Chapter 153 - Crystal Coffin

MGA: Chapter 153 - Crystal Coffin

“You tricked me, you...”


Murong Yanguan’s fury attacked his heart and a mouthful of his heart’s blood was sprayed out. After that, he powerlessly laid on the ground. Although his body was violently moving up and down, he did not have the power to get himself up. It could be seen that his anger wounded him quite a bit.

While looking at that situation, Murong Yunluan could only slowly close his eyes. Helplessness and sorrow was all over his face. Although this matter was done all by his elder brother, he still had an unavoidable responsibility.

If he had to blame something, he could only blame his overtrust towards his brother. He handed most of the decisions to Murong Yanguan for him to deal with as he secluded himself to cultivate throughout the day, without asking about worldly matters. If it was otherwise, even if Murong Yanguan was being used by someone, it would be impossible for them to have such huge losses.

However, no matter what, the strength of the White Tiger Villa was greatly diminished. The Lifeline was already broken and danger was truly close. He did not believe that the grey-cloaked person could protect the White Tiger Villa, nor did he believe that he would do so.

*rumble rumble*

But just at that time, rumbling sounds came from the strange black hole. That sound was very odd. It was as if it came from far away, but just by hearing that sound, it made people extremely uneasy. It was as though a scary object was going to be born.

“Hahahaha! You think you can get everything from my ancestor? You think you have the power? You think you are qualified?”

“Under this Lifeline is the dead zone. Within the dead zone, there is an extremely terrifying thing locked there. If you open the Lifeline, you will release it out. It will completely destroy the Azure Province and the continent will perish. You will not get anything. You will die just like us after being killed by it.”

Murong Yunluan crazily laughed. He was in despair. He firmly believed in the words that his ancestor left behind, and he knew that all of them were going to die at that place. The entire Azure Province, or even the continent was going to face a calamity.


The grey-cloaked person only coldly snorted and jumped into the strange black hole with a whoosh. The weirdest thing was, soon after the grey-cloaked person entered, the scary rumbling noises slowly settled down until it completely disappeared.

The more important thing was that the strange black hole also gradually shrunk and it seemed like it was going to close.

“The Lifeline is destroyed but the White Tiger Villa has not perished yet. Everyone, quickly enter the black hole! That is the dead zone, and we could very possibly get everything that Murong Xiaoyao had!”

Seeing that, someone suddenly yelled. After that voice rang out, everyone tried their best to climb towards the black hole, but they did not have any strength. They could really be said to be “unable to move an inch forward”.

Although the black hole was extremely near, they had no way of getting closer. Many people unceasingly regretted. Some roared, some bawled, some did not even have the strength to do either.

*ta ta ta*

Just at that time, hurried footsteps constantly neared. Following that, a person ran like light and at the end, they stood in the middle of the Lifeline. It was Chu Feng and Murong Xinyu.

“Father.” After seeing Murong Yunluan, Murong Xinyu quickly ran over and jumped into her father’s embrace.

Chu Feng diligently looked at his surroundings. From the words that he heard just now, Chu Feng was aware that there was an even stronger character there. But clearly, at that moment, that person was gone.

“Chu Feng, quickly enter the black hole. Without a doubt, that is the entrance to the Emperor Tomb.” When Chu Feng’s gaze was cast towards the black hole, Eggy’s pleasant voice rang out and it was unusually excited.

Almost at the same time in which Eggy spoke, Chu Feng ran towards the black hole. At that instant, the black hole was already extremely small. Chu Feng had no way of stepping into it, so he could only clap his hands together, and with a diving posture, he plunged into the black hole head first.

After a short moment, the black hole completely closed and disappeared from the Lifeline. It was as though it never appeared before, and it did not leave any traces behind.

At that instant, many people were extremely disappointed. They felt like they missed a chance to become an expert of their time. After all, the Murong Xiaoyao that year became such a powerful person after getting certain good things after he entered the dead zone.

But also, there were many people that calmed down. They thought when the Lifeline perished, some terrifying creature would be released. From that, the White Tiger Villa would be instantly destroyed and naturally, their lives would not be kept as well. However, such things did not seem to be happening.

“Father.” Murong Xinyu settled comfortably next to Murong Yunluan as tears filled her face.

“Xinyu, who was that young man just now? Why have I never seen him before?” Murong Yunluan was still staring at the place where the black hole disappeared and there were some ineffable emotions in his heart.

“He’s Chu Feng and he is a World Spiritist. However, he is not a bad person. On the journey, if it wasn’t for him who protected me, I had no way of returning back here alive.”

Speaking to that point, Murong Xinyu fiercely shot a glance at the nearby Murong Yanguan. He was the biggest criminal in the White Tiger Villa right now.

“World Spiritist huh?”

Murong Yunluan seemed to be contemplating. He firmly believed the words of his ancestor, Murong Xiaoyao. “If the Lifeline perishes, the villa dies.” However, at that moment, the Lifeline was broken, yet the villa was completely fine.

He had doubts on whether the grey-cloaked person did something. But he had even more doubts on whether the grey-cloaked person, who was at the 1st level of the Profound realm, had that kind of strength or not.

At the same time, Chu Feng entered a dream-like realm. Everything surrounding him was pitch-black and strong attraction led him quickly forward.

After who knew how long, dazzling light was emitted in front of Chu Feng’s eyes. Simultaneously, the surrounding darkness slowly faded away. When his feet stably stood on the ground, his surroundings completely changed.

It was like a palace because it was very luxurious, several times more when compared to the Lifeline above. It was simply the most luxurious place that Chu Feng had ever seen before.

It was like a huge formation because symbols were engraved everywhere. They were all interconnected with glittering lights, and it was as though it was a huge net that enveloped the area.

It was like a tomb, because in the center of all that, there was a round stage. In the middle of the round stage, there was a sparkling, crystal coffin.