Chapter 156 - Grabbing With Everything He Can

MGA: Chapter 156 - Grabbing With Everything He Can

“Secret Skill? So there are methods like that in the world.”

If Eggy was said to be endlessly excited at that moment, Chu Feng would be so excited that he did not know what to do. It was exactly as how Eggy said it was. This time, he really found a huge opportunity.

“Eggy, are you sure that this is a Secret Skill?” Chu Feng asked, because from the bottom of his heart, he hoped that it was a Secret Skill.

“Are you doubting my abilities? Do you think that I’ve seen nothing, and I would even recognize a Secret Skill wrong? Remember this aura. This is unique to Secret Skills, and only they have this type of aura.” Eggy explained.

“But this is such a strong aura! Would such a strong existence be willing to serve me?”

Chu Feng was a bit worried. That roar came from every direction, but it was clearly only caused by one object. The most important thing was the aura. It had unusual deterrence and no one could resist against that.

“You don’t understand. This is the impressiveness of Secret Skills. Like I said, the Secret Skill will choose the person and no one can forcefully learn it.”

“Only when the person’s power exceed far above from the Secret Skill’s could they forcefully catch it, engulf it, and refine it for their own use. But to forcefully engulf Secret Skills requires them to be at least in the Martial Lord realm.”

“Also, that does not mean Martial Lords could forcibly engulf all Secret Skills. Since they are created by people, there are weak ones and strong ones.”

“Perhaps Martial Lords could forcibly engulf the Secret Skills created by Martial Kings. However, even Martial Kings cannot do that for the Secret Skills created by Martial Emperors.”

“If I’m not mistaken, the Secret Skill in this tomb was most likely created by a Martial Emperor.” Eggy explained.

“What? Martial Emperor? Qingxuantian already entered the Emperor realm and became a Martial Emperor?” Chu Feng was endlessly shocked. His expression changed greatly, and a single word was clearly written on his face: astonishment.

After many questionings from Chu Feng, Eggy finally told the realms of martial cultivation to Chu Feng. It turned out in the journey of cultivation, there was not only the 4 realms of Spirit, Origin, Profound, and Heaven. After those 4 realms, there were 4 stronger realms.

The Lord realm. They had the might of a lord coming down from the heavens. Those who were able to enter that realm must have sufficient cultivating talent, and they were also the people who were recognized as absolute geniuses.

The King realm. Being above the Lord realm, they were the real kings and they were entirely worthy of being titled as Martial Kings. Those who entered that realm were not cultivators who had simple aptitude. They must have had gigantic opportunities and endless fortunes in order to step into that realm.

The Emperor realm. A realm that completely surpassed the King realm. Those who were able to enter that realm were not ordinary. If they didn’t have a Divine Body, they would have unique blood. In brief, they must have potential that normal people did not have, and grasped abilities that normal people could not grasp.

Also, they needed countless opportunities, or else even if one had higher potential, without the inheritance of a senior, they had no way of entering that realm. It could be said to be the peak realm in the road of martial cultivation. Those who were able to enter that realm and become the Martial Emperor were huge characters. Their name and their stories would be passed down for thousands of years.

As for the Ancestor realm, Eggy did not reveal much about it. She only left a sentence for Chu Feng. There was no end in the road of martial cultivation. All the current realms were opened up by countless people from previous generations, but it was certainly not the last realm in martial cultivation.

The Ancestor realm could be said to be a myth. The number of people who were able to enter that realm were extremely few. However, no one could be sure that the Ancestor realm was the end on the road of martial cultivation, because those who entered the Ancestor realm and became the Martial Ancestor were old monsters that were worshiped like Gods, yet they did not stop martial cultivating and they still continued.

All in all, in the known realms in martial cultivation, Martial Ancestors were truly like legends because even if they existed, normal people would not even have a chance to see them. They were just like Gods that existed within the heavens and the earth.

On the other hand, the realm of Martial Emperors became the real peak in the path of martial cultivation. Even many geniuses or even those who had a Divine Body struggled for their entire lives, but could not enter that realm.

According to legends, when Qingxuantian died, he was only 15 years old and that stunned Chu Feng quite a bit. He became a Martial Emperor at the age of 15. That was a bit too terrifying, but after some more detailed thinking, Chu Feng was suddenly enlightened and he seemed to understand the meaning of the Emperor Tomb.

“What are you being shocked for? The Secret Skill here was undoubtedly created by a Martial Emperor. With this aura, it cannot be a mistake.”

“However, that does not mean that it was created by Qingxuantian. Also, legends are only legends. There are huge differences between legends and reality. So, even if this Secret Skill was created by Qingxuantian, that does not mean he entered the Emperor realm at the age of 15 and became a Martial Emperor.”

“Perhaps him at that time was an old man who was at the end of his life, so he created the tomb and buried himself within it.” Seeming to know Chu Feng’s thoughts, Eggy spoke to reminded him.

“Mm.” After hearing Eggy’s analysis, Chu Feng nodded in agreement. After all, legends are only legends, and something would be different with that and reality.

But he still really admired and respected Qingxuantian. After all, the Emperor realm was not a realm that anyone could enter. Not to mention Martial Emperors, currently, in the continent of the 9 provinces, the Heaven realm was the peak. Martial Emperors were simply myths.


Just at that time, the world shaking roar sounded out again. The entire tomb violently shook as if something that even the heavens and earth feared was going to be born.

“The seal will be opened soon and the Secret Skill will show itself. You cannot sit and do nothing. You absolutely cannot sit and do nothing.”

“Chu Feng, quickly lead that World Spiritist here and kill him. If you let the Secret Skill choose him as its master, you will miss this enormous opportunity and regret it for your entire life.” Eggy anxiously urged.

At the same time, Chu Feng could feel the aura within his body strengthening. Power that surpassed Origin power filled every corner of his body. The 1st level of the Profound realm. Obviously, Eggy lent her power to Chu Feng.

“Oi! You don’t want your Source energy?” At that instant, Chu Feng’s tension also rose to the extreme. He didn’t know how to lead the World Spiritist over so he just randomly yelled that out.

*whoosh* Just as he finished speaking, a body speedily rushed out from that tunnel. It was the grey-cloaked person. Although his face could not be clearly seen, from his gaze, one could feel shock, fury, and also killing intent.

“A World Spirit Grey-cloak. He really is a Grey-cloak World Spiritist. Chu Feng, take his cloak down or else the power of this trap will not be used to its most effectiveness. His World Spirit Grey-cloak can cancel the power of this trap.” Eggy gravely reminded.


Almost at the same time in which Eggy reminded Chu Feng, the grey-cloaked person spoke nothing and directly attacked. He leaped towards Chu Feng, raised his palm and aimed it at Chu Feng. He was merciless and clearly, he wanted to kill Chu Feng.

However, just as that person stepped onto the stage, Chu Feng activated the trap. The symbols on the stage moved and light shot in all directions. The aura of the grey-cloaked person was instantly suppressed. As for his palm, Chu Feng easily dodged it.

At that instant, the grey-cloaked person panicked a bit. He never would have thought that Chu Feng was a World Spiritist as well. A Spirit Formation trap was even set up there and his cultivation was being suppressed.

Chu Feng took the chance and extended his hand. Following the words of Eggy, he grabbed the grey-cloaked person’s World Spirit Grey-cloak. He was as quick as lightning, and before the grey-cloaked person even got a chance to react, Chu Feng’s powerful, big hands grabbed onto his chest.


However, just as Chu Feng’s palm touched that area, he felt that something was wrong. His face couldn’t help but slightly redden because at that instant, not only did his right hand grab onto the World Spirit Grey-cloak, he even grabbed onto a ball of softness.


An ear-piercing screech suddenly resounded out. It was no longer the aged and strange voice, but a voice of a female. Hearing the sweetness and the tenderness of the voice, that person should be a young female.