Chapter 158 - White Tiger Slaughtering Technique

MGA: Chapter 158 - White Tiger Slaughtering Technique

The roar of the tiger went in all directions and it shook the world. The tomb violently trembled as if it would crumble at any time.

Under that pressure, in front of that power, the deterrence that the purple-clothed young female showed before seemed so tiny. It was completely pressed down and it was not even worth mentioning.

“Where did you two little children come from and you dare to disturb my rest?”

That voice seemed like the simultaneous roar of ten thousand beasts, yet it also seemed like the bellow of a powerful person. It was as though it came from all directions, yet it was as though it came from deep within one’s spirit. It was thick and powerful, and it was also filled with ancient aura. The age of the aura seemed weird, as if it was a spirit that slept for ten thousand years and just woke up. It gave people a type of pressure that did not belong to this world.

“I pay my respects. I had no meaning to intrude, but I just didn’t wish for you to continue being sealed here and your might buried. So, I acted insolently in order for to release you.” In response to that, the purple-clothed girl half-knelt on the ground with a poof, clasped her hands together and paid her respects to the air.

“Nonsense. I wished to rest until now. If I did not choose to come out and stretch for a bit, how could a little child like you wake me up?”

That voice turned a bit angry. In an instant, white-coloured gas surged over from every single direction. They started to condense in the air, and with a blink, it formed into a huge White Tiger.

That tiger was extremely big. It was over twenty meters long and one of its paws could crush Chu Feng into a meat patty. Although it was a White Tiger, it was not an actual body. White gas rolled all over its body. It was like fog that swirled in the air as it stared at Chu Feng and the girl.

It did not have any pupils and both of its eyes were two black holes. However, when they swept past Chu Feng, he couldn’t help but quiver and felt an oppressing feeling from deep within his soul. Chu Feng had no doubt that if it attacked, he would instantly disappear without any suspense.

“You child, there’s really nothing great about you. Not only did you secretly sneak in, you even hiddenly set up a surprise attack and tried to gain the benefits of the fisherman.” After sweeping his gaze over to Chu Feng, it coldly said that. It turned out that despite coming out just now, it clearly understood everything that happened in the tomb.

At that instant, Chu Feng did not say anything. He tightly frowned but did not make a sound. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to speak, but he did not know what to talk about. He felt that in front of the old monster who might have lived for over ten thousand years, any bootlicking words would be useless. No one would be sharper than it, and the bridges that it crossed over were even more than the roads Chu Feng’s walked on.

However, when the god-like White Tiger gave Chu Feng a negative opinion, the purple-clothed girl hiddenly rejoiced. Her mouth couldn’t help but curve up into a light smug smile. She felt that there would be a lot more hope in getting the legacy of the White Tiger if it gave Chu Feng its disapproval.

“Child, you are not anything good either. The reason why you came to this place is for no other reason but to gain my power.”

“You aimed to kill him before, so it can be seen that you are a person who does not care what methods you use to reach your goal. If you are like this at your age, what would happen when you grow up?” But just at that time, the White Tiger shot a glance at the purple-clothed girl then coldly reprimanded.

“Senior, I know I have wronged. I just wanted your legacy too much and your strong power too much. So, I was rash. If you had to blame something, you can only blame that you were too attractive and messed my heart up.” The girl pursed her lips, and her face could only be called as “pitiful‘. She looked as grieved as she could.

“Hmph. Flowery words, but speeches of trickery.” However, the unexpected thing was, despite knowing that the girl was so nakedly saying such bootlicking words, the White Tiger still revealed a hint of delight. That thing enjoyed people to bootlick him so much.

“Senior, your power is unrivaled and peerless. Your methods are absolute in the world. You really shouldn’t be here resting, but instead, you should let us experience your glory. Or else, to us and everyone, it would be a type of regret.”

Seeing that bootlicking worked, Chu Feng did not sit there and wait for death. He quickly went up, paid his respects, and licked without covering it up at all.

“Haha! You little boy, you quite know how to speak. However, all of them are truths. It really would be type of regret to everyone if I kept on resting here.”

“My glory cannot be comparable by anyone. Those three old things cannot even match me.” The White Tiger said proudly. It even used its claws which were full of sharp blades to stroke its dried up beard. It could be seen that it was extremely pleased with itself.

“Three old things? It is that...” After hearing the White Tiger’s talking to itself, Chu Feng muttered in his heart.

“You should not be wrong. Chu Feng, you are really too lucky. If I’m not mistaken, there should also be three Secret Skills sealed in the three other Emperor Tomb entrances.”

“Heavens. There are a total of four Secret Skills. If you can learn them all, your future will simply be unmeasurable. Very little people in the same generation can be matched by you. You are truly lucky, and you have opportunities that normal people cannot get.”

Compared to Chu Feng’s suspicions, Eggy bounced and skipped randomly in excitement. It was already confirmed that there were four other places that had Secret Skills.

At that instant, Chu Feng was incomparably joyful. If a single Secret Skill could make countless experts insane, four Secret Skills would drive everyone in the world insane.

Chu Feng couldn’t help but secretly glance at the purple-clothed girl. He discovered that she was using a gaze of disdain and hatred to glare at himself. She was seemingly cursing Chu Feng with her gaze, and saying that he was shameless.

Chu Feng was secretly pleased by the girl’s reactions. He could tell that despite knowing there was a Secret Skill here, she clearly did not know the secret of the Emperor Tombs. She did not know that there were three more entrances in the Azure Province, and possibly also three more Secret Skills sealed within.

“I will do a self-introduction. I am the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique and I was created by a Martial Emperor. It is inconvenient to reveal my master’s name, but with his power and might, with a slightly movement of his toes, he could cause this entire land to crumble and this sky to collapse. He is an extremely powerful person in this world.” Just at that time, the god-like White Tiger did a self-introduction.

Chu Feng was prepared in his heart when faced with that situation. After all, he already knew from Eggy that the Secret Skill should have been created by a Martial Emperor from the aura. On the other hand, the purple-clothed girl had astonishment all over her face. Clearly, she did not expect that the origin of the Secret Skill was so impressive.