Chapter 154 - Heaven Realm's Remains

MGA: Chapter 154 - Heaven Realm's Remains

The crystal tomb was transparent. Chu Feng walked onto the stage and he could clearly see that there was an old man who laid inside the tomb.

The old man had snow-like hair, paper-like face, and a dried up body which was as thin as a stick. However, despite of all that, he still gave an oppressing feeling because when that person was alive, he was a cultivator of the Heaven realm.

“A cultivator of the Heaven realm! Haha, this is great. Quickly help me absorb this person’s Source energy. As long as it is absorbed, I can enter the Profound realm.”

“When needed, I can transfer my power to you. With your methods right now, you can certainly kill that Gong Luyun off. Even the Shangguan family in the Vermilion Bird City may not be able to hold you off.”

Eggy’s nice voice sounded out and at that instant, she was so excited that she neverendingly jumped randomly in the Spiritual World. She was like a child when she was happy, because the Source energy of a Heaven realm expert was too attracting to her.

“Heaven realm. It’s the remains of a Heaven realm expert. Is this the ancestor of the White Tiger Villa, the person who grasped the strongest attacking method, Murong Xiaoyao?”

Compared to Eggy who only wanted to absorb his Source energy, Chu Feng had deep respect while looking at the old man. It was because his appearance was too similar to the Murong Xiaoyao from the legends.

“Who cares about who is he? Quickly open the crystal coffin. Or else, when that World Spiritist returns, you and I will die.” Eggy impatiently reminded.

“World Spiritist? The person who came before was a World Spiritist?” Chu Feng was quite shocked. He never would have thought Eggy, who didn’t even see that person’s appearance, could know what his identity was.

However, after some thinking, it was understandable. Most likely, only World Spiritists were able to decipher the so-called Lifeline to enter this area. Even if that Profound realm World Spiritist was not equal to Zhuge Liuyun, he was certainly still quite an impressive character.

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng did not hesitate anymore. After opening the crystal coffin lid, he first bowed to that powerful person who was at the Heaven realm before starting to absorb his Source energy.

It had to be said that the Source energy was abnormally strong. It was not comparable to those at the Profound realm, and as he absorbed it, Chu Feng was slightly strained. However, in order to completely absorb the Source energy before the World Spiritist returned, Chu Feng could only help Eggy absorb it as fast as he could.

“Haha, this is great! This taste is too wonderful and my cultivation will finally increase again!”

After roughly an hour of absorbing, Chu Feng finally thoroughly took in the Source energy from the remains. Eggy was madly happy because after all that, the one who gained the most from it was none other than her. She already entered the 1st level of the Profound realm.

*hmm* Just at that time, Chu Feng was startled as he found out that the complete remains before started to change. The body under the white clothes was quickly shrinking. Blood and flesh quickly disappeared and it became a pile of dried up bones.

“This...Why did this happen?”

Chu Feng was incomparably stunned. He clearly remembered that absorbing Source energy would not affect the remains, yet why did the perfect remains become eerie bones after he absorbed the Source energy?

“Idiot. What’s so surprising about this? The reason why his remains could remain complete was because of the special effects of this crystal coffin. You opened the crystal coffin, so naturally, his remains would be affected.” Eggy explained.

“I see. Is this the entrance to the Emperor Tomb then?”

“Where’s that World Spiritist? Where did he go?” Chu Feng carefully assessed his surroundings and he discovered that there were similarities with the Lifeline. There were many tunnels leading everywhere but no one knew where the led to.

“Wait. This seems more like a sealing formation. A very strong sealing formation.”

“If I’m not mistaken, this person should be Murong Xiaoyao. He must have got something from the Emperor Tomb, but for some unknown reasons, he did not want anyone to reopen the Emperor Tomb so he sealed it here.”

“However, since we heard things after the Lifeline was deciphered, this sealing formation must have been affected. Looking at the surrounding symbols, they should have been created by that World Spiritist to stabilize this sealing formation.”

“As for the so-called Lifeline, it should only be a lie by Murong Xiaoyao. When everything started, he already planned to bury himself here. So, when the White Tiger Villa was established, this place was already created as well.”

“Perhaps, to prevent anyone from disturbing his peace after he died, or perhaps there really was something under this sealing formation, he did not want anyone to enter this place again. But no matter what the reason was, he was alive that year and he was not a consciousness.”

“He intentionally pretended to disappear in that year, then when people came and intruded, he mercilessly killed them in order to deter others from the future.” Eggy analyzed.

“But even so, how did he suddenly become an aged old man from a flourishing young man? If the legends were true, that means that he lived for 300 years. That already exceeded the limits of human life right?” Chu Feng was very confused.

“He must have experienced something in order for that change to happen. Emperor Tombs are not as simple as you think they are. Not only are there Evil Spirits within them, there are many other strong things that guard it.”

“If he was able to turn into an aged old man from a flourishing young man, that means he was also able to live several hundred years. In reality, when your cultivation reaches a certain level, it is not impossible to live up to a thousand years.”

“However, right now, what you need to do is not to think about why he turned into that, but whether there are any treasures left behind by Murong Xiaoyao.”

“You need to do two things. The first thing you need to do is to eliminate that World Spiritist. Only then can you monopolize the treasure here and continue Murong Xiaoyao’s legacy.”

“Secondly, you need to find the exit to this place. If you don’t even know how to get out, everything will be for naught.”

Eggy seriously reminded.

Only then did Chu Feng notice that there were no exits. He entered the black hole and directly came to this place, but the black hole was closed behind him.