gain my ability.” In contrast to the astonishment of the purple-clothed girl, the White Tiger was madly happy.

“Little girl, since you’re this fierce, you cannot blame me for not holding back on you.” Chu Feng used the Bow of Hundred Transformations once again, and this time, its power was completely different from before.

There was a layer of lightning wrapped around the golden-coloured arrow. The power that it contained was several times stronger than before.


Chu Feng shot an arrow out. A black line even ripped the air and purple-coloured gas that was like a copper and iron wall before was only currently like tofu. With howling noises, ripples spread and the golden-coloured arrow that had unstoppable might already arrived in front of the purple-clothed girl.


However, what Chu Feng did not expect was that the purple-clothed girl did not avoid nor dodge the arrow Chu Feng sent over. Her pure white hand shot out like lightning and grabbed the golden-coloured arrow in her hand.

After that, she only lightly clenched and with a poof, the lightning that wrapped around the golden-coloured lightning arrow disappeared within. It was unable to do even a trace of damage.

“Nice method, but I would like to see what you will do to this.”

Chu Feng took a step forward and started to wildly pull his bow. The golden-coloured arrows were still as strong as before, but they turned from one, to several. They were truly densely packed, and they “filled the sky and covered the sun” as they forced their way towards the girl.

“I even thought that it was quite something, but after all that, you only raised your cultivation by one level. Your strongest method is even a mere rank 5 martial skill.”

The mouth of the girl slowly curled up into a mocking sneer. After that, her purple-coloured eyes unceasingly glittered. A formless aura spread out with her as the middle and it engulfed the entire tomb.

After that aura appeared, Chu Feng felt huge pressure. That pressure was even continuing to increase and it even made the bow in Chu Feng’s hand heavier and it lost the sharp might from before.

“This power is so strong. What kind of method did she use?” Chu Feng was endlessly shocked. He astoundingly discovered that in front of that power, his golden-coloured arrows were frozen in mid-air. They were bound by the power and they were not able to be controlled by himself.

However, that was not the end. As the terrifying aura swept ripple by ripple over, gradually, a big purple-coloured bell appeared outside of the girl.

No, it wasn’t a big bell. To be precise, it should be a small bell. A purple-coloured bell. There were special patterns all over it, as though it had life, and it was constantly changing. Only because it looked too big did it seem like a big bell as it protected the girl within it.

[TN: Think of the “big bells” (大钟) as the enormous religious church bells, and the small bells (铃铛) as the ones you hold. Differentiate it in terms of the outer appearance (one seems more rough, one seems more smooth).]


Suddenly, the purple-coloured bell slightly moved and the sound of bells rang out. Instantly, it replaced all sounds and everything became silent. The only thing that could be heard was the special sound from the bell.

At the same time that the bell rang out, the frozen golden-coloured arrows in the air all shattered. Even Chu Feng felt the strong force. A type of pressure that came from every single direction was penetrating his body and pressing down on his dantian.

“Dammit. This power is so strong.” Chu Feng gnashed his teeth, revolved the Profound power in his entire body to hold that pressure back. Although he was able to hold the strong power back, at that moment, huge droplets of sweat already appeared on his forehead and he did not have the previous calmness from before.

“This girl can use the power of her Divine Body! This is the power that is unique to her. The power that the heavens gave her. She is already able to use the special ability for her Divine Body.“ At that instant, Eggy was also unable remain calm. Her tone was filled with panic.

“Haha! Interesting. This is too interesting. You’ve grasped the hidden power in your body at this age? Only talent like this is qualified to gain my inheritance.” The White Tiger was even more excited.

“What, you only have that tiny bit of skill? Do you really have a Divine Body? Or did you use some special methods to imitate a Divine Body?” The girl stepped forward. The purple-coloured bell that surrounded her emitted a ring.

Every time that bell rang out, Chu Feng would feel the attack of the strong power. He had to use all his power to defend against it or he would have been killed by that power.

“Imitating a Divine Body huh?” After hearing the words of the girl, the White Tiger also had its doubts. Although Chu Feng’s golden-coloured lightning was very special, it did not necessarily represent the special power that Divine Bodies had.

Because at that moment, Chu Feng’s cultivation was at the 2nd level of the Profound realm yet the girl’s cultivation was at the 1st level of the Profound realm. Chu Feng used a rank 5 martial skill but the girl only relied on her own power to completely suppress Chu Feng.

That was the might that Divine Bodies had. With their own power, they could suppress strong people in their own generation. With the power bestowed by heaven and a peerless body, they were fated to become a huge character named as an overlord of an area.


The bell rang again and again, and the girl got closer and closer. Chu Feng used the Profound power in his entire body to fight against the strange power that was invading his body, but he was slowly not a match for the power. If the girl used any other attack on him, he would undoubtedly be defeated.

“Dammit. This Divine Lightning. Don’t turtle up in my dantian. Come up. Lend your power to me!” Chu Feng yelled in his heart because he did not want to be defeated. He could not be defeated. He could not lose the Secret Skill, and he could not die there.

However, no matter how much he yelled, the Divine Lightning in his body had no reaction, as if they could not hear his words.

Chu Feng was extremely helpless when he was in that situation. It was the first time that he was so helpless, and he was forced to that state by a girl who was even younger than himself.

To know that the reason why he was able to hold off against the girl was all because he borrowed Eggy’s power. If he relied on his own cultivation, he would have been killed by the girl already.

It was the first time that he realised he was still not invincible in the world. Within the people of the same generation, there were people who had even higher talent than him. There were people who were even stronger than him, and in front of such a person, he was so weak that he could not take a single blow.

“You really only have false bravado. Not to mention that you don’t have a Divine Body, even if you do, the ability that you have are too weak. You are helpless in front of me.”

The girl kept on sneering and her domineering tone was clearly revealed. She was arrogant to the extreme, but she did indeed have the qualification for that.

At that moment, the White Tiger who circled around in the air raised the corner of its mouth to form a smile of satisfaction. Although it was still silently watching everything, it did not have the excitement before because it felt that the outcome of the battle was already determined.