Chapter 159 - Slightly Interesting

MGA: Chapter 159 - Slightly Interesting

“My attacking methods are the hardest and strongest in the world. There is nothing that can block me. Not to mention your Spirit formations, even World Spiritists that led a World Spirit army of several hundred were all killed by me in one strike.” The White Tiger narrated proudly.

“A World Spirit army of several hundred? Eggy, what level would that World Spiritist be?” Chu Feng asked in his heart. He really wanted to know how strong a World Spiritist like that would be.

“Fool. World Spirits create contracts with World Spiritists, so when the Spirit power of World Spiritists reaches a certain strength, as long as the World Spiritists are willing to, World Spirits are able to use their own intelligence to enter the Spiritual World and fight for the World Spiritist.”

“The amount of World Spirits one has is a way to determine the strength of a World Spiritist. A World Spiritist that controls several hundred World Spirits is a person who stepped into the peak of the King realm. A peak-level Martial King.” Eggy explained.

“That strong?” At that instant, Chu Feng was greatly shocked. One strike to kill a peak-level Martial King. That meant two things. Firstly, it meant that the master of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was extremely strong, and it could very possibly be the legendary character of the Nine Provinces, Qingxuantian.

Secondly, it also meant that the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was quite something. After all, World Spiritists were experts in techniques of Spirit Formations, and those were titled as the strongest defense methods in the world. To be able to break it in one strike and to also kill the World Spiritist already said enough about its power.

No wonder Murong Xiaoyao that year was said to have a matchless attacking method in the world. It must have been the work of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique and Secret Skills really did live up to its name.

“In short, my abilities are invincible in the world. It is exactly how you say it is. I have no problem resting here, but it would be a regret. So, I decided to come out and let people experience my glory once again.”

The White Tiger circled around in the air and it blew its own trumpet as it spoke. However, even if it spoke too directly and exaggerated its confidence too much, Chu Feng and the purple-clothed girl did not doubt its words at all because it was certainly a Secret Skill that was like a legend.

“Although the character of you two children aren’t anything good, the aptitudes you two have are still fine. Fight against each other. I will pass down my ability to the victor. As for what degree you can use my ability to, that will depend on yourselves.”

“But don’t worry. Even if you have horrible talent, I would not blame you. I would only blame myself for not doubting my eyes. Even Murong Xiaoyao that year was so mediocre, but I never said that he wouldn't do and blamed him for that. After all, he was the person that I chose.” The White Tiger suddenly spoke, and more or less, there was remorse in its tone.

“What? Murong Xiaoyao was mediocre? Murong Xiaoyao that year was mediocre? You never said he wouldn't do? Are you complaining now?” Chu Feng was displeased in his heart. The so-called Secret Skill was such an arrogant, proud, self-centered, and twisted fellow.

However, that being said, it was qualified to say that or else Chu Feng and the purple-clothed girl would not be so respectful to it and fight over to get its appreciation.

But looking at the current situation, the skill of one’s mouth was clearly useless. The White Tiger had already spoken and it wanted Chu Feng and the purple-clothed girl to fight. The victor would gain its power.

“What are you looking at? Why aren’t you two starting? If you hesitate a bit more, be careful as I might change my thoughts.” As it swept its glance over the two people, the White Tiger howled in dissatisfaction.


Just as the White Tiger finished speaking, the purple-clothed girl attacked like lightning. The purple-coloured gas flames circulated and her black hair became purple once again. Within her purple pupils was killing intent. She truly wanted Chu Feng dead.

The purple-coloured gas flames pressed their way over. They were like purple-coloured evil, fierce, and wild beasts. Chu Feng did not just take all that. He strode, straightened his back, formed a golden bow in his left hand and a golden arrow in his right.

He pulled the bow until it formed a full moon and the arrows he shot out were like falling meteors. The arrows that filled the air became a golden-coloured storm as they explosively shot towards the purple-coloured gas. However, the unexpected thing was that the smoke-like, misty purple-coloured gas was not weak. Rather, it was like a copper and iron wall.

Despite the might of Chu Feng’s Bow of Hundred Transformations being even stronger, after penetrating through the layers of purple-coloured gas, not only did it gradually slow down, at the end, it was stopped, and it shattered and disappeared.

The most important thing was that the attacking might of the purple-coloured gas was unable to be stopped by the Bow of Hundred Transformations. At that instant, the purple-coloured gas brought its enormous power and pounced towards Chu Feng.

It descended from the heavens and it seemed like a waterfall that had unstoppable might, and it also seemed like a current that had an attack that could break through anything. That level of might. That level of power. Only Chu Feng who was going to experience could understand it.


But Chu Feng was not only for looks. He coldly snorted, and without hurry or panic, he abruptly used the Imperial Sky Technique just as the purple-coloured gas was going to slam down on him and easily dodged it.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

However, what Chu Feng did not think of was almost at the exact same time that he dodged it, the purple-coloured gas also split apart and formed into countless big, purple-coloured gas hands. They clawed at Chu Feng and their speed was many times quicker.

*boom boom boom* The gas hands had extremely strong might. After every boom, a deep pit of death would be left behind on the ground which was made out of special materials.

Dust and rubble flew everywhere. Chu Feng was like an agile monkey as he jumped away from the countless number of big purple-coloured hands. Although the big hands were helpless against his speed, Chu Feng sank into a passive state.

As Chu Feng dodged, he looked towards the purple-clothed girl. He discovered that she was standing where she was and she did not even move half a step. She was using a gaze of contempt to look at himself, as if Chu Feng was fish on a cutting board and was freely being sliced.

“Damn brat. If I don’t show you my might, you will really think that I’m a sick cat.”

[TN: “If a tiger doesn’t show its might, others would think that it was a sick cat.”]

At that instant, Chu Feng suddenly stopped his escaping steps. With a thought, golden-coloured lightning appeared in his eyes. At the same time, the space around him also rippled. Tiny golden-coloured lightning surged out and they became a human-shaped shield. It formed in front of Chu Feng and his aura instantly entered the 2nd level of the Profound realm from the 1st level.

*boom boom boom boom boom*

Simultaneously, the big purple-coloured hands surrounded and attacked from all directions. They almost completely sealed Chu Feng’s path of escape and they started to endlessly explode on Chu Feng’s body. The purple-coloured gas blended with the rubble and even the tomb shook and trembled.

However, under that level of attack, the purple-clothed girl did not rejoice and instead, she was worried. Her pair of eyebrows couldn’t help but slightly tighten and her shiny big eyes became more serious.

As for the White Tiger in the air, a smile that was unique to beasts streaked past its lips. It said faintly, “This is slightly interesting.”