Chapter 152 - Both Sides Defeated

MGA: Chapter 152 - Both Sides Defeated

“You are correct. I did come for the secrets of the dead zone, but I will not monopolize it. I will share it with you, and like I said, I will not cause any disasters to the Azure Province. But if you don’t believe me, there is nothing I can do about that..”

“Murong Yanguan, no need to waste anymore words. Attack.” The grey-cloaked person said indifferently.

“Brother, if you don’t move...If you don’t move, you cannot blame me for being heartless.” Murong Yanguan gnashed his teeth and his gaze glittered. It could be seen that he was unable to detach his feelings.

“You traitor. Don’t pretend to be so kind. You even killed the 6th protector, yet you are still acting around like that.”

“White Tiger’s 5 protectors, the elites of the villa, follow me and kill all these traitors.”

Murong Yunluan was enraged. He yelled and the Profound power in his body rose to the sky. At the same time, the 5 Profound realm protectors and dozens of people at the peak of the Origin realm emanated their power out from within their body.

The tyrannical power condensed into the air and formed into dozens of huge rhinoceroses. The rhinoceroses were condensed from Origin power and Profound power, yet it seemed as if they were real, being vivid and realistic.

The most important thing was that their body had a layer of light emitting from them. That light enveloped Murong Yunluan and the others and they gave off indestructible and unstoppable might.


Suddenly, the group of rhinoceroses suddenly roared like a tiger as they walked on air and went. They started to madly run towards their surroundings and every step they took, everything around them would shake, as if they could stamp over everything and flatten all.

That was a type of formation, a formation that had both attack and defense. The might of that formation was equivalent to the full power of experts who were at the 6th level of the Profound realm, and the power was extremely terrifying.

“Brother, after this, you will know that I am really thinking about the White Tiger Villa. I am doing the correct thing.” Murong Yanguan tightly frowned, then loudly yelled, “Set formation!”

After that was said, with him as the leader, the Origin power of several hundred people rushed out. The Origin power surged and they were like waves in a storm. They rushed forward in mid-air, wave after wave, and attacked the rhinoceroses. At the end, they even became a vicious, evil wolf.

There were too many wolves and they were simply countless as they fought with the rhinoceroses. Although the power of the wolves could not be matched to the rhinoceroses, the amount was simply too terrifying.

The two intertwined and both of them had no way of even going half a step forward. They collided where they stood and the ear-piercing booms resonated endlessly. Strong ripples devastated everything and the ground shook as though there was an earthquake. Tiny cracks even appeared on the specially created cave walls.

The collision force was too strong, and the confrontations were very scary as well. The more frightening thing was that, because of the formations, the Profound and Origin power from both sides were very sufficient and that confrontation lasted for a long time.

However, no matter how strong it was, there would be a time of exhaustion. When those two tyrannical formations collided for several hours, almost everyone in the Origin realm fell. Their Origin power was sucked dry and there wasn’t even a single trace left. They were like people who were going to die as they laid on the floor, without even moving in the slightest.

Only Murong Yunluan and the 5 protectors sustained. As for Murong Yanguan, he was in worse position. Within the several hundred people, only him and the grey-cloaked person stood.

The grey-cloaked person was only silently observing everything and did not attack. Murong Yanguan was not weak as well. The black sword in his hand kept on giving out strange power and the power was being imbued into his body, layer by layer. It was that strange power that allowed him to fight 6 people as one without being disadvantaged.

“Traitor. Even if I consume my remaining life, I will kill you two.” Suddenly, Murong Yunluan yelled and the Profound power in his body rushed out like the tide, exploded out like a volcano, and his power instantly multiplied.

As for the 5 protectors behind him, they seemed to have also been affected by his will and they surged all the Profound power within their body out and sent it towards the formation. They wanted to eliminate Murong Yanguan and the grey-cloaked person in one strike.

The full power of six Profound realm experts formed a huge rhinoceroses in the air. That might was completely incomparable to before. It even surpassed the might of dozens of rhinoceroses previously.

“My younger brother, don’t blame me for being heartless.”

Murong Yanguan abruptly clenched and the black-coloured longsword became black-coloured fog. That black-coloured fog were like little snakes as they drilled into his right arm. Strange and strong power condensed out.

“Sky-breaking Punch!”

Suddenly, Murong Yanguan punched out. There was no gas that condensed out, but that might was unstoppable as if it really could break through the sky with one punch.


When that punch collided with the huge rhinoceros, instantly, it became a terrifying Profound power vortex because both side struck out with their full power without restraining themselves. So, when the Profound power vortex swept across, no one was able to hold it off.

When the Profound power vortex swept pass, it was like the end of the world. Those who were at the Origin realm spat a mouthful of blood out and many people became forcefully unconscious. That power was not something that they could endure.

After that, when the terrifying Profound power vortex disappeared, people discovered that everyone was still alive and well. Although they were a bit injured, not a single person died by that terrifying Profound power vortex.

Just at that time, people also astonishedly discovered that the grey-cloaked person was still standing there. Purple light condensed within that person’s hand but it quickly dissipated.

“You saved us?” Murong Yunluan felt that it was unbelieveable. Clearly, that person had malicious intent. So, why save their lives when that person had came for the secret of the dead zone?

“Like I said, this person is a good person. He did not come to harm us, but to help us.” Murong Tanguan explained.

“Nonsense. He is tricking you so that we both kill ourselves. Right now, my White Tiger Villa people has suffered from heavy injuries and death. All because of him. You said he is thinking for us?” Murong Yunluan angrily shouted. He was really going mad because of his idiotic elder brother.

The grey-cloaked person did not pay any attention to the disputes of the two brothers and he only walked towards the Lifeline, one step at a time. After arriving in front of it, he started to create a formation. As it revolved, the heart-like Lifeline shrunk. When it disappeared, a huge black hole emerged out.

That was not a simple black hole. It was condensed and created by gas and it was like a black-coloured vortex. It was slowly swirling, and it was as if it had an engulfing power. People would shiver with just a glance, and it was as though after entering, they would have no way of coming back out. It separated life and death.

However, not only was the grey-cloaked person not afraid of such a horrifying, strange black hole, he was even happy. Although his face could not be seen, one could feel his state of happiness from his body.

He walked towards the black hole. But, when he arrived in front of it, he stopped, lightly turned his head, looked at Murong Yanguan, then said, “Your younger brother is correct. The secret of this dead zone is quite exceptional. Why would I share it with you?”