Chapter 150 - Returning to the Summit

MGA: Chapter 150 - Returning to the Summit

Since Murong Xinyu didn’t have any cultivation, her walking speed was simply too slow. In order for them to quickly reach deeper into the cave, Chu Feng could only carry the beautiful female on his back and run. But, it had to be said that she felt quite nice.

“Why is this place called as the Lifeline?” As Chu Feng used the Imperial Sky Technique and quickly ran with flying speed, he pretended to be curious and asked.

“I’m not too clear as well. However, it already existed when the White Tiger Villa was first created.” Murong Xinyu replied.

“Oh?” Obviously, Chu Feng could hear that Murong Xinyu was saying things half-heartedly as the Lifeline must have some secrets that could not be said to others. Murong Xinyu was a bit cautious against him so she was unwilling to say the full truth.

But even so, Chu Feng still understood that if the Lifeline was created at the same time as the White Tiger Villa, it could be seen that there was an extremely huge secret.

Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast as he rushed forward. Even Ferghana horses could not match his speed. The center of the Lifeline was at the bottom of the White Tiger Villa, so after a short moment, Chu Feng arrived in the core area of the Lifeline.

At that instant, the tunnel was stretched extremely wide open and it was like an underground castle. Chu Feng and Murong Xinyu saw many corpses there and the blood was even radiating faint heat. Clearly, those people died fairly recently.

Also, the further they went forward, the more corpses there were, and the cultivation of the dead bodies became stronger and stronger. They rose from the Origin realm to the peak of the Origin realm. To know that that cultivation could be counted as being at the peak even in the Azure Dragon School.

Continuing on, there was even a Profound realm corpse. Although it was only at the 1st level of the Profound realm, it was still a Profound realm expert. Even Profound realm experts were killed.

“Waa, Profound realm! Quickly, help me absorb his Source energy!” Eggy was still there, but she just kept her silence. However, when she saw the remains of a Profound realm expert, she couldn’t help but speak.

Eggy who already entered the Origin realm had no interest in the Source energy of Origin realm cultivators, however, she was still greatly attracted to Profound realm experts.

Chu Feng did not stay idle and he went next to the remains of the Profound realm expert and silently absorbed his Source energy for Eggy.

But compared to Chu Feng, Murong Xinyu could not stay calm. She cried with sorrow all over her face, “It’s grandpa 6th Protector. I never would have thought even he got caught in this problem.”

“What kind of person is he?” After absorbing the Source energy, Chu Feng asked.

“He is one of the six protectors of my White Tiger Villa and he is the most loyal subordinate of my father. He guarded in this Lifeline and protected my father’s safety.”

“I did not think that he would have been killed as well. It seems that they’ve really attacked the Lifeline. My father may be in danger right now.” Murong Xinyu got more and more worried.

*rumble rumble* Just at that time, deep within the Lifeline, a thunder-like huge boom resounded out.

Although the distance was very far, that noise still clearly entered Chu Feng and Murong Xinyu’s ears. Even the ground under their feet shook. It could be seen what level of attack was needed in order to create such might.

*rumble rumble* After that, the huge sounds constantly sounded out. Chu Feng could endure it, but Murong Xinyu was already shaken by the ground as she swayed left and right, unable to stand still.

But even so, she still said to Chu Feng, “Quickly bring me there! I cannot let them harm my father!”

“Are you an idiot? With this kind of sound and might, it is certainly the clash of Profound realm experts. If you go over there, you will only be cannon fodder.” Chu Feng fiercely glared at Murong Xinyu and then paid no attention to her. He took out the World Spirit Compass and wanted to find some instructions.

“That’s a World Spirit Compass. You really are a World Spiritist!” Looking at the World Spirit Compass in Chu Feng’s hand that was radiating light and all sorts of symbols, Murong Xinyu was startled. Although she never seen a World Spiritist before, she had heard of the methods of World Spiritists.

So, the current her could confirm that Chu Feng was a World Spiritist. It was just that it was too impressive to be a World Spiritist at that age.

Chu Feng ignored her and focused on analyzing the situation in front of him with Eggy. Finally, he got some excellent results. The Lifeline could very possibly be the entrance to an Emperor Tomb, however, the direction of the entrance was the direction in which Profound realm experts were fighting at.

That put Chu Feng in a difficult situation because the White Tiger Villa people certainly knew the secrets of the Lifeline. Right now, they were exchanging blows at the entrance of the Emperor Tomb. So, they were most likely fighting over something. It could be treasures, or it could also be the right to enter the Emperor Tomb.

However, with Chu Feng’s current strength, even if he knew that there were treasures ahead, he could not rashly continue forward because after being chased by Shangguan Tian, he deeply understood the distance between him and Profound realm experts.

“It’s fine if you don’t go. If you don’t go, I’ll go.” Just at that time, Murong Xinyu coldly snorted and while stumbling and tripping, she ran deeper into the Lifeline.

“Are you looking to die?” Seeing that, Chu Feng dashed, arrived in front of Murong Xinyu and grabbed onto her.

“Let go of me.” Murong Xinyu tried her best to struggle. When she thought that her own father was possibly facing dangers to his life at that moment, she had no way of staying calm.

“You, calm down. You have absolutely no cultivation so when you arrive there, how can you help him? Not only will you not be able to help your father, you will even distract him and cause him to be severely injured by others.” Chu Feng loudly reminded.

“What can I do? Do I just stare as my father is being attacked and not do anything?” Murong Xinyu cried without sound. She felt extremely helpless as she cried and it could be seen that she was really worried about her father.

Just at that time, the deafening booms finally stopped. In response, Chu Feng carried Murong Xinyu on his back again and gravely warned,

“Without my permission, you are not allowed to yell for no reason. If your father gets disturbed, you are the criminal who killed him.”

“Mm. I’ll listen to you.”

Murong Xinyu obediently nodded because at that moment, she was really helpless. On the other hand, that young man could calmly analyze the situation in front of his eyes and he became her backbone. That forced Murong Xinyu to listen to Chu Feng’s words.

At that situation, Chu Feng hid his aura and slowed his footsteps. He gradually walked deeper into the Lifeline. He did not dare to use his Spirit power because he did not know if there were World Spiritists in front of him. If there were, he would be discovered and things would not go well.

However, luckily, after walking for several miles, there were no abnormalities. Rather, an extremely clear voice entered Chu Feng’s ear from nearby.

“Murong Yanguan, what are you doing? Do you want to destroy 500 years of my Murong family’s foundation?” That sound was extremely clear, yet extremely heavy. That person should have been heavily injured.

However, after hearing that voice, Murong Xinyu on Chu Feng’s back couldn’t help but twitch. Clearly, that person was her father, the master of the White Tiger Villa, Murong Yunluan.

When Murong Yunluan’s words came out of his mouth, a smug voice also rang out as well, “My younger brother, you really have mistaken me. I am not destroying the foundation of my White Tiger Villa. I am letting my White Tiger Villa return to the pinnacle!”