Chapter 149 - Lifeline

MGA: Chapter 149 - Lifeline

Chu Feng brought Murong Xinyu back to the White Tiger Villa. On the road, they met quite a few more assassins. Some covered their faces, some just wore normal martial clothing that even Murong Xinyu recognized.

When they saw each other, they directly attacked and wanted to take Murong Xinyu’s life. Luckily, there was Chu Feng as an escort and also because there weren’t overwhelming experts, their journey back could be said to be quite smooth without obstructions. At least, no one could stop Chu Feng.

However, that made Murong Xinyu very uneasy and very anxious. She felt that something must have happened to the White Tiger Villa. On the other hand, Chu Feng was more and more hiddenly happy because he hoped that internal conflicts happened in the White Tiger Villa. Only with that could he take the chance and enter.

As Chu Feng and Murong Xinyu arrived at the White Tiger villa, he discovered that a large amount of White Tiger Villa experts were killing each other outside of the villa. Shouts and slaughtering filled the inside of the White Tiger Villa and there were unceasing rumbles.

“Heavens. Why is this happening?”

Mutiny. Someone started a mutiny. Looking at the people from the villa who were like family in the past, yet were currently killing each other, Murong Xinyu’s face paled. Her beautiful eyes glittered and they revealed unspeakable emotion.

But it could be seen that she was very nervous and agitated. She did not know what to do. She wanted to stop it all, however, she was powerless. Everything that happened today was unimaginable and unpredictable.

“It seems that you are quite an ignorant girl.” Looking at the current Murong Xinyu, Chu Feng smiled.

“What is your meaning?” Muring Xinyu coldly questioned.

Although she was unable to cultivate, she was naturally intelligent. So, many of the affairs in the villa were passed down by her father and dealt by her. Despite of that, right now, she was mocked by a young man who was so much younger than her. That made her extremely displeased.

“Clearly, such a large-scale internal movement was preplanned. Your White Tiger Villa was already formlessly split into two parts.”

“As for you, being the big Miss of the White Tiger, being the daughter of the White Tiger Villa’s master, you did not detect any of this before and you are even revealing an expression of nonplussedness. Are you saying that you were not ignorant?” Chu Feng sneered and said.

“You...” Murong Xinyu originally wanted to refute, but, she could not find any foundation to refute on because Chu Feng was extremely correct. Although she was very smart, she did not suspect too much. She only saw the harmony on the surface of the White Tiger Villa, but she was not aware of the huge concealed dangers hidden behind the surface.

She hated herself. Her father usually closed himself in isolation so many of the things in the White Tiger Villa were done by her and her uncle. However, problems appeared within the villa yet she knew nothing about it. She had no face to meet her father.

“Let me ask you a question. Up until now, do you still not know who organized this mutiny?” Chu Feng asked.

“I...” Murong Xinyu was at a loss.

“Sigh. It seems that getting used to a peaceful life really makes people slow.” Chu Feng shook his head. He said to remind her, “Think about it. If this isn’t the work of an outsider, who has such powerful rallying power within your family? So powerful that so many people are willing to serve him, and also not hesitating over the crime of betrayal for the sake of a mutiny?”

“This...It’s him?” Murong Xinyu suddenly came to a realization yet she did not dare to believe it.

“Who?” Chu Feng closely questioned.

“I...” Murong Xinyu found it difficult to say it.

“Don’t tell me that you still want to keep secrets from me at this time? I am the only person who can help you.” Chu Feng said.

Looking at Chu Feng who seemed to truly want to help herself, and after thinking about the journey back, in which she would have already been dead if Chu Feng was not there as an escort, Murong Xinyu slowly said,

“My uncle, Murong Yanguan, is the only person other than my father who has such strong rallying powers. But, within the time period that my father is closed in isolation, many of the things in the villa are dealt by me.”

“However, I only deal with the internal trifles. The real, important things in the villa are dealt by my uncle. But thinking about it now, in the years that my father is closed in isolation, the real power of the White Tiger Villa was controlled by my uncle.”

Thinking to that point, only then did Murong Xinyu know the seriousness of the consequences. Yet, she had no way of accepting that truth because she could not imagine why her uncle would do such things to the villa.

“This cannot be blamed on you. At the end, you don’t have much experience. If you had to blame someone, you can only blame your father for over-trusting your uncle.”

“Seeing how everything is today, your uncle must have had thought about this thoroughly for a long time. Since he is seizing power today, the first person he wants to kill will certainly be your father. Where is your father secluded at?”

Chu Feng seemed concerned, but in reality he was hiddenly inquiring information. Although many people did not know about the secret of the White Tiger Villa, Chu Feng felt that it was impossible for the master of the White Tiger Villa to not know any clues.

As for where he isolated himself at, the location would absolutely not be simple. Chu Feng wanted to sneak into it and Murong Xinyu was able to help Chu Feng. Although the girl was smart, she did not plan too much and because of that, she could be used very easily.

“Oh no! My uncle has the key to enter the Lifeline, if he...” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, Murong Xinyu’s expression changed greatly, and without speaking anymore, she ran towards another side of the White Tiger Villa.

Seeing that, Chu Feng said nothing as well and closely followed. After a while, Murong Xinyu arrived and brought Chu Feng to a pile of rocks located outside of the White Tiger Villa.

It could be said to be a forest of rocks and it was too messy. It should have been created from a left-behind mountain. Chu Feng searched out with his Spirit power, but he could not feel anything different. Those rocks seemed to be normal mountain rocks and they were not arranged with any rules.

However, seeing Murong Xinyu spinning around while looking left and right, it was evident that she was looking for something and it would certainly not be as simple as it seemed to be on the surface.

Just at that time, after Murong Xinyu found a huge rock, she breathed a sigh of relief. When she took the jade rock necklace that was on her neck and pressed it into an indentation on the rock, the disarrayed rocks changed, and very quickly, a deep tunnel appeared.

After the tunnel opened, Murong Xinyu hurriedly ran into it. Chu Feng also closely followed, and just as he entered, the entrance automatically closed. However, at that instant, in front of Chu Feng’s eyes, it was not pitch-black.

At that moment, it could certainly be said to be quite a dazzling sight. There were countless murals on the walls and they were extremely fine. Several glowing rocks hung above their heads and the cave was lit up as though it was day. The most important thing was the old smell that pounced towards him. It told Chu Feng that it had been built for a long time, at least for several hundred years.

“It seems that this Lifeline is the place that I want to find.” A shallow smile was raised from the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth. That area was too hidden. Even his Spirit power could not feel any trace of difference. If Murong Xinyu did not bring him here, Chu Feng could probably not find it even if he searched for his entire life.