Chapter 155 - Secret of the Dead Zone

MGA: Chapter 155 - Secret of the Dead Zone


Suddenly, grey-coloured light was emitted from a deep part within a certain tunnel. The grey-coloured light was extremely strange, and it was a type of Spirit Formation power.

“Dammit. This person is a Grey-cloak World Spiritist.” After seeing that strange light, Eggy tensed up.

“Grey-cloak World Spiritist?” Chu Feng was quite puzzled, but from Eggy’s nervous attitude, he could feel that the World Spiritist was not simple.

“Chu Feng, you cannot be careless this time. This World Spiritist is extremely strong. Even stronger than your Azure Dragon School’s Elder Zhuge.” Eggy said solemnly.

“What? Even stronger than Elder Zhuge?” Chu Feng was shocked.

“That’s right. World Spiritists have rankings as well and they are ranked by the power of their Spirit Formation. They are: White-cloak, Grey-cloak, Blue-cloak, Purple-cloak, and Gold-cloak.”

“Obviously, your Azure Dragon School’s Zhuge Liuyun is a White-cloak World Spiritist. Putting aside the World Spirit White-cloak that he is wearing, the Spirit Formation power that he grasps is within the scope of White-cloaks. If strictly required, you can also be counted as a White-cloak World Spiritist.”

“The dazzling light just now was clearly the power of that person’s Spirit Formation. If he was only laying down a Spirit Formation, there shouldn’t be that kind of light. This means that he was using the power of Spirit Formation to try and open something.”

“That person is quite impressive. He understands this place a lot better than you and his goal is very definite. So definite that he could put Murong Xiaoyao’s Source energy aside and open whatever he is opening right now.”

“If my guesses are correct, that thing must be even more attracting than Murong Xiaoyao’s Source energy. So, I have an idea right now.” Eggy said.

“What idea?” Chu Feng hurriedly asked.

“His skill in the Spirit Formation technique is above you and he can open the treasures that you cannot. Also, since he’s a Grey-cloak World Spiritist, he undoubtedly made a contract with a World Spirit. His strength is absolutely not weak as well, so do not be negligent.”

“Right now, hide in the coffin. Wait, and when he goes to the other tunnels, come out of the coffin and set up a trap that can suppress his power.”

“After he opens the treasures, he will come and absorb Murong Xiaoyao’s Source energy. At that time, you ambush him and take everything he has.” Eggy reminded.

“Mm. To guard a tree stump while waiting for rabbits, and the fisherman reaps the rewards huh?” After hearing Eggy’s words, Chu Feng totally agreed. It was not the first time that he did things like that, but the effect was very good.

From then on, Chu Feng used Spirit Formation methods to create illusions outside of the crystal coffin. People who were looking from the outside saw the complete, undamaged corpse of Murong Xiaoyao, but in reality, it was fake. Even if Chu Feng entered the coffin, people would still see Murong Xiaoyao’s corpse from the outside.

Just as Chu Feng finished setting up some things on the crystal coffin, the grey light from deep within the tunnel completely disappeared. Eggy reminded Chu Feng that the World Spiritist must have finished the opening of that section and he was currently returning. So, Chu Feng quickly hid inside the crystal coffin.

Chu Feng was more or less nervous while laying inside the crystal coffin. After all, Eggy already said that in terms of Spirit Formation techniques, that person was even stronger than Zhuge Liuyun and his real strength was unfathomable.

Although Eggy entered the Profound realm, and with her help, Chu Feng could even fight experts at the 6th level of the Profound realm, without the suppressing trap being laid out, Chu Feng was not confident.

*ta ta ta*

However, when light footsteps walked past then gradually distanced, Chu Feng’s tense heart relaxed. The World Spiritist did not use his Spirit power, so that meant he was very confident in himself. Within the tomb, he was sure that he was alone.

After that, Chu Feng started to lay traps around the crystal coffin. The more he laid, the more he was able to feel the changes in the tomb. Although there was nothing strange on the surface, that feeling was as if something extremely strong was going to be revived.

“Damn. This is feeling is very uneasy. That guy isn’t deciphering this sealing formation, opening the entrance to the Emperor Tomb and releasing the Evil Spirits out right?”

Chu Feng was not too calm. It was because he was sealed within the tomb. He did not know where the exit was, so if an Evil Spirit was released, he would not know where to run and he would certainly be dead.

“Don’t worry. The core of this sealing formation is here. If he wants to open the sealing formation, he would not use symbols to stabilize the formation.”

“If my estimations are correct, he is not going to free any organisms. He is most likely opening a sealed martial skill, which is the ‘secret of the dead zone’ that he said earlier.” Eggy explained.

“Really? That would be great.” At that instant, Chu Feng was extremely excited. After all, the martial skill that Murong Xiaoyao grasped back in that year was quite amazing. If he could get it, it would be equivalent to getting a real trump card.

*rumble rumble*

A short while after the World Spiritist entered the last tunnel, the entire tomb started to rumble as if something strong was going to be born. However, it was completely different from the noise that he heard earlier in the Lifeline.

“He’s almost done. My guesses were indeed correct. What he is opening is a sealed method, and even if it isn’t the secret of the dead zone, it would not be any simple martial skill, or else there wouldn’t be such big movements.” Eggy excitedly said.

Chu Feng was also similarly excited and he quickened the trap laying speed.


Just at that time, the roar of a tiger came from every single direction. That sound was extremely deafening and it could certainly shake the world. It was the roar of the true king of thousands of beasts. It could shake one’s heart, and make people feel fear in their hearts and force them to yield.

“Heavens..This sound...You said that he wasn’t releasing Evil Spirits?” Chu Feng had sweat all over his forehead because he could feel the might of that object just from the roar.

“Idiot. You’re a World Spiritist but you can’t even distinguish between Evil Spirits and souls? Would the aura of an Evil Spirit be so kind?”

“It’s not an Evil Spirit. It is a huge opportunity because this isn’t a simple martial skill. It’s a Secret Skill. You know what that is?” Eggy seemed to be disappointed from his failure to meet expectations, but her voice was abnormally excited.

“Secret Skill? What’s that?” Hearing Eggy’s words, Chu Feng felt that it was not simple so he closely questioned.

“Secret Skills are methods above martial skills. They cannot be limited to the ranks because their power changes according to the person. However, they have the power to pressure outstanding people and to shake the world.”

“Secret Skills are abilities that have life. They cannot be printed on paper and not everyone can grasp them, because people do not learn them. The skills themselves choose their own masters.”

“After the death of their master, the Secret Skills would be separated from the body of their master and they would roam around the world to choose its new master.”

“In short, Secret Skills are the strongest methods in the world. They can only be met by chance and not gained by begging. They are methods that countless cultivating experts chase after in their lives.”

“No wonder. No wonder Murong Xiaoyao back in the day was so strong. I never expected what he got was the legendary Secret Skill.”